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  1. As said had a weekend in Reading not so long ago and had a couple of top nights out with no issues whatsoever other than someone getting their ankle caught down a rabbit hole in the hotel gardens. Painful for the lad and you shouldn’t laugh but after a bucket full of booze it was funny
  2. Yep you've definitely been watching to many of those Steven Seagull movies
  3. No Friday thread yet Beat the Drax train by a minute and managed to catch the front of it this morning Post lock down training is going well
  4. I'd throw Big M in first, if they got past her then I'd be a bit worried Actually on thinking about it I've been on a night out in Reading so probably been in it.
  5. I rarely use HSS drills so it's not very often I have to sharpen them. Mostly on the machines I use solid carbide in which case our supplier has them reground for us or U-Drills and big twin tippers with carbide inserts, much quicker and more accurate hole size especially on larger diameters. Walter is our current preferred supplier for those.
  6. You could set your watch by the Drax train it’s alway bang on time.
  7. Nothing a few well aimed Glasgow kisses wouldn’t have sorted out.
  8. No disrespect but that Boohoo outfit is the Internet version of Primani it's all disposable cheap own brand stuff and as you know I'm a bit of fashion victim. This is more my thing, especially when I'm spending Big M's pension, ask your lads they'll know. https://www.flannels.com/
  9. Yep special edition Armani Porno Stars
  10. Being ever the optimist a new pair of white shorts. And I didn’t let Big M order them online I went to a shop and bought them myself Just as an asides about 5 minutes after her online debacle with the top her bank emailed her pointing out there was suspicious use of her card and did she approve the transactions so she was able to sort it all out and hopefully only one will arrive. Banks get a bad rep but I was actually quite impressed with the way her bank dealt with it.
  11. In that case I really shouldn’t be allowed out on my own then. On holiday the first thing I do is wait for Big M to go to bed and I’m off out for a look see, I’ve ended up in all sorts of ropey places, same when I traveled with work it was mostly on my own and I was never going to waste the opportunity to have a wander around especially as someone else was paying. I’ve been on the lash in towns, cities and countries I probably couldn’t find again, mostly the worst that happened was getting ripped off in taxis or not being able to find the hotel or digs.
  12. I hope whoever scribbled this is better at sharpening drills than drawing. Still got one these hanging up behind our radial arm for checking you've got it evenly touched up and a massive ancient pedistal grinder that must be older than me and sounds like a jet engine as it winds up to speed. When I was an apprentice if you p!ssed off the forman you were banished to the stores to regrind drills by hand and the storeman tortured the life out of us.
  13. You say that but a small drill sharpening attachment only costs a few quid and worth it in the long run. Saves a lot of faffing around.
  14. I've been all over wearing one Rolex or another and only once almost got caught out and that was in Amsterdam, fortunately back in those days I was a bit fitter and could run a fairly quick couple of hundred yards, the mugger and his mate were more surprised than I was. Probably not something I'd be stupid enough do these days though. I'm sure there are places everywhere that you could get into trouble but in general if you're reasonably smart even in London you would probably be a bit unlucky. The last time I was in London I was more worried about them chucking bottles at us for my terrible rendition of 500 Miles on the Kareoke that getting my Rolex nicked.
  15. The last time I went skiing I nearly broke my neck. Possibly my vision was impaired by the derigure Bollé's that the ski set are so fond of.
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