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  1. These are the only two that possibly I'd part with some of my hard earned for. If you are lucky someone might rob you of the others by offering 40/50c on the $ for them but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.
  2. More boats from another recent wander round to my local boozer.
  3. A few years ago a lad at work bought a big 4x4 Isuzu, nothing will stop me he said...... Until he left the road at speed on the way to work and nearly cut the thing in half when he hit a concrete fence post sideways. So I'll take skill and 2WD over a four wheel drive and a numpty any winter of the Century
  4. BMW 3 series touring, the E46 330 D's are unburstable and if properly looked after go forever. My mate has one as a daily hack and he racks up some serious miles, it's never missed a beat. And don't worry about winter just stick a couple of decent tyres on the rear end and learn to drive, I've never been stuck in either of my Beamers but then again I did my driving apprenticeship in Mk2 RS 2000's and 3.0 Ltr Capris in proper Scottish winters.
  5. No A bit of a mish mash and that big hand small hand thing just looks odd. Each to their own but not for me. The shirt is a bit dodgy as well
  6. Well spotted Yep that area currently has been given up for box storage but it is also used for hanging storage. There is literally miles of it. Coincidentally a lot of our stock comes to us air freight via LHR. 4XL fat b@stard t-shirts made in Cambodia flown half way round the world then trucked up from LHR to us here in the North East then unbelievably sorted and sent to various regional depots around the country one of which is only a few miles from Heathrow Airport then more trucking to a well known cheap sh!te retailer near you. All for five or six quid for two. Amongst various other cheap sh!te garments we move tons of them. Hardly surprising the world is fooked.
  7. Pick a box, any box Pallet trucking last night, I just wandered around with a few boxes looking like I was doing something with them. Money for old rope with the Seiko The place is huge, it has those lights that go on and off as you walk along it's a bit creepy late at night, you can wander around for hours on the mezenin floors and not see anyone.
  8. Why on earth would you associate your brand with a tacky night out in a scruffy North West seaside town I've no idea. "Black pool illuminations When light is low at depth, you need an exceptional lume, which is why the C65 Super Compressor’s indexes and hands are coated with Super-LumiNova® Grade X1 GL C1."
  9. I don't believe that for a minute I've had nothing but exemplary service from both Rolex and a couple of their Ad's both buying and serving. Not say there might be isolated issues but deliberately ripping off customers I doubt very much. They sent my watch back in as new condition with a two year warranty. Completely hassle free all be it a bit expensive but hey ho. I've visited an RSC, the place was spotless and the staff I did speak to couldn't have been more professional.
  10. Isn't there 24 hours in a day or as per usual am I missing something
  11. I paid £2800 for my LV about 15 or so years ago. If I got burgled or mugged tomorrow and on the off chance the perp survived (I'm getting older) What would I have lost. Seems these days sheeple are more concerned about "current over inflated value" than real life No pockets in shrouds
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