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  1. @Biker I saw this in Smith's the other day and it piqued my curiosity so ordered it from the library. Sound like it might be right up my street.
  2. I'm colour blind so that's my excuse, what I've got in my flat will be ok for another few years, magnolia will come back in fashion eventually.
  3. Rolex do it on a slightly larger scale It would be interesting to know how long the test them for.
  4. What's going on with everyone painting everything battle ship gray these day. Big M wants a gray house, so far I've managed to resist.
  5. Just one of my many undercover disguises. If you are going to rob a bank you at the very least have to dress like a bank robber.
  6. Another of my resurrected "fashion" numbers today. Nautica left hooker. @JayDeep @SolaVeritate When I was into the yacthie look I did also buy the matching windbreaker, shorts and deck shoes at the same time in their store.
  7. Coincidentally Big M was looking at them when we were on holiday and said she might buy one. They are a bit different, not to everyone's taste but the couple she looked at were decent enough quality wise for the money involved. We have boxes of "fashion" watches between us. New shirt, new watch to match or in Big M's case new dress new watch. I recently found a carrier bag with a few of mine and had new batteries fitted. They are what they are, none have gave us any problems, in fact a few of my Armani, Police, D&G watches are easily better in the fit, finish, bracelet and strap department than the cheaper Seiko/Citizens et al. But nobody here likes to agree to that though.
  8. You've surely got to be able to crack one eye open, glance at your watch to see how much shut eye you've got left before the bar opens again.
  9. Years ago I almost bought an American 5th wheel trailer with the intention of sighting it permanently somewhere on the Costas. I bought the truck but when I looked into it properly with a cool head it was expensive compared to how many holidays we've had since then. Not to mention all the hassle of moving around with them. They have Hotels for a reason Very comfortable it was too
  10. Across from my hotel, slightly cheaper and you get a date wheel thrown in The old Sub looked nice though.
  11. I'd be more worried about her pistol under the pillow, that could do all sorts of damage to your vital bits.
  12. No need We are in Her Madges’ Secret Services so we have “All Access” passes even to Scarborough
  13. I haven't sat on a beach since I was a kid. Sand in the V&RB isn't a good thing. No booze allowed on the train so I had to buy a bigger hip flask. Armani for our staycation.
  14. Back in the day Not sure what the £ to $ would be back then. And look at the price of the 67 E-Type in the first advert.... £995
  15. I was hunting around for something else and found my old Nautica in the back of a cabinet. I'm going to nip into town and get a new battery in it, gives my otherwise aimless day a bit of focus for a change.
  16. Very nice, you just need the right motor now. For no real reason I can think of I've always fancied a Heuer clock and stop watch set. A Lambo to go with them would be nice as well.
  17. Ventured out for a bit of Garden Disco Dancing and Fire. I sawed the pallets up this time. Seiko tonight
  18. The blue Tudor would be my choice of your three. The picture doesn't do it justice. In the metal on the wrist it's a superb looking bit of kit.
  19. After a few cocktails during the football last night Big M turned into a proper gobby Little Englander. Difficult to resist winding her up a bit. The penalty shoot out soon put her gas at a peep.
  20. Even I'm not taking a chance wearing an Italy shirt in the Three Lions Den tonight so opting for something a bit more stealthy.
  21. I was thinking of the boutique shops rather than where they are manufactured. As for AP it's maybe a bit of ocd on my part but I can't get the hex head screws and screwdriver slots in a hexagonal recess, just doesn't look right.
  22. Yep they seem to be creeping up in price recently especially convertibles. That being said finding a nice clean early E46 is getting more difficult, I looked at plenty when I bough mine that were just rust buckets. Mine is only a 325, I really wanted an M3, I drove a couple and they are awesome motors but a couple of things, Big M bursts in to tears if I do more than about 40 or 50mph and keeping one properly in tip top condition can be seriously expensive.
  23. I remember years ago getting into a poker game in a boozer. One of the blokes on our table was a top cop, chief something or other and after an hour or so of completely random betting and taking several pots off him he said "Bond I can't make you out" even though it was his job to suss out chancers. So you're not the first one I've confused.
  24. I'd better get Big M to wash and iron some Armani ready for Sunday night
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