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  1. Which Everest are we talking about This one https://www.smithswatches.com/collections/smiths-everest-1 Or the borderline Rolex look-a-likely that the TZ bloke punts. ??
  2. Yep loads of them Sometimes they even have the seeds in them
  3. We get loads of old stuff, I guess people having clear out and so on. It's interesting looking back to days gone by. Another magazine that caught my eye. I'm sure it's all available on the tinternet but it's like books I like actually reading a proper one. The only minor problem is that they've been in someone's wheelie bin. It reminds me of when we were kids, a day out at the local dump and dragging all sorts back home
  4. I'm not so sure about that, Rolex Ad's still have plenty of watches for sale maybes just not the ones the speculators and chancers out to make a quick Buck on want. I still get the odd call and email and I can't imagine there is a queue round the block for custom be-jewelled 18K day dates and the like.
  5. Usually I save the planet by recycling cardboard but occasionally I work in the paper section so a variety of older books, magazines, newspapers and so on turn up. This caught me eye, as you can see from the first pic advertising dive holidays for 1981 dated probably around 1980. Quartz being advertised more expensive than an auto seems at odds.
  6. Maybe if I had a business I might phone around a few of my regular customers to gauge interest before I put a load of cash into new stock.
  7. Who ever has the pawn ticket gets the items. Although you might have rifle around a house with a dead body in it to find it before the rest of the relatives turn up.
  8. It depends on how you look at it Divex all day long at £40 is beyond bang for the buck but on the other hand the Sub LV if bought at the right price.....
  9. They do look the part but if you want the bracelet to stay intact and actually know the right time
  10. Nice pair I had a Carrera a few years ago, the fit and finish was superb, another one I shouldn’t have sold but hey ho
  11. I've been on a few of these pipe laying barges back in the day and all I got was a cold.
  12. Maybe slightly different but in a previous life I used to do a lot of work for Divex and have a couple of their branded watches.
  13. Lacquer peel usually happens over a long time. If it has only appeared in the last few weeks then I’d be thinking it’s some sort of contamination from something. Either way it needs some professional bodywork that probably won’t be cheap as you’d probably need to have the whole car done but is the motor worth it. How much is one of those worth at that age ??
  14. As an asides did different brigades use different coloured hoses ?? In their blurb they say their blue strap was from Tyne & Wear hoses. To be honest I’m not a big fan of straps so I quite liked the look of them on the stainless bracelet.
  15. Yep I bought 70’s plexiglass Pepsi GMT for £900 and a new Sub Date in 2005 for £2350, the list on an LV was only a few hundred more. As I’ve said numerous times before instead of wasting my money on booze, hookers and Armani shirts I should have bought bag full of them.
  16. My mate paid £500 new for his no date Sub.
  17. Another small catalogue came my way, haven’t heard of them before. @JoT they might be of interest to you at least until you get to the price. https://williamwoodwatches.com
  18. A few minutes ahead of schedule, a few more minutes of light and a flat calm here on the North East Costas this morning. Happy days
  19. Here’s how I see it, you’ve called out some random person for ripping you off but provided absolutely no real evidence, not even a link to the original sale just your story which to me, rightly or wrongly, doesn’t add up then you turn up years later with another tale of woe. In my experience there are three sides to every story, yours, theirs and the truth and so far we’ve only had 1 out of 3 So as said call me an old cynic if you like.
  20. Your bike, a set of rollers and YouTube sounds cheap enough
  21. I saw a snippet on these Zwift machines the other day, apparently there are people earning money by entering online races with them. No idea how much they cost though. https://www.zwift.com/uk
  22. I was just about to post it, comments are interesting. If you read down them far enough one sticks out. 10 posts, a fake £9K Rolex that at that time were almost impossible to get a hold of, a stash of Brightblings stuck in a a safety deposit box and the OP is in Asia thinking about flying back just to check on them, on top of that the article is in The Wail and I wouldn’t even trust their tv listings to be true. Call me an old cynic if you like but the Conservatory bloke didn’t miss the mark
  23. To be properly Scottish and my memory of it back in the day it should really be JW Black Label & Crabbies, Morrisons advertise it on their website but I haven’t seen it in ours down here. https://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/p/8647/crabbies-green-ginger-wine Both my grannies used to make their own batch for every New Year’s Eve not sure how alcoholic it would have been though.
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