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  1. Another beach, this time with a barbecue and took the watch swimming for the first time.
  2. Midway through my walk today
  3. Trying a longer exposure shot on my phone. Alpinist SBCJ021
  4. Wearing my rose gold Tissot Swissmatic for a few hours before heading to work for the weekend.
  5. Pulsar PJN305X1. Grey strap for grey day.
  6. Nice watch. The Kamasu is the one with sapphire crystal isn't it? Looks solid. I've checked the lume. It's very decent.
  7. I posted this in the wrong thread. Orient Mako II at the beach.
  8. Chilling at the beach today, topping up the burn.
  9. My first Orient arrived yesterday - the Mako II - and I'm very impressed so far. I'm hoping to take it for a swim soon to see how it does. I had read less than flattering reviews about the strap, but I think it's decent.
  10. I'll have to take a look now that I'm eligible.
  11. Thanks. This is my first Orient and it definitely feels more robust than I expected for the price.
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