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  1. Thanks guys, some good answers. I did wonder myself whether it could belong to some sort of vehicle maybe for logging times. It is all mechanical with a platform escapement and it is ticking along well. It has a date window which i forgot to mention that goes with the small rotatable month disk that has to be altered manually by hand unless there are parts missing, im not sure. It is marked with Made in Britian and a little starburst type logo along with two arrows however they are not the military crows foot type. Chris
  2. I know, i know lol, i stupidly forgot as i rushed the post due to needing to go out, heres the toyota fuel pump!!!
  3. Hi there. I found this weird looking clock movement at my local carboot sale, i purchased it out of pure curiosity really, does anyone know what it is please? I thought it being maybe a pigeon clock movement but im really not sure? Any help would be appreciated.
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