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  1. Thanks for the replies. I’ll go through and register the watch on the websites suggested. Really helpful. Have had a bit of an update from the police, they’ve got CCTV of the incident and have a picture of one of their faces from tracking the cctv away from Knightsbridge. They’re going to track the other two to try and get their faces too (they split in different directions). I know of one other person who had their Rolex stolen two weeks prior in the same sort of area (not someone I know but a work colleague of a friend - only heard about this after the event). The officer on the phone said this is really common in the area (think that area of Knightsbridge must come under Westminster as it is Westminster police station who are dealing with it). I actually got rid of my Rolex because of the unwanted attention it received, would spot people eyeing it up...thought the Omega was a little more subtle but apparently not...I’d actually forget I was wearing it. I was wearing a T-shirt that night though, certainly wouldn’t do that again. I’ve been pickpocketed before and had cards/wallets stolen but never been threatened. I don’t often venture to the west end and now I remember why... Not optimistic they will find them or the watch but at least they are doing something about it...
  2. Yeah, that’s the trouble...they know they’ll not get caught so aren’t worried about the consequences. Unfortunate but I’ll save for another watch.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Not sure what you mean by I can’t prove this? Good point re: the watch being replaceable, exactly what went through my mind at the time. I’m in a wheelchair and the group were all grabbing me and tugging, I had no idea what they were after to begin with... The police are going to check CCTV and I’m sure they’ll see the incident or at least the group run away along Knightsbridge but they all had hoodies up so not optimistic. I was with a friend who witnessed it but he was chased off with a knife when he tried to intervene. Not optimistic about getting it back but figured it was worth asking. Thanks, Ryan
  4. Hi all, have had my watch stolen having been jumped by a gang and threatened at knife point. Didn’t fancy getting stabbed so handed it over. Was on Knightsbridge in central London. I’ve reported the incident to police and now that I’ve dug out the serial number plan to give them that on Monday. They also plan to interview me when I am back in London... Any tips for locating a stolen watch? Have tried Gumtree and eBay. Imagine they’ll have flogged it on quickly (it was a group of youths, probably about 16). Annoyingly it wasn’t insured (I’d recently purchased and was in the middle of moving so was waiting until then to insure...) It was an omega seamaster chronograph with blue bezel, 2006 model. Thanks, Ryan
  5. Yeah - that’s probably the main reason for getting cover at all tbh so sounds like it’s not a goer. Especially for the price. Scouse snooker club...ha!
  6. Hi all, i got a quote from highnetworth without the safe. £179 a year which isn’t too bad. Just wanted to check this is a standard clause describing what is covered: “Loss or damage away from your home if the item insured is being worn by you, or being carried under your close personal custody and control or is in a locked safe.” What sort of scenarios would/wouldn’t this cover? Looking for something comprehensive...that wording sounds like there is a great deal of wiggle room. Thanks.
  7. Just called another who say it isn’t an issue you just need a valuation from an authorised dealer which also gives security re: authenticity. They did say that as I live in a flatshare I need a safe but they’re going to try and wave that since I never leave the watch at home unattended. Just awaiting a call back. If I do need a safe can anyone recommend one? Just one that meets insurance requirements, only have the one watch so wear it all the time anyway. Re: valuations, I called the omega boutique and they advised that they don’t do valuations as such but would provide a letter stating the cost of a new replacement with a picture of my watch. Is this sufficient? This sounds the same as I provided for home insurance in the past, only I was charged £40 and omega do it for free... Thanks, Ryan
  8. So Th March wouldn’t insure the watch because it was purchased via eBay. Anyone have any ways around this other than lying about where you bought it from... Never been asked where watches were purchased in the past but that was through home insurance.
  9. Thanks! Quote with thmarch was £100 with a value of £4K...much better.
  10. Contents insurance in London is ridiculous in my experience...though can get decent deals if you shop around. Haven’t purchased yet but could just contents insure the whole flat...are you allowed multiple policies on the same flat?
  11. Thanks! Did a quote with them...£165 for a year which is quite a bit but worthwhile for piece of mind... Age seems to be a huge factor in the price (I’m 30).
  12. New or used? Either at top 3 for me are: Omega IWC Breitling If used I’d be tempted by an IWC Portuguese, new an IWC Portofino. But you can’t really go wrong with an Omega seamaster. Breitling if you want something a bit more in your face and (IMO) tacky...(with the exception of the original blackbird, which I love, and the super ocean heritage).
  13. Thanks for the replies - the flat is furnished so doesn’t cover my own contents and if I was the owner I wouldn’t want to be adding a watch that isn’t mine to the policy just in case. Will chevknout that link - thanks! Would be great if someone had a recommendation though as wouldn’t want to be stung if ever I did have to claim. EDIT: review for ripe insurance looked good until it came to claiming when there were a lot of reports of them cancelling policies and refusing to pay out... assetsure look good though: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/assetsure.com Assume I’ll need to get an independent valuation? Been a while since I’ve insured a watch, winged it without for years and lost my Rolex in the gym...
  14. Hi there, I used to have my watches covered by home insurance but am currently living in a flat share with bills included in rent so don’t have my own home insurance. I am looking to insure one watch and wondered who people use? Mainly concerned about loss/theft from my person given I wear it most of the time. Have has a search but threads seem to be dominated by home insurance cover rather than insuring an item separately. Thanks, Ryab
  15. Nice watch :-) I really love my Seamaster Planet Ocean. Had a Breitling before and much prefer it to that looks wise and practicalities wise...the Breitling would always get caught in the lining of suits/jackets...
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