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  1. Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  2. Original bezel in good condition is early impossible to find...mine is 90% condition...and is rare... But if u wanna replace it it's an absolute easy work! If u don't wanna remove the entire metal rotating ring you can insert (with care) a little screwdriver or a similar flat tool between glass edge and bezel.. Bezel will be removed by a little upper pressure...the original bezel is exact measure (snap-on) and don't need glue. If u wanna replace with an other bezel i recommend u use this measure: Out 38.5 mm - In 31.5 mm Usually a standard Seiko bezel for 42mm diver watch (like mine)
  3. Now...with original bezel :wink2:
  4. Yes is Seiko bezel, for a general "new layout" but i keep the original in good condition. :wink2:
  5. Hello people Finally, after a long waiting...my Citizen 62-6198 is returned from watchmaker: Hoverauled, serviced, polished, with new bezel... Like NoS! Here some pics:
  6. Yes!! I'm very satisfied!! The wait has payed!!! It's thick and heavy like an handgun!!! Is better than pics...the dial is a great matt metal black!! Black date wheel matching good. Finally a nice watch, affordable, reliable and sure not pass unobserved! (goodbye to all my shirt's cuffs !!!) :lol:
  7. Little!! 6" (15.5 cm) ....but not too small 4 big watches!!
  8. Here my new baby...arrived today! And on my wrist:
  9. Yes...it seems solid and good shape... Sure..i post pics asap...i think in 1st days of february...
  10. I've ordered today this watch. Here some pics (rendering and samples prototype) What do you think?? Cheers to all
  11. Wow...nice...what kind of lugs have it? The same of PRS18 if i remember....
  12. Very well...many thanks to all for kind opinions... :thumbup: If i cant find sandblasted band...i remain with Nato.... Regards to all! Erny
  13. My OW MP 2801 upgraded with MOD dial & hands from MKII and regimental NATO strap
  14. Original was a low qual leather stamped black strap...20/16 with polished buckle (no match!!)
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