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  1. Hi all! Wondering if anyone with some insight in the ETA 2894-2 movement might have an idea as to what might be wrong with the movement when it's gaining approximately 5 seconds every minute? It's completely consistent in this gain. Does this perhaps indicate some serious issue that need some more thorough/costly repairs? Or might it be caused by something quite trivial that's easier to fix? Thanks for any input!
  2. Thank you for all your replies and suggestions! So I guess the biggest downside of buying a watch such as the Georg Jensen one, is that it looses a big portion of its original value at the time of the first transaction. I then reckon the best way to not loose to much would be trying to find a used one. Any ideas, in the broad, on how much one could expect to get a lice looking used specimen? Would it be like 30% off? 50%? /Berg
  3. Hello everyone! I'm as new to the forum as I am in the watch-area; total newbie. I became a member to discuss an impending acquisition. I'm in the market for a watch with a clean, humble design, and has gotten my eyes on this piece: Georg Jensen Koppel 307. It sports an ETA Automatic 2894, and is priced at approx 2000 € excl. VAT. I've hade a hard time finding any reviews/information at all regarding these watches online, except this one post on this forum that in the end really didn't offer much insight regarding the jensen watches. Only a comment that highlighted the fact that Georg Jensen was a jewelery manufacturer, not a watch-maker, and thus implied substandard quality(?). Does anyone have any experience with this/or a similar piece? I really appreciate the modest design, clean dial, no numbers, no abundance of small plotty details, that you'd find on most other popular watches. Are there any 'better' alternatives of similar watches? Best regards!
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