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  1. Hi Pasttime, you are right in thinking that is an IWC, the movement is a cal.64. I am guessing the mark on the bridge says S&Co. Under the dial it will likely be marked IWC on the main plate. Lovely watch, I have a similar one in 18K, from the movement serial I would say yours is about 1914/15, though could be a bit later. Awesome watch, love it.
  2. Missed this one as was abroad, but did the last one in Brum and defo doing the one in Jan there.
  3. Buying vintage Omegas can be a bit of a minefield, there are so many frankens and redials out there. A good starting point is the sales section on the Omega Forum, as anything that is clearly a wrongun tends to get called out. The vintage section of the forum is also a wealth of knowledge, with some great people happy to share their experience. I have a bit of a thing for vintage Omegas and the good thing is, there are tons of them out there. So if you are happy to be patient, you can generally pickup up one you like that is all correct.
  4. I'd say the dial is normally one of the biggest factors when I buy a watch. That one is a cracker!
  5. I had a very similar vintage watch with the same dial finish that had crazed in the same way. I think it is just oxidisation of the metallic blue over time.
  6. Absolutely love it. Good call
  7. Amazing find on the Ickx! Wish I had never sold my Heuer version now...
  8. Borrowed this to take some pics a while back and thought others may be interested. A stunningly original Laco B-Uhr. Wonderfully un-messed with condition. Touch big though at 55mm!
  9. Big fan of the top time. Especially the panda dials which have a timeless class
  10. I am leaning towards original. I has been in the same family since new and been an occasional watch as far as I can tell. As said, if it is a redial, it is a bloody good one!
  11. Have the chance to punt on this. Very original, movement etc checks out. But I'm not quite sure about the dial. It is very clean but so is the rest of the watch. E in omega doesn't look quite right to me though.
  12. I just picked up one of these as a replacement for an old saw, due to having a fair few trees to bring down and needed logs for winter. Have to say, I'm super impressed and the Oregon bar/chain is a nice touch http://www.hortweek.com/hyundai-hyc5620/products-kit/article/1357120
  13. Just take your time. Make sure you have a good working space, well lit, work on something soft to stop small parts bouncing away. I find it usefuly to stick my loupe over the front of my phone camera and take close up pics of each stage of dissasebly to keep track of things. Take it steady and you should be fine.
  14. I would say a clean of the case and a movement service. The gentlest of cleans of the dial and a sympathetic hand lume would be absolutely it. Oh, and a more fitting strap!
  15. I run a X230 with 12 GB ram and a 250GB SSD. It is blazing fast. I will often have Indesign, Photoshop and sometimes Premier Pro open at the same time and it never slows. Handles video rendering etc no problems. Only complaint is the screen is not the greatest, but when working from home I have it hooked up to a bog screen anyway. They did do an IPS screen version which is apparently much better. It travels round the world with me and is bullet proof. Paid about £400 18 months ago and more than happy with it. Doh, just read your last reply, enjoy!
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