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  1. YEs, just a few..... A hummer in any form is not a bad thing. But, back to the original intention.. Here in the States you can pick up a nice 219 based movement 'Hummer' for under $100 Working but not serviced. A service could cost you a minimum of $180
  2. Accutron Astronaut Variant guide. Any help? Quote : Dial VariantsStandard: Triangular luminous painted hour markers, luminous painted dots at the half-hour markers; may say 'Accutron' or 'Bulova Accutron'; available in black and silver.Simple: Nearly identical to the standard dial, but with no luminous dots at the half-hour markers; available in silver, factory black variation unconfirmed.Enhanced: Applied trapezoidal markers at 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11; available in black, silver and gold; applied markers match case color.Ultra: Applied diamond-shaped markers at 3, 6, 9; available in gold
  3. Someone picked it up. Maybe we will hear about it one way or another. Zero feedback, to Russia? Not a chance..
  4. I do a lot of this myself, using Auto Desk Inventor. We send out for our parts to be 3D printed, either resin or ABS plastic. For a quality job it can cost $$ Interesting idea but can't see how it would take over from a metal shroud.
  5. I have that very same Brown dialed Clairmont. Nice watch
  6. So I'm looking at this citizen watch in my local charity shop. Trying to identify the model / movement. Any clues from these case details? I'm assuming some sort of high end quartz movement. Are they at all collectible? Any clues to date of manufacture? Many thanks
  7. A very nice 2182 Accutron Snorkel. Left to me by my father.
  8. Ok, ok I know it's not a watch. But it does have a tuning fork movement. Picked it up in a charity shop for about 15.00
  9. I'm sure if the op has cleaned it up in an ultrasonic bath he already knows its fake. Does not directly mention this. But, being a fake who can say what the random pushers do. Maybe nothing.
  10. Damn had forgotten this section. Will have to assemble a selection for your viewing pleasure.. I also have a set of those Accutron cuff-links. Huge things, last time I wore them was on the Queen Mary 2. Nice that you have the original box too.
  11. Many thanks for the tips and advice. I was surprised to see the plastic discs, but now it makes sence. Dissasembled, cleaned, inspected and reassembled. no obvious defects, but there was some sort of chemical under the insulating sheet? looks like a previous battery leak. i think I like these movements. More forgiving than my accutrons. Will see if I can pick some more up. Thnaks gents.
  12. I'm Florida based and refuse to use this so called service. Also refuse to purchase using it either. Have had success contacting a seller and asking them to ship via USPS. Much faster and cheaper
  13. Spent some time over the weekend 'tinkering' with this thing. As you mentioned I can regulate it, I have managed to almost get it within a few secs a day. But every now and then it throws a wobbly and stops for a few secs then starts up again. I'm thinking there may be something restricting the gear train. The electronics seem to be working fine. SO I'm assuming the mechanical side of the watch. Still thinking I'm got to service, clean and oil. Still can't find a suitable service document.
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