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  1. I've bought quite a few watches st auction from watches of Knightsbridge. Like others I would suggest viewing first so you get a sense of their "condition" statement. I bought a Tag Carerra which I had seen on their stand at the Goodwood festival of speed. I would describe it as very good condition with case marks typical of daily wear - the catelogue described it as excellent. / mint. A small but signifying difference IMHO. Also beware the buyer premiums! But bargains can be had...
  2. Maybe it helps the international jet setters when they cross the date line :)
  3. A different watch for each day in the month but February could be interesting ...
  4. I've seen quite a few watches I like but the overall aesthetic is spoiled by the triple date:(
  5. Sold for £640,000+ at auction at the weekend. I guess I can cross one off my Christmas wish list now:(
  6. Watches that show yesterday's date, today's date and tomorrow's date -why????
  7. Don't forget auctions. Watchesofknightsbridge have one coming up on 21 November - online or attend in person. I hope to be there
  8. Is a Daytona Cosomograph in pale blue and chocolate too much?
  9. The watch isn't on display and I promised to not say... But they aren't many Rolex ADs in Windsor;)
  10. Dare I say mine looked better, at least on the outside. At least mine was trouble free for 5 years until the crown broke then all hell broke loose :(
  11. Check out my thread - busted rolex:(
  12. At a rolex dealer in Windsor. I didn't even ask - I was sorting out a repair on another watch and I happened to mention to the lovely young assistant that my dream was a Daytona steel. She says they are very hard to get hold of( up to 3 year waiting list!) - she then said she had something else I might like....
  13. I got to try on my holy grail today - £50ks worth of the new Cosmo Daytona in Pale blue and chocolate. My god - it was beautiful
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