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  1. Personally every watch I buy (not many at all!) I intend to keep as I buy mine to keep them and to fulfil a purpose or to represent an achievement or time in my life. As such the thought of selling them never crosses my mind. I listed one after 4 years of use but talked myself out of it and I'm glad I'm it. Ultimately if I did all one it would be to find another one.
  2. Personally I wouldn’t do any mechanical work in any watch as the spaces are so small in engine bays. If you want to I would buy a g-shock.
  3. I don’t see why not. It’s all down to ones personal wealth. I used to think my 3.5k aqua terra was too expensive and now daily my pelagos which is almost the same price. If I earned more then why not a Rolex? I actually am not a fan of Rolex but that aside I would wear any watch as a beater as it would be insured and they are made to be worn.
  4. Update! My wife has been wearing her longines every day for three years and it has taken a barttering which is fine. Just figured if I could make it look good then why not. Clearly this is not something I will be doing a lot as I appreciate it ruins the watch to keep taking off metal. I decided to make her bracelet brushed as opposed to having the polished centre links. The edges will be polished when the cap cod pad arrives. As such the bracelet will look like my aqua Terra one. So I used the red scotch brite pad to see how it would go and to be honest we are both very pleased with the result.Before:https://photos.app.goo.gl/PQ1PTTW6yfqxUIRC2After:https://photos.app.goo.gl/k0xCTTWkYoWbtviu1Stu
  5. Having to explain to others why I spend so much on watches when digital ones are more accurate. A lot of people simply don’t understand the love for them and when I explain the mechanical epicness, precision engineering, beauty of the movements, materials used and the pleasure it gives me, I just get blank faces and ‘it’s just a watch’.
  6. Would the pen not only work on small areas and sonnake the brushed effect look a bit odd? The red looks to be the finer grain. Why would I not use red in steel? Is there a reason. What i state in my first post is what I have read elsewhere.
  7. I have bought the below for the states jobs. Any do’s or dont’s I need to be aware doing it for the first time? - Green scotch brite pad for stainless steel brushed finish. - Red scotch brite pad for titanium brushed finish. - cape cod cloth for steel polished finish. stu
  8. I try to buy different brands and different watches so I don’t end up with too many the same. I have a dress watch - seamaster Aqua Terra golf edition on bracelet. I have a smart diver - longines conguest sport on rubber strap with ceramic bezel. I have a proper tool diver I now wear every day - Tudor Pelagos blue I have an old Seiko my dad gave me when I was 18 and is my only yellow gold coloured watch. I have a tommy hilfiguer watch my wife gave me when we first met which is rectangular and a white face. The only common theme is they are all date complications only. I just don’t like cluttered dials.
  9. Also for those with a pelagos I have been shown an example of a very scratched strap being bought back to almost new condition with a ink eraser! Yup an ink eraser. Apparently it removes the surface layer that is oxidised and with it the surface scratches.
  10. Exactly, I find I don’t wear my aquaterra tonwork due to ocd of scratches on the polished surfaces. I’ll be putting it on a leather strap soon I imagine to encourage me to wear it more often. As it stands it’s a weekend watch.
  11. Agreed. The draw of the pelagos for me was the power reserve, accuracy, finish (hides marks better than polished surfaces), the deployment clasp, the date complication etc The BB is a different watch and I did look at them as well but as above the pelagos works better for me.
  12. It is. I went in thinking it was a gimic but it really isn’t. The micro adjustment makes a really meaningful difference to the comfort of the watch. The spring element really is functional and I won’t use it as it’s for diving. My omega seamaster Aqua terra has half links to aid in a better fit but the Tudor mechanism is much better.
  13. Photobucket is not working again. Rubbish.
  14. While I appreciate the craftsmanship in such watches I really think many are munters. It’s unique at best. Toneach thier own.
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