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  1. Sadly, I may need to buy some myself. She took me to World Superbike last weekend.... What a girl!
  2. Am hoping my Mrs orders one off of a certain Zenitar fellow for my 40th, have dropped hints bigger than anything tested in Siberia.... Lovely looking things.
  3. I'll be quite honest and say it is for the look and feel of a particular period of time that appeals, more than any investment value. Though as with everything, as the most sought after become out of reach, more common models demand grows, does it not? Both very nice examples there trackrat.
  4. Good evening all. As our wonderful banking system is paying huge amounts of interest for using our money in savings accounts, I have started to look at collecting a few watches (for wear and maybe investment). I really have not much clue on what to go for, though I really like the style of military watches from the Cold War era and what I have seen of Raketa/Paketa perpetuals. As you can see, I'm not after spending my children's savings............ Any suggestions? Nice forum people....
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