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    Afternoon Scrabble

    to continue the game... sore
  2. Advice taken, seems like a good community here, I'm here for the watches after all :lol:
  3. Just bought off ebay today, seems to be in good nick. Not usually a fan of quartz watches, but having had a few older omega automatics in the past, owning a watch that's actually at the right time is a bit of a novelty!
  4. Only 3 at the moment, working on that though!
  5. that's a bit cheeky charging the $20 postage on top of the $1.45m :D
  6. I had a gold cap dynamic briefly, just over 2 years ago and sold it around the £250 mark, have to say the round face watches are a lot classier
  7. D90 all the way, bigger sensor, prism not mirror, probably cheaper to boot as well edit - see i was too late :tongue2:
  8. go to photobucket, copy the image location and enter it within img tags [img ] [/img ]
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