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  1. Will be following your progress. Looks like a nice project!
  2. You can buy them direct from Sinn themselves in Germany. http://www.sinn.de/e...pezialuhren.htm Here's the U1.. http://www.sinn.de/en/Modell/U1.htm
  3. Congrats my friend :) The satisfaction of repairing one of your own watches is quite rewarding!
  4. Sounds like the hand is indeed slipping on the pinion. Simple fix for a watchmaker, however, it could be something worse like a gear/wheel slipping.
  5. Thanks, currently working on some custom builds for people, including a genuine Rolex Submariner vintage.
  6. Cool. Mine has evolved since my last photo. Here's its current state..
  7. This tells you if the watch recieved the time signal. I see, didn't realise it was radio controlled. Cool.
  8. Thats quite a nice buy there. Certainly different. Whats the complication @9 for?
  9. Always do my friend, I have a Bergeon 5555 for just that reason :)
  10. When it comes with a diver, the pressure the watch is under in its intended environment, gaskets play a major role in holding up the water resistance.
  11. I maybe in touch, but for now, I went with 32 ID and 32.8 OD with 1.25 height.
  12. Tried them, but can't find the same measurements. I'm guessing this old gasket measurements are off due to it being used/squeezed/stretched?
  13. Anyone know a stockist of packs of various sized of crystal gaskets? I need to find a replacement crystal gasket for a Diver. The crystal measures 31.95mm, so maybe a 32mm will do? Other measurements needed to locate the right one are as follows.. Wall 1.40mm Wall thickness 0.45mm These measurements thus far do not match anything I have been able to find up to now, including Essinger, Ofrei, and ebay. I would prefer to buy a pack, as it would be wise to have some spares for such an instance as this. Any pointers, help, and advice appreciated.! I have searched a few places thus far, Ofrei, and Essinger, but neither have the sizes I need.
  14. Superb link, thanks for sharing, been looking for some help regarding a loose hand. Now to find a Collet set, they are not cheap!
  15. Thats similar to what I have, but that particular one is only a 3 Diopter, which vastly reduces the working distance (focal point). You are better off with a 5 Diopter, this will give you a good, comfortable working distance with a focal point of 8 inches or so. Plenty of space to get your tools in-between the glass lens of the magnifier, and your work subject. I got this one... Magnifying Lamp with table clamp - 5 Diopter S8069C
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