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  1. It could be genuine. Some time ago there was a heads-up on here about a Cross Sterling Silver Roller Ball on offer on Amazon. I picked one up for £30 and just checked - they are currently listed at £110!! No idea why they were being sold at such a low price but they were the genuine article.
  2. Why oh why did you let BigM navigate?
  3. After reading the response from @JoT, it seems that the thread was `locked' rather than deleted. That allowed the original post containing information to remain available to members whilst preventing the thread developing into a general discussion on the merits or problems around fakes. I don't really see a problem with this - hardly heavy handed censorship.
  4. Looks as if he is going a bit thin on top Did he ever wear a Seiko?
  5. I would have thought these would have been on forum sales section
  6. Have you tried looking at the `sod' and `completed' listings on ebay or the asking prices on chrono?
  7. It was CW London Ltd that I referred to although CW (London) Holdings Ltd also show considerable losses up to March 2019. Those accounts also show it is a subsidiary of British Land Plc but maybe that has now changed? Might also be the case that I have the wrong CW (London) Holdings Ltd as it comes up as BL CW (London) Holdings Ltd.
  8. They are already here and can wipe out an entire country with just one hand movement.
  9. An expensive gimmick if you will never lead a lifestyle where you might need it but perhaps no more a gimmick than 600m or 1000m water resistance on watches that will never go deeper than a swimming pool.
  10. Not very much from the look of their accounts.
  11. With all the GS models appearing on the forum, I thought this would be good today
  12. A star buy - what size is it?
  13. Two great buys and I am not the least bit jealous (why is my nose growing?)
  14. richy176

    Two Plus

    Is this a `foul' or special mods rules? Looks as if you used the last three letters.
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