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  1. Never heard of this brand and would not consider buying from them. I had a look at their website and there is no contact information for the company. If you need to return your watch, you have to fill in a form online and they will then send you the return information!!! It appears the company may be registered in Switzerland and if that is the case then you would be liable for VAT at 20% when imported into the UK. Why would I buy a watch without knowing where it shipped from and not knowing for certain what the final cost will be? For the prices quoted you could find many watches from respected brands such as Seiko, Citizen etc in any high street and be able to return to the shop if you have any issues. Far safer for your first purchase.
  2. I hope you use tube squeezers to avoid any waste.
  3. @Q.Lotte would like to play but there are other games still running and so I could not possibly join another - it would be like opening three packets of cheese at the same time.
  4. You must do very dull cheese boards. No, you can not start on the Stilton until the Cheddar is finished.
  5. Not surprised you had MoT trouble with that number plate.
  6. Would that not depend on consumer protection laws in Thailand?
  7. It should be fairly simple if they have the correct paperwork. I would ask how long the bikes have been in the UK and how they were brought in. Maybe they owned the bikes while living outside the UK and rode them back. Once you know what paperwork they have then I would call the DVLA and ask what you would need to do to register them. The staff at DVLA are usually very helpful and quite like something a bit different from the normal questions. I would have thought the sellers might have got better prices if they did the registration but if it takes a few weeks to get sorted then maybe they just can not be bothered and just want a quick sale.
  8. My son did it a couple of years ago - imported from the USA. There was a fair bit of paperwork but all in packs from HMRC and DVLA. His friend also imported one but used an agent as he felt the cost was worth it. Only time I have done it was about 35 years ago when I drove back from Baghdad with my family as my company let me keep the Toyota Crown I had out there (the car had to leave Iraq anyway under their laws). Had it insured on the Iraqi number plates but then had to visit HMRC to get it registered in the UK. They asked for my import documents and I explained that I did not have any. They asked how I got it into the country - drove it said I. Did you declare it they asked - No, I replied but I was sitting inside it with my family when i drove through customs so I did not smuggle it in. Ended up with a Q plate as I did not have proof of year of manufacture.
  9. I got one from Sweden but the wife made me send her back Ordered a new case for my ipad mini.
  10. Scarce - a lawyer who leaves money in your wallet. Rare - a politician who tells the truth.
  11. Might be difficult to find one at rrp from your local AD but currently over 5,000 of them advertised on Chrono so readily available if you are willing to pay.
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