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  1. Is there any truth in the story that you used this line so often that it just became second nature. Then one day someone said `your wife is very attractive' and you responded `what this..............' Some say that it took some weeks for you to recover.
  2. It seems that official policy is to allow people to use their common sense and follow the advice. Gove was asked in a morning tv interview what would be reasonable exercise and that was his reply. It is only his opinion rather than official policy.
  3. Can you please confirm that you ran rather than walked? Michael Gove did say that you could walk for an hour or run for half an hour. Can I report you and claim my £150?
  4. Just tried and no problems - maybe a change of aftershave is required?
  5. Might have to report you to the mods for this as this comment could cause mental health issues for many members. Apart from that, it makes perfect sense and a good call.
  6. Before you drive you might want to clean that number plate
  7. If you just want current models then go on the Rolex site and you can click on watch model and get details of movement etc.
  8. It is also possible that there will be some good discounts available if stores want to shift as much stock as possible before any stricter controls on people's movements or when the situation improves and they want a quick cash injection into the business.
  9. Very brave of you to `come out' Roger - this could attract even more media attention than when Phillip Schofield dropped his bombshell. I can visualise the headlines in the Sun and other illustrious publications - "Moderator of watch forum admits to not wearing a watch". Forget Coronavirus - this is SERIOUS!"!!!!!
  10. Another fascinating article Honour - thanks. When making the watch waterproof to such a depth does it make opening the back for a service a bit difficult?
  11. This is why the government will probably have to impose some form of lockdown, as has happened in France and Spain, to protect people from their own stupidity. Maybe it is a plot by Corbyn to wipe out the older generation who traditionally are more inclined to vote Tory? Could be a lot of 710's posting on here soon asking how they can sell the 15,000 watches their late husband left.
  12. At the moment it looks as if it is only mainland Spain that has restrictions. The main problem might be with fewer people willing to book flights/holidays then the airlines could cancel flights that would otherwise run at a loss. A guy I know flew back from USA the other day because his wife fell down the stairs and is out of action and there were only 6 people on the plane!
  13. Just goes to show what varied tastes we all have. I find both watches quite ugly and could not live with those blue hands on the JLC. As I am not the buyer, my opinion counts for nothing and everyone should buy what they like.
  14. Do you consider it safe to drive that distance with only a couple of five minute stops? We are not all going to be so desperate to get somewhere that we will risk our lives by driving when tired. IF we all had to switch to electric cars on the same day then I doubt if the infrastructure would cope but that will not happen. It will be quite a few years after 2025 before petrol/diesel cars are just a memory and technology will have advanced to extend range and reduce the pressures on recharging. Just look at what Tesla are doing - https://www.driving.co.uk/news/tesla-semi-electric-lorry-500-miles-range-autopilot/
  15. The moral of the ads - if you achieve real things then you deserve a Rolex but if you are an `also ran' then a Tudor will do.
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