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  1. On ebay there are ones from £30 to £3,000 so best to have a look on there and see if you can find one that looks similar. This may help with information about the brand. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_William_Benson
  2. I would wear one for a couple of days and then check what charge it has - then wear the other one and check that. On a full charge some models will be OK for up to 6 months so it is not too difficult to keep them going. Don't know about fitting a battery but there is probably nowhere to fit one as they will be a different size/shape to the capacitor. Watch winders often say they work with kinetics but they mean automatics rather than Seiko kinetics.
  3. Only ever used the candle one as I have four seiko kinetics and that holds three at a time. Never managed to get the toothbrush charger to work for me.
  4. What makes you doubt it is authentic? Did the seller have good feedback for higher priced items?
  5. No suggestions about getting it going again as the capacitor may have been damaged. A watch winder will not keep the kinetics going - a better bet is something like the Phillips rechargeable candle sets. You can put three kinetics in them and keep them fully charged.
  6. Might just be a case of rents and business rates kicking back in when the shops open (plus any suspended payments) and they want to get some cash in asap. There will be many who have been hit financially by the lockdown but many others whose companies kept them on full pay and they also gained from not having any travel costs, costa coffees etc. They may now have some spare cash and want to splash out a bit.
  7. I managed to get this one for 35% off rrp when they did stock them. Best discount I ever saw was £32k on a Zenith Tourbillon but that still left me needing to find a spare £68k.
  8. The Bicester outlet no longer stock Zenith and I expect it will be the same at Cheshire Oaks. Maybe it is because they now have more ADs stocking them.
  9. Shop only - they do not have a website. It is the same for the outlet at Cheshire Oaks (might also be one in York). These are some (poor) photos I took a couple of years ago that give an indication of discounts.
  10. Located in: Bicester Village Address: Unit 28, 50 Pingle Dr, Bicester OX26 6WD 01869 249008
  11. I believe there was one for sale here a couple of years ago at around £40k so a real bargain. Even at that price, it seems too big an increase over the basic watch just for having the Comex name on it. For me it would have to be an improved movement etc to justify the price.
  12. I like the Tag brand and living just a few miles from their outlet store in Bicester Village have always got them at around 40% off rrp. Then the store started selling Zeniths at similar discounts and now I have three of those as well.
  13. It was supposed to be a `lockdown' not a `lockout'. In most of the UK internet use increased and if you used webchat then the other person was not really inside your computer screen and breaking the 2m rule.
  14. Wonder what the staff discount is like and if you get to the top of the waiting list quicker?
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