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  1. A special edition for the 1994 Lillehammer winter Olympics where Omega were not the official timekeepers. My winter Olympics model for the 2010 Vancouver games.
  2. Aaaagh - @Always"watching"I really enjoy your articles but that white face Explorer II is just about the only Rolex that I would buy and you have revived my desire for one. I got lots of strange stares when I was walking around Sainsbury chanting "I do not need another watch".
  3. Have you not mentioned this to him before? He may have been pretending to be asleep when he did all this.
  4. Why protect your watch when you are likely to haver a spider or two crawl into your mouth while you sleep? On a positive note, they are full of protein,
  5. I would be interested to see this `evidence' as I have always worn my watch in bed and no health problems so far at 74. It is not necessary to wear my watch in bed but just something that I do. For many years I just had a Seiko kinetic diver and wore it in the shower, sauna. poo; etc without any issues.
  6. Not at all paranoid - more like good practice for both sides. Cash might not be ideal when most banks allow instant payment. The advantage of the instant payment system is that they can not request a charge back.
  7. Nice gesture but it should not be necessary and could leave you in a very awkward position. Suppose @BondandBigMdecided to sell his LV. I agree to buy it and send you the funds. You notify Bond and he tells you he has sent the LV to me. I then tell you that I received one of the replicas that are available on the internet. What do you do?
  8. I believe that no money is taken from `backers' until the target funding has been reached e.g. if the target is £100k but only £80k is pledged then the campaign fails and no money is ever taken from the `backers'. However, if the target is achieved then the money is taken from the `backers' and that is the end of kickstarter's involvement. If goods are not sent then you would lose money unless payment was made via PayPal or credit card over the limit (is it minimum £100)?
  9. Maybe make it post and time based e.g 200 posts over at least 3 months.
  10. Not a fan of the large numbers at 3, 6 and 9 but otherwise a good looking watch. Would depend on size and how it looks on the wrist.
  11. Much prefer the look of the Bremont, Don't like the hands on the Tudor, the writing seems too close to big brother Rolex and the crown seems to stick out more than the one on the Bremont.. Maybe on the wrist it would be different.
  12. My first instinct was for the Explorer but looking at the photos I would go for the DJ.
  13. You will often see similar comments on this forum - "great quality for the price" etc. Why not be honest and say the bracelet feels tinny and rattles, accuracy is OK if you can live with it losing a couple of minutes a day but as it only cost £25 what do you expect. If you want to read some very good reviews then have a look at `Honour's Topics' by @Always"watching"
  14. Maybe it just works out cheaper to replace the few watches returned with faults than to improve their QC department. Outside of watch forums I wonder how many do complain about chapter rings.
  15. Omega for replacing Bond's Rolex and boosting sales with a range of special Bond watches. Rolex never needed to do that.
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