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  1. Was this before or after you treated him?
  2. Just type Helson in to the search box and there are quite a few comments - 17 pages.
  3. Popped into Bicester Village this afternoon as one of my Zeniths needed a minor repair. The shop has changed a lot since my last visit with far fewer watches on display and they no longer have any Zeniths I would guess that now Beaverbrooks stock them there is no need for an outlet shop for any slow moving/out of date models. They had a couple of Monaco in stock and some Carrera but apparently these do not appear very often. Took some photos although they are not fantastic being taken through the display cases. Looks as if the discount from rrp is 30%. If you are thinking of buying a Tag then I would call to see if they have one in stock rather than make a special journey (unless you live close by) Also best to leave the wife at home as there are soooooo many shops where they could spend.
  4. Why not try the sales section first?
  5. There was quite a bit about this in the book by Mark McCormack titled `What they don't teach you at Harvard Business School'. Mark was a lawyer and sports promoter who founded IMG (International Marketing Group) and played a major role in promoting Golf with the Big Three series where Gary Player, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus played a series of televised matches. He also introduced Rolex to Wimbledon as a main sponsor. In one section of the book he talked about image when one of his managers dressed in a polo shirt and chinos for a meeting with one of the tennis stars they managed - he explained to the manager that their clients expected them to look like bankers/accountants/lawyers and not to wear the casual dress of the sports stars.
  6. Have you had a browse in the Members Owners Clubs section of the forum. The various brands are listed alphabetically so very easy to navigate.
  7. The labour MPs are not exactly living on the breadline - dear old Tony made a mint on the US lecture circuit via his many offshore companies.
  8. Out of those two I would go for the AP on looks. I do not like the numbers on the Rolex dial and not a fan of the bezel especially as it would never get used. However, you will be wearing the watch and you are the only one who can decide which looks better on your wrist. As far as which one will last longer I would say that with regular servicing both would outlive you and probably your heirs as well. I have to agree with the idea of looking at the Zeniths as I have two with the El Primo movement or to be more accurate I have one and my son now has the black one.
  9. Can't believe that Rolex has people watching all the possible sales outlets and trying to find the serial number s so that they can link it back to the AD that sold the watch. Do litte ping piggies fly by your window at night?
  10. Waiting a year for the warranty card would not concern me - would know where to go if there was a warranty issue in the first year.. Some people seem to have been happy to lay out $3 million for a Ferrari that is kept by the company and taken to a race track for the customer to drive it (then back to the factory).
  11. I don't see @it'salivejim comment to be in any way defamatory. You asked if the items had any value and that would depend on whether they are originals or fakes. Posting a photo of a fake watch in the box and with the tags might raise a few queations. Members might also wonder why you are asking about value if there is no intention to sell them.
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