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  1. Have a look on ebay - there are lots listed that have no bids and if you look at `sold' items then the ones that have sold are going for under £10 rather than £100. If you were lucky then you might sell it for enough to get the slippers free but doubt you would end up in profit.
  2. They show the watch on their website. As it is free then keep it if you like it - otherwise give it away or bin it.
  3. Telephones 1. Hanging on the telephone - Blondie 2. Telephone - Lady Gaga 3. Switchboard Susan - Rockplie 4. Telephone Line - Electric Light Orchestra 5. Rikki don't lose that number - Steely Dan Next: Trains
  4. Unless you buy a watch with a display back then you are going to have to open the back and expose the movement to air/dust while you watch the cogs going round (unless you go for a skeleton watch).. I have one reasonably expensive quartz but I am more interested in looking at the dial than the workings. The little gold star near the 6 o'clock marker signifies that it has a stated accuracy of +/- 5 seconds per year. That is great unless you are an old man like me who forgets if it the first or second pull to change the time twice a year for daylight saving (some of my watches it is th
  5. Do you recognise any of the brands quoted at £10k+? I have a sterling silver Cross ballpoint that I was going to advertise for £25k but willing to sell to a forum member for just £2k. You may think that sounds a fantastic bargain but I got it from Amazon on offer for about £35.
  6. Here is some information on a hybrid - not in the cheap seats though. https://www.grand-seiko.com/uk-en/about/movement/springdrive
  7. Not just a case of `can afford it today' but can afford it even if next week I find my house needs a new roof or the car needs new tyres.
  8. Got to be a Rolex Sub - original tool watch and just read the James Bond books to see the punishment it takes.
  9. Does feel a bit like flogging a dead horse..
  10. Just do an internet search on that and you will see some from an auction site. Otherwise you could try chrono24 or ebay completed/sold listings.
  11. Jumbo jets that need to be stored.
  12. Xenophobic reaction to mods who fail to enforce the rules and ban @Alpha550t for going off thread and even add another response outside of the game.
  13. Been on the strong lager again Nige?
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