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  1. It will make no difference. If you reset it then check it again in a couple od days. Record the variance and either reset again or leave it to run and then check the variance again - just remember if it was 10seconds fast and next check shows it 20 seconds fast then it has gained another 10 seconds between checks. Do you wear the watch 24/7 or take it off at night? I have never bothered to do this but forum members have suggested checking what happens is left off your wrist, face down, on the side crown side up and crown side down. You may find it gains a bit during the day and loses a bi
  2. I would disagree about what `most people' know. Rolex is a very well known brand and since the more recent Bond films, Omega has gained a wider audience. Both brands can be seen in most high streets but GS is still a relatively unknown brand.
  3. Giv e it a few days to settle down and if it is still out of spec then take it back for adjustment.
  4. I would also go for the GS but not that model. For the $5400 of the Omega and Rolex I would be able to go for a Spring Drive movement and a nicer imho dial - maybe a snowflake.
  5. A c$450k Richard Mille - the colour clashed with my new Lamborghini.
  6. You could always start a thread in the member owner club section and maybe other members would post their ones.
  7. If you visit the `Members Owner Club' section of the forum, you will see many of the watches mentioned above.
  8. Invicta seems to be a brand where the rrp is just made up so that the discounts look fantastic - bit like the furniture company that always has a sale.
  9. If you are buying from the EU and the price does not show net of VAT then the seller may be a small business with a turnover that does not require VAT registration. In that situation you would be adding UK VAT and handling which would be additional costs based on the same purchase when we were in the EU.
  10. Returning the watch for a replacement would be ideal but did you pay any VAT and handling charges when it arrived in the UK? You did not mention which country you purchased it from. You should be able to reclaim VAT when you return the watch but not any handling fee. You would then have VAT and handling to pay on the replacement.
  11. It is not a new tax. When we were in the EU the price you paid was inclusive of VAT at the rate of the seller country. Now the VAT is collected in the UK at 20% but you could also pay a handling charge. The important thing to check is that the price paid to the seller is net of VAT - I could not check that as you have to enter personal details to get to the shipping page and final price. If you loot at the Steinhart website, a watch listed at 610 euro will show that for Germany the shipping fee is 8 euro and the price includes 98.67 euro of tax (VAT). The same watch for delivery to
  12. I can not think of any Brand that I could say I like all their models but I don't buy `brands' but only models that I like . My only Omega took a few yeras to find and was based on one that @artistmikehad which was a Lillehammer Olympic edition which I still consider one of the best looking watches I have seen. I almost found one but .+settled for a 2010 Vancouver model I saw a 20th anniversary GS that took my fancy and there are maybe 2 other models that I would consider but I like this one. I came across Zenith at the Tag outlet store in Bicester Village and ended up with three
  13. Maybe there are not enough buyers looking for something radically different.
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