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  1. You best bet would be to browse around the members owners clubs section of the forum and get an idea of which styles you like. Also have a look at Steinhart and Christopher Ward - both brands have had favourable comments on the forum and have watches in your price bracket.
  2. If you are a regular seller on ebay then you should know how it all works and easily avoid the scams whereas a casual seller might fall for the scam. Some scammers who try to get payment via western union ask you to only send them the second half of the transfer number to prove that payment has been made and to supply the first part of the number only after you have received, and are happy, with the goods. That may sound a reasonable proposal which gives both parties some security but I believe the scam works because the first part of the number is a country code and if the buyer is based in the UK then it is probable they would use a UK based Western Union office meaning the scammer knows the whole transaction number. All a bit like Columbus and the egg - simple once you know how.
  3. If people did not fall for scams then they would stop. Another common one is for a `buyer' to pay by cheque but for more than the agreed price. They ask for the difference to be sent by Western Union to their `shipper' who will then arrange to collect the goods. Payment via bank transfer or paypal is not possible because they are on an oil rig , merchant ship etc. Then there are the calls claiming to be from microsoft engineers stating that your internet or computer has been infected and offering help - just give us access to your computer. More recently are the recorded message phone calls asking you to press 1 or 2 depending on which internet provider is about to cut you off. I could list a whole lot more such as dating scams, bank card scams etc but they all only work because people fall for them.
  4. Seen loads of watches I don't like but if I stumbled over them, I would pay a visit to Specsavers
  5. Another variation on the scam is that you receive an email purporting to be from a section of paypal that holds the funds pending confirmation of shipping. They say that contacting the main paypal office will not work as they do not know about this `special' department. If you reply saying that the funds should be returned then you get another email saying this is impossible and legal action will be taken against you etc etc.
  6. I like Tag but have only bought them from the local outlet store in Bicester Village where you typically get 30% - 40% off rrp but with full manufacturer warranty. They also used to have some nice Zeniths but have stopped doing them (good for my pocket). Tag make good watches but have a tendency to introduce a few new models at a time and then see how they sell. Less popular ones get discontinued and discounted which tends to make them all depreciate a bit quickly. Worth having a look to see if there is an outlet store reasonably close to you. These are some of their more expensive models that were available in Bicester a couple of weeks ago but they had plenty of others.
  7. If you want a watch that is very accurate (+/- 5 or 10 seconds per year) and does not stop except when it needs a battery change every few years then a quartz makes perfect sense. Why should the`masses' gravitate towards autos when they will probably never see the movement or even care about if it was developed in house etc.
  8. Happens every day - exactly 1 minute before 2013.
  9. Take it to a jewellers or auction house and they will value it for you.
  10. It was the closest I could find to @artistmike's 1994 Lillihammer edition which imho is one of the best looking watches Omega have made - also a great story behind them. https://omegaforums.net/threads/the-omega-seamaster-olympia-1994-quartz-edition.5135/
  11. Lots of Olympic models as well for sad people like me.
  12. How about alphabetically e.g. Adam, Ben, Charlie etc?
  13. Any supposed conflict is probably confined to watch forum posts or sales staff in ADs. You get the odd thread on a forum (not this one) where someone has bought a Tudor and claims that it is to all intents a Rolex with a different badge and therefore a far wiser purchase. Then you get the response from Rolex owners that the Tudor is owned by Rolex but does not use Rolex parts and overall is just a cheaper model sold as Tudor as Rolex would not deal in that market segment. Maybe some sales staff like to push the idea that "it is really a Rolex but just has a different badge"
  14. Doubt if we need more/new rules on this as the mods can no doubt delay access if they feel that a member has been speed posting. With the classifieds section, I would tend to still look at the buyer/seller much as I would look at the feedback scores on the bay. I would feel more confident buying from a member who has been around for a while and takes an active part in threads rather than someone who has only been around for a short time. I'm sure that members would soon raise concerns if they felt someone had only joined to take advantage of any `mates rates' offers.
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