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  1. I like quite a few Seiko divers but for me the dial looks overwhelmed by the bezel and outer casing on this one.
  2. It is looking as if this thread is dying, if not dead, as there have been no new numbers posted for four days. In an attempt to give it the kiss of life I propose a new rule called BOOST. The idea is that any member can post the next number and add BOOST but by doing so the member agrees to add a prize to the pot and then if someone posts RESTART they will have to match the number of prizes in the pot. To test the idea out I will post 29 BOOST Might be an idea if a mod could change the thread title to show 100 rather than 150.
  3. This thread should have a warning - DO NOT LOOK IF YOU HAVE JUST EATEN.
  4. I quite like the Bvlgari - @scottswatches should I pm you my address so you can send it to me?
  5. You are taking the wrong approach with your wife. You should point out that very few sportsmen/women wear a watch while actually playing. Try pointing out that Raphael Nadal wears a Richard Mille when playing tennis but these cost over $500k. Then mention that Stan Warwrinka wears an AP Royal Oak but these are upwards of £20k. Now you follow up with the incredible value of the Breitling at the giveaway cost of just over £2k. How could she say NO?
  6. That was one of the revised rules - why do you think we let you win? 6
  7. We know you did. Now we have to wait for @Davey Pand "worst game ever" 2
  8. Congratulations - you now have the honour of starting the next game.
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