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  1. There is a very unique prize on offer in a raffle. A rather nice watch that has had custom engraving. I would prefer you not to join the raffle as that would resuce my chances of winning but as proceeds are towards the forum running costs it is only fair to raise awareness of this. Well worth a look even if you don't want to enter.
  2. I thought you could damage the capacitor by letting it run flat.
  3. The only opinion that matters is that of the owner. This is a watch forum and we post photos of our watches. Some will like them and others may hate them - all entitled to an opinion but it need not bother the owner.
  4. Nothing on that list floats my boat. Seen some from Steinhart and CW that would appeal far more.
  5. With Lexus, they found it difficult to sell them under the Toyota brand whereas Seiko are not struggling to sell their GS models. At first they did have Seiko on the dial at the 12 position and GS near the 6 but now just have Grand Seiko and GS on the dial. With the GS range, Seiko are not trying to compete with mass produced brands like Rolex. Initially they sold the GS to the home market and have expanded because the demand has been there. If you are a brand snob then I could understand that you would not want any association with Seiko on your GS but as the company is not meeting resistance in the market why should they rebrand?
  6. How can you be down the road if you are up a drain pipe? That is no way to talk about your wife - buy her some flowers and apologise.
  7. These would be my three Audermars Royal Oak 14790st auto Seiko snowflake springdrive Rolex Polar explorer II 16570 auto If these are not your chosen three then I will PM you my address as they deserve a more loving home.
  8. Not many buy them as an investment but they can give many years of pleasure. They will probably lose money over a number of years but you can lose money faster by buying a new car every 2 - 3 years. You could spend the equivalent of a Rolex on a family holiday but you could sell the Rolex - can't sell your holiday memories.
  9. Nothing wrong with the brand and if you like that watch then go for it. Does not seem to be much love for them on here but it would be on your wrist so only your opinion really matters. I would imagine that anyone with OCD might find the screws on the bezel annoying as they are all at different angles.
  10. I have solar panels and could top up during the day from those. I do wonder though if there are enough raw materials available to produce the EVs when sales of new petrol and diesels are banned.
  11. sounds like a good place for solar panels and batteries. I live in an area with no bus service and so a vehicle is essential. If the plan was to ban all petrol and diesel vehicles then I would be very concerned but as we can continue to run these then by the time they need renewing there should be a decent supply of used EVs available. I think concerns about the pressure on the grid are over pessimistic. The average daily mileage for car drivers is only 20 miles a day and they would only need to charge once a week or so.. Obviously a bigger problem for high mileage drivers but with improved battery technology the range should improve.
  12. Probably a new idea but apart from the novelty, would anyone want it. Just putting a little air into a buoyancy vest.
  13. Sounds as if you are close to getting your telegram from the Queen. I still have 26 years before I get mine (probably from a King) so far too young to stop wearing my watches.
  14. Prefer the white but trying to work out what time the 24 hour hand is showing.
  15. There are supposed to be lots of these materials in Afghanistan - maybe why Russia is so keen to keep an embassy there?
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