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  1. As I got older, my watches got bigger but that was mainly because watches generally got bigger. About to hit the mid 70's and no desire to wear smaller watches - 39mm seems too small.
  2. As they are still in business I think you have your answer.
  3. If you were buying a new watch from a business based in the EU then the final price would not be much different if we were in or out of the EU. When we were in the EU VAT would have been in cluded in the price and the VAT paid to revenue in that country e.g. Germany. Now the price would exclude VAT and that would be collected by customs on import to the UK. You would pay a handling fee to the courier and that would be the same regardless of the cost of the watch. Buying pre owned watches from the EU is another matter as you pay VAT on the price despite the fact that VAT was paid in the home country.
  4. I am lucky - my arms are normal length.
  5. Send it to me Roy and just call when you want to know the time.
  6. I would guess the strap will be between £1k and £1.5k
  7. I was thinking more about buying new where only one lot of VAT is charged. About the only way to avoid double VAT on used items from EU countries would be for the seller to mark the customs declaration as a gift and maybe include a birthday card to make it look good.
  8. Most food is zero rated or you could buy children's clothes, books and magazines or buy from charity shops (items must have been donated by the public). If you want a pre-owned watch then best to buy from a UK dealer as they will probably only charge VAT on their mark up whereas an imported one will suffer the full 20%. Why is it that we only complain about being hit by VAT on watches we import. Can't recall seeing a thread on here saying "got clobbered with £1k of VAT on the Rolex I bought from a UK AD"
  9. I suppose if you have a yellow gold Rolex then you are showing that you have some wealth and adding diamonds is just adding bling. If you go for white gold or platinum then many people might take it for the stainless steel version and you could argue that you are concealing the true cost and that is maybe stealth wealth.
  10. The OP is looking for a vintage watch to remember the relative that left the money and birthyear watches may well have something to fit the bill. Generally, any watch that is 20 years old is classified as vintage (at 100 years they become antique).
  11. Have a look at www.birthyearwatches.com. Run by a respected member of this forum.
  12. I just look to see if it is a post from you
  13. For the nespresso machine try some Jamaican Blue Mountain or Hawaii Kona - not cheap but really tasty.
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