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  1. Some do some don't. I like a little tarnish but don't like when it's nearly black
  2. I will say test on a small area first. My watch is a cheapo Chinese watch so I wasn't too bothered if it turned into a chemical disaster.
  3. I would only waste all the money buying watches
  4. I was doing some DIY and had as usual forgotten to take off my watch. I accidentally got some small spots of PVA white wood glue on the case I didnt notice for about half an hour and it was very nearly dried clear when I spotted it and started peeling it off. Much to my astonishment where the PVA had been the watch metal was bright clean all the tarnish had come away with the dried glue. I decided to smear the glue thinly over one small part of the case and left it for 25 minutes before peeling it off. It has cleaned off the tarnish and left the metal quite sparkly and coppery like freshly cut
  5. Do not expose to high humidity. Does that mean dont get it wet
  6. I ordered this off AliExpress early December, its cheap but cheerful I just fancied a Bronzie and didn't want to blow too much. It arrived on Thursday and so far its good but I am not sure which type of plastic cow the leather strap came from but it will do till I can find something better.
  7. I have 12 watches in one of those el cheapo display cases but my 3 regular rotation wearers hang by the buckle on a couple of nails inside the wardrobe. I have just bought a new watch so I need another nail.
  8. Started reading Lee Child's Jack Reacher novel 61 hours. It was something I picked up because I was bored and found I can't put it down.
  9. Ooh not tried the toffee yum Yums. I like the cheese twists, pizza slices and the ciabatta bread.
  10. Got one from Lidl in Southport as of 4pm there were four left if anyone in the area is interested.
  11. Thanks Sulie hi ho hi ho it's off to Lidl I go
  12. Thanks guys. I can't wait for the Lidl one I need to clean some model railway parts so I can get the model railway running after Boxing Day. eBay/Amazon it is then.
  13. My ultrasound cleaner died this morning and I need a new one. Ebay and Amazon come up with lots but I cant afford one of the nice proffesional ones, can anyone reccomend something good 1 litre or thereabouts max budget £50.
  14. I have had a set of AF screwdrivers for a about five years and they have been fine apart from when one of the blades dropped out and disappeared under the garage workbench. As said above they take a Bergeron replacement blade.
  15. Might help if you narrow it down to which model you mean is it a touch screen and what the crystal is made of. If its Acrylic then Polywatch or toothpaste will shift shallow scratches but wont do anything about a deep scratch as by the time you have removed enough material to take out the scratch you have weakened the crystal. If its mineral glass you can polish out scratches but its not easy. If its a Saphire crystal replacement is the only option.
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