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  1. Sorry, I actually cheated and copied this photo from "google's images" but it's an exact match to my watch. I hope I haven't broken any forum rules by admitting this but I didn't want to lie about it, If I get my camera out I'll take some photos for you. There's actually an excellent group of photos & discussion about this watch in 2009 on this forum. It shows the different colours of this watch. Just do a search on "Timex electronic telephone dial" and I believe you'll find it's the only other discussion.
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to find out what type battery to use in this TIMEX electronic telephone dial wristwatch that I have. Thanks Thomas
  3. Hi, I'm Thomas and I sell (not here I have an etsy store) Vintage and Antique Japanese, Swiss and American automatic & mechanical (and a few quartz YUK!) on etsy. I've always been a watch Freak/whore but until the last couple of years it was wearing & collecting what I liked and not knowing alot about what was gong on inside. The past couple of years I've grown to appreciate the beauty and workmanship of these watches. It started when I bought an old Favre Lueba on ebay and opened up the back. When I broke through that barrier, it was no stopping me. I've just been learning on my own. When I was a kid I remember watch repair men and watch makers telling my mom and Dad when we walked int a jeweler's fro something; that fixing a watch was not as expensive as they might think and after cleaning and oiling my Dad would pay a few dollars and boom it was done. A clean and lube I mean, now you can't get a watch cleaned and oiled for less than $180 if your lucky, and replacing a crystal, even when you have a new replacement is $60-80. I had no idea when I first started buying non working watches. Now I only buy watches that have been serviced by the sellers. I won't buy a broken watch even if it probably just needs a cleaning and oiling because I could never be able to sell it. So as a result I'm beginning to become interested in learning how to repair mechanical watches; even though my once very dexterous artist ( I swear at one time I could have been a micro surgeon) hands are now clumsy numb and dropping things all the time; and my long time 20/20 vision and extra wide peripheral vision has gone on permanent vacation! Well, that's a little bit about, maybe more than you wanted but I hope I'll fit in because I love the beauty of a movement. the sound of a clock or watch soothes me, and the concept of time itself puts me in awe! Say hi back if you can relate! Thanks Thomas :-)
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