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  1. Is that the titanium one or DLC? I have the titanium one also!! However mine has some of the numbers on the bezel missing :/
  2. Turned 17 in October, passed my test Jan 21st :D So I drive a 1.2 2002 Fiesta mk5 and my first watch was a Lorus Digital, I'll see if I can find a pic of both :)
  3. That's the one I'm thinking of getting but after changing insurance companies on my car with a £127 leaving fee and the £238 deposit I have no free change :( but changing companies has saved me £110 a month so hopefully I'll have one on the way!
  4. Yes I'm sold on the OBX2, black dial and blue bezel :P black bay style ;) I'm going to wait, got my driving test in a week today and if I fail or have to increase my insurance I don't need to be halting that because I have a watch incoming! :lol: I'll keep you guys posted
  5. So in the watch community we are constantly looking for watches to buy, not just here or WUS etc but also on websites, now they need to sell their watches but which IYO is the company/brand with the pictures that really do not sell the watches very well? I'll get the ball rolling, Obris Morgan seem to have terrible pictures... Bulova aren't a lot better... Your thoughts?
  6. This is the largest I have, Invicta 8926 on the left, 40mm, and my presisionist, 46mm, which could be the contender for the smallest difference, 6mm :/ Oh well, alot of watches in this size bracket ;)Although they are both the same colour... Kind of, carbon fibre vs black, lol
  7. Happy new year all! Enjoying some burgers before I go to work
  8. That's the thing, I can't decide between black or blue! :lol: and thanks for the Orbital suggestion, I'll check them out! :)
  9. No I've never been much of a Seiko fan... Now OM vs Deep Blue, what do you think? I favour the OMX2 due to automatic and high beat, not a large fan of quartz. I think I'm leaning towards a OMX2 due to the great bang for buck and the rareness of them :) However I am put off due to the stock pictures, making it look so much worse I'm guessing? And cant decide between black or blue :lol:
  10. Hey guys, I recently got a Smartwatch (Sony SW2) for Christmas however it refused to work :lol: but it isn't an uncommon issue, however I will be getting the money in a refund and I don't really want another smart watch, just seemed gimmicky... So including money I have from family, I have about £200 for something else [me thinks a watch ;) now I have been eyeing up an Obris Morgan Explorer 2 but anyone else have any suggestions? :) I can go a little bit over but not massively.
  11. Now I can't decide which one I want to order :/ I like the steel bezel since I don't exactly baby my watches :( but I like the Explorer 2... Does anyone have any more pictures of explorers to help me make a decision?
  12. The only reason I prefer the Mk2 is because of a date window... I can't be the only one Also never had a domed crystal watch... Could be interesting but can't choose between the Mk2 Explorer or Aegis... :/
  13. Just thought I'd let the lovely members of twf that Obris Morgan has released two new models, the Explorer 2 and Aegis :) They've also brought back the Predata into manufacture, personally the Explorer 2 and Aegis look awesome! I'd buy an Aegis as soon as it comes out however what are your thoughts? Link for more info (if ok with mods) http://www.obrismorgan.com/explorerii.html
  14. So I've been thinking, these new flashy smartwatches are the best that phone makers can do at combining watches with phones... I'm thinking of getting one however I can't see the point (however they do seem very cool 😎) So I'm wondering your opinion of them and if you would ever wear one? I'm not sold on the idea, a smart watch will never replace my Invicta! Haha (Or any of my other watches)
  15. I agree with past comments about if it was an auto but it looks like a nice watch and if I had the choice I might get it, its a great tool watch, however I'd see it in person first.
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