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  1. amp101, I will do my best to get some pictures up the only thing is as I have went through stages of wearing these watches everyday all of them of them have scratches and damage, one of my rotarys have stopped working all together I just don't know were to take them :( I've always wondered about how to get then re polished? My Citizen also have quite a deep scratch on the sapphire glass :wallbash: Marley, I do like the Monsters but they are not my style, I did spend a good time looking at them but thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Thank you all for your replies, I always knew Seiko was a better watch I just didnt think the Ingersolls were that bad, is a good job I posted!!! Also any views on Hamiltons? After the Seiko I am looking to get a vintage type watch, something like a Longines but without the £2000 price tag. Thank you again for all your replies much appreciated.
  3. Hi Guys, I am new to the forum but I am extremely interested in time pieces, I am 22 and I have been buying watches since I was 19, I am the rare youth that looks at his watch for the time rather than his phone. I currently own 2 Rotarys, a Citizen Eco Drive and a Seiko Premier Kinetic Chronograph. I have owned most of these watches for 2 years bar one of the Rotarys so i am looking to get a new watch soon and i am stuck between two. One being a Seiko SSC081P1: And the other being an Ingersoll Gaan IN1209WH : Both being around the £200-250 mark, I am a huge fan of Automatic movement but I do like solar and for the price Seiko's are great. One watch being dressy and smart and the other being every day and slightly sporty. So which would you go for? I'm happy for other suggestion as well anywhere between the £200-£400 mark but I would definitely want feed back on these two watches. Thank you.
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