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  1. I don't mind an open heart watch but if you have to have a visible movement at least try and decorate it a bit
  2. One from a biking holiday to Islay. Now that was memorable!!
  3. I seem to remember a quote about the RD350LC, not sure how true it is or was... The bike responsible for more thefts, deaths and penalty points than any other bike in history. Cool though
  4. I was going to say almost the very same......lol
  5. I have walked round that at Perth Airport, it is stunning!!!
  6. Sorry if this sounds harsh but this is akin to Ford bringing out a new small car, it looks like all the other small cars. Nothing new or original at all.
  7. I was once told that every 6lbs of sprung weight equates to 1 bhp of useable power. And folk wonder why mine has 170+bhp....lol
  8. I remember having a chat with him (or someone with the exact same bike) in Edinburgh once. Fab bit of kit.
  9. I think he is brilliant. the videos are very well done and he is really quit funny. Some of his restorations are stunning.
  10. Fifer here, and hardly ever sunny. Welcome to the forum.
  11. If accuracy is that important then quite possibly you should have gone with a quartz watch.
  12. I use a Lanskey kit on my knives, but will definitely be looking into one of these, love a power tool!!!
  13. Jag XF currently for me, I tend to alternate between Jag and Merc. The better half has a Nismo Juke RS, and only got that as her dad lives with us and couldn't get into her Z4. She has now decided when his dementia makes him unable to get into the Juke she is getting a Vantage....looking forward to that one!!! Oh, I also have my wee putput....a Vmax.
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