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  1. I was bought a 3 day leather workshop to make my own sporran with Pictavia Leather in deepest rural Perthshire. Had an a aming time with Hamish who specialises in medeival and pictish leather, he does a lot of work for museums. So we started by cutting out the leather, sorting the edges and working out the designs I wanted. The centre design is the celtic symbol for father and son, the flap design is the sheild pattern from my coat of arms. Once that was all done the design was hand beaten into the leather, which is most definately an amazing skill to have (I really dont). We then had to dye the leather and very quickly make the tassles before the dye dried, again a real skill and fiddly as hell. Then once waxed came the sewing, two days later my fingers are still sore. Such an amazing experience and one I would heartily recommend!! The front.. The backpiece including flap.. The finished project...
  2. Anything by Urwerk or Ressence, both on my lottery list of watches
  3. Well it is in the hands of the watchmaking gods now.... After chatting for a while i did get a lovely sense of "they really know what they are doing" and said how much I enjoyed watching watch services on youtube, I was asked if I was evr tempted to do it myself as he has three watches in, a Breitling, a Tudor and a Rolex where the owners watched these vidoes and thought they looked easy...he now just has to order the parts they lost. Surely after watching these vidoes you would realise just how masterful these watchmakers are. Bike engines are far simpler to work on....lol
  4. As a metalhead with only pointy guitars (apart from an accoustir bass) I love these.....big soft spot for BC Rich.
  5. I have the day/date and although it is only (only??) 39mm it feel right on my rather large wrist. You really need to try them on first to see what feel right. Both excellent watches.
  6. I have had my Speedmaster day/date for about 8 years now and the time has been getting less accurate for a while, oh and the day inticator sticks. Time for a service. Appoitment booked with Martins of Glasgow. next week, might get it back by February....lol The service will cost slightly less than Omega, still more that my hydraulic bike lift though. Wish me luck!!
  7. Our dog is rather good at it, he even watches out for the postie to try and beat us to the door.
  8. Paulin watches are made in Glasgow. Nice simple designs, a tad bland for my tastes though.
  9. Anything by Allen Millyard, the guy is a genius!!!
  10. Very nice and very well done, they look great. I do have a soft spot for Mackies.
  11. I quite like some of the Paulin watches .
  12. That was better than some of the restration videos on YouTube, nice one!!
  13. Loved Ressence since they first started, and to me they just keep on getting better. On the lottery list.
  14. I don't mind an open heart watch but if you have to have a visible movement at least try and decorate it a bit
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