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  1. Fitz666

    DIY haircuts.

    Thankfully I will keep using the razor blade on my head, like I have for the last 20 odd years
  2. Babymetal, in preparation for tonights gig at the Barrowlands.
  3. Didn't they release a watch with the same dial?
  4. We have a Juke Nismo RS as the better halfs Dad couldnt get into her Z4 (he now lives wit us as he has dementia). Got the fist road tax bill in which was a 1/3rd of the Z4, when I mentioned this she said that's because it is a 1/3rd of the fun. She has already started a Vantage fund for when her 86 year old dad can no longer get into the Juke. I quite like it though.
  5. That looks a lot nicer on the wrist than in the pics, nice one!!!
  6. Be nice to the FIfers, we need your sympathies...lol
  7. The only redeeming feature of this monstrosity is the italian flag stiching on the strap, the rest is just painful to the eye.
  8. Today I bought a glowplug module for my car, the most uninstersting thing I have bought in a long time!!!
  9. If I rmemeber there are different audio modes, Hall, Concert etc. I found that playing with these helped a lot.
  10. Never flipped a wtach yet, I buy them as I want them so they are all keepers to me.
  11. That new Rocket is lovely. So is the Daivel, but I still love my Vmax!!!
  12. My better half has done something similar with festival wristbands. Looks cool.
  13. I use Tomian in Edinburgh to service my watches. Great service there. Oops, just found out they are closed down now, it has been a while tbh.
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