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  1. a picture from a few months ago but still enjoying a cup off tea with the rangeman
  2. One off the watch dogs keeping look over the the TAG Heuer Monaco aka Steve McQueen
  3. Still on with the tag heuer Monaco Steve McQueen ,change off strap and wrong date lol
  4. morning all tag Heuer Monaco Steve McQueen for me today
  5. Nothing wrong with a breitling owned a few over the years and this one I’ve had since last year
  6. Skyway what a brand I’m in the middle off a replica skyway build
  7. Lunch with a couple off greggs chicken bakes and the breitling emergency mission
  8. Good old grifter like raising the titanic getting the front wheel off the ground
  9. The blue and orange will probably end up with gulf racing graphics
  10. Anyone into old school bmx bikes as over the past year I’ve been restoring them and the collection keeps getting bigger , mainly most are 1983 mk1 frames etc ,would be interested if anyone else is into these I no their is a Raleigh chopper man on the forum
  11. The aviation industry is on its knees at the moment but we are all in it together stay safe
  12. As aviation is on lock down apart from a few flight I’m about to go into the 80% wage so time with the little fella and the g shock on the wrist
  13. What can I say a cheeky little drink after a curry
  14. Family restaurant time with a nice cold pint and the breitling emergency mission
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