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  1. Must admit I’ve admire these for a while cracking watch mate
  2. Me I’m on with the work beater ready to take on the challenges airside at the airport g shock mudman G-9300
  3. Seems to be stuck on the wrist at the moment and just to annoy a few lol bezel about one click out seiko orange monster gen 1
  4. Seiko Orange monster gen 1 today have a good midweek day everybody
  5. Welcome to the forum , I’m with you on the 1970,S watches , enjoy and have a good look about plenty to see
  6. One off the watch dog with the seiko monster gen 1 have a great Friday everybody
  7. Tag Heuer Monaco Steve McQueen today enjoy your day everybody
  8. Lol glad I’m not the only one the Monaco has the original strap in the box as does the breitling also agree the two seiko s I have both have the original straps on
  9. Any thing rubber lol reminds the two hounds I have off their toy kong lol they get chewed And that my breitling friends is a amazing bacon butty lol mmmmm on a crusty role with a coffee I presume now the question is plain or red , brown or red with mustard
  10. I always take the original straps off and keep them to one side I have about three different straps I rotate them on this one the blue Zulu nato , a brown leather strap and a black rubber , it’s all depends on the mood I’m in
  11. Just had a look at John Lewis some bargain watches on clearance g shock gx56 now sold out but plenty off other watches available like other g shocks £59 https://www.johnlewis.com/casio-men's-g-shock-step-tracker-bluetooth-resin-strap-watch-black-gba-800-1aer/p4205098 Citizen calibre chrono half price down to £149 https://www.johnlewis.com/citizen-ca0368-56e-men's-caliber-chronograph-date-bracelet-strap-watch-silver-black/p4325123
  12. You could start a thread in this section https://thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/forum/53-ebay-sales-and-auctions/
  13. Thanks Roy I didn’t even realise that was their tone honest that may be the answer to the issue that people are having I have set it to most resent so this should show me the latest sales thread etc
  14. If you go to the sales thread via the sale link thread or view a watch on the sale thread they are different for eg o e show the omega chronostop as third and the other it’s not even on the first page
  15. Breitling emergency mission used as a emergency sos beacon , the large crown on the right hand side at the bottom is unscrewed and pulled out and then pulled out further to activate a beacon alert on 121.5mhz , these are registered to you and you only need to pull it out as a emergency as their is a hefty fine quartz module so a great pick up and go watch but is pretty large
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