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  1. On with the breitling emergency this morning have a great start to the week
  2. Tag Heuer Monaco Steve McQueen today have a blessed Sunday everbody
  3. Great getting exceptional well with bully
  4. Lego time with the boy before a bug hunt in the woods so on with the bulova sea king again
  5. Bulova divers today have a fantastic Friday everbody
  6. Seiko bfk 5m62 today With one of the watch dogs today
  7. The bulova again for me have a great Saturday everbody
  8. Morning everbody on with the bulova divers today have a great day everyone
  9. The seiko bfk 5m62 for today have a great day everbody
  10. breitling emergency mission for me today have a great day everbody
  11. When ever I see this watch it reminds me how much I want one , very nice fella
  12. Lego super Mario day with the boy so on with the seiko bfk 5m62
  13. On with the chunky seiko bfk 5m62 for daddy day care
  14. Tag Heuer Monaco aka Steve McQueen today have a great day everbody
  15. On with the g shock riseman gw 9200
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