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  1. Tag Heuer Monaco Steve McQueen on a sports blue rubber strap for this lovely Sunday have a good one everbody
  2. I had a yema superman II divers and must admit it was amazing watch , if I’m honest I prefer the old stuff from yema , but it is nice
  3. Great watch buddy I had the older 14060 no date 4 liner and miss it , enjoy it daney and wear with good health
  4. Breitling emergency mission for me today
  5. On with the citizen divers today
  6. G shock giez gs1100 for me today
  7. On with the trusty Braun today and a little info on this , have a good one everybody Ven_10.1 digital module with hardened scratch-resistant K1 glass The instantly iconic BN0106 houses a Ven 10.1 digital module with a full calendar, chronograph, countdown timer, alarm, and second time zone. The patented EasySkroll operating system provides intuitive access to of these features. The liquid crystal display is backlit by LED for legibility. This innovative application of both form and function has been recognised with multiple design awards.
  8. Breitling emergency for a introductory day at work after 7 months furloughed , not back yet but closer to getting back into the swing of things
  9. Morning and happy Friday everbody a change from the Braun and on with the pick up and go citizen
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