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  1. Good old grifter like raising the titanic getting the front wheel off the ground
  2. The blue and orange will probably end up with gulf racing graphics
  3. Anyone into old school bmx bikes as over the past year I’ve been restoring them and the collection keeps getting bigger , mainly most are 1983 mk1 frames etc ,would be interested if anyone else is into these I no their is a Raleigh chopper man on the forum
  4. The aviation industry is on its knees at the moment but we are all in it together stay safe
  5. As aviation is on lock down apart from a few flight I’m about to go into the 80% wage so time with the little fella and the g shock on the wrist
  6. What can I say a cheeky little drink after a curry
  7. Family restaurant time with a nice cold pint and the breitling emergency mission
  8. Still on with the McQueen and original watch dogs are back in top form happy Friday peeps
  9. Haven’t worn the tag Heuer Steve McQueen for a while so on it is happy Thursday everyone
  10. Yep send them them around once they get past the missis then I give up
  11. This years secret Santa gift on the wrist today
  12. Another day in the world off aviation at the airport with the work beater
  13. @mach 0.0013137 you need to get over this fear off seiko monsters it’s ok we are hear to hold you hand
  14. As long as fury keeps wilder on the back foot and keeps morving forward wilder will get destroyed imho, if wilder keeps moving forward putting the pressure on fury then it’s anyone’s game , I’ve bet on on the first 6 rounds fury will knock him out best odds I got was tko round 2 66/1
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