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  1. I would say probably £400 may get a great selection g shock £50-£100 seiko 007 £100-£200 Tissot v8 chrono £100-£150 to name a few
  2. Glad you still have the obris Morgan and great to see the citizen that I auctioned off on the forum for charity ended up with you it’s a rare beautiful piece let me no if you ever part with it
  3. Seiko chocolate mini tuna today on a leather destressed Zulu
  4. Their are a lot of watches with that case back and pin pallet movement , sicura, cardinal, seawatch , etc etc etc
  5. So as non off us are getting younger I think you should go what I did , i got something that’s slender and inconspicuous that will fit under a shirt sleeve , And as the eyes deteriorate the older I get a dial I can clearly see With the a simple One feature to tell the time so with that in mind I did the opposite do the same buddy
  6. What are your animals doing now , mine are alert and ready for anything
  7. Today I switched the tv in (brexit) I need a new tv
  8. I thought that may be the case
  9. It may be their are three models in the lux range the 25 the 27 and the 99 model variation nothing todo with the movement I may be wrong
  10. It’s the proper movement it’s all original the 25 will mean something without a doubt
  11. @rolexgirl it’s interesting as their are a few models with the 25 on the dial
  12. I don't think it's that as its a 21 Jewel movement
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