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  1. So currently I use Bitcoin and was wondering what a good crypto wallet to download
  2. Seiko sumo aka bluemo for me today have a great day people’s
  3. Breitling emergency mission for me today with one of the watch dogs
  4. So I’ve come up with the idea that it’s a long hall wait if you invest small amount of money but if you invest in big amounts then it’s a day job to keep on top of the crypto market
  5. Little boy insisted on putting the seiko snow monster on his wrist today lol have a good one everbody
  6. Who is the woman behind with a mustache lol
  7. On with the tag heuer Steve McQueen have a great day everbody
  8. So the market seem to have massively dipped over the last week and seems a little reluctant to bounce back , it would be interesting to hear anyone who may have made so good gains lately
  9. Modded Seiko gen1 monster aka snow monster today
  10. Seiko sumo aka (blumo) today day three of potty training with my boy and still the hardest thing I’ve had to do
  11. Haven’t been able to put a watch on for a few days as I slipped over and the wrist swelled up , but to days I can put on the seiko bfk woop woop hooray
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