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  1. Great watches well done and I match with my grail , wear with good health buddy
  2. EMG horizon for me today have a wonderful positive Monday everbody
  3. Seiko 5 mini ice monster for me today with a slight lume shot , have a great Sunday everybody bezel out and day wrong (ocd just gone of the scale )
  4. Steeldive bronze sumo today have a amazing Sunday everbody
  5. Mixing it up with a blue Zulu strap to clash with the orange barbos oceanmaster 2000m oops just seen the date is wrong
  6. amazing I love the look of the last one mmmmmm gorgeous
  7. @Karruselits great to see some old watches and the omega and Hamilton is lovely
  8. Definitely rlt frank muller lovely time piece roger @Davey Pnice collection of square ones buddy
  9. I seem to be driven to square cases lately , I do own another 5 round case watches but square cases definitely seem to be igniting my hunt again , currently I have the following g shock gx56 tag heuer Monaco emg horizon fitbit blaze ciga design so let’s se your square case watches
  10. So the crypto market took a massive dip as expected for September so took the time to buy some audius as they had a 5 million dollar investment from Katie Perry , chain smokers plus others artists and they also have jumped into bed with tick tok, so for me seems a good business to invest in any of else agree or disagree or invested in something else other than the normal crypto
  11. On with the ciga design titanium again today
  12. The collection of square case watches continues with the ciga designs
  13. I bought this so I could wear it instead of my Monaco as a casual wearing watch Obviously inspired by the vintage motor racing era
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