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  1. It’s crazy how Elon musk has such a impact on the market after tweet
  2. Newley arrived seiko sumo (blumo) gen 1 for me today
  3. Nice mod buddy a g shock Royal Oak looks amazing
  4. I think definitely with Bitcoin but with other crypto coins I don’t think so
  5. No wasn’t onecoin I did read a article on this and wow a very big eye opener I think this is why I’ve done it with like pocket money not as a serious investor
  6. Just dipped my toe into the virtual world of crypto markets if I’m honest I put a tiny amount in and looking at it as s@&£) and giggles untill I find my feet anyone else playing with the markets
  7. Chilling after watching billy joe Saunders fight and Elon musk affect the crypto world lol seiko bfk 5m62
  8. Seiko bfk 5m62 today for me and if we go on the school run
  9. Seiko Ice snow monster mod for me today
  10. The seiko modded monster for me today aka the ice snow monster have a great sunday everybody
  11. Steeldive sumo today as just arrived have a great weekend everbody
  12. Steeldive have £99 deal on one of their watches submariner , so 100% that’s what I would go for
  13. The modified seiko snow monster for me today , have a great Monday everybody
  14. Enjoy you Sunday everbody I've got the Braun digital today that was purchased from are host Roy
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