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  1. I how about calling it six pack after the flat size engine
  2. Seiko 007 with modded hand set courtesy of @jsud2002
  3. I don’t think it’s bumping their is a issue with if some one comment it’s bumps up instead off notifying the seller also if a sale post runs out it bumps so their for lots and lots off sales posts push up to the top coursing the live sales post to drop into the depths it’s been like it since the beginning , massive issue that never been resolved
  4. Cars are always called girls. Names that s why you need to call it Lenny a real mans name
  5. Breitling emergency mission today have a great Friday people’s
  6. Lazy Sunday morning with the tag Heuer connected 46
  7. Mirning all tag Heuer connected 46 for me today
  8. The Monaco has just released 5 new models in different colours , also so the Steve McQueen blue face I defo worth a view at 39mm it’s a great size and all round watch that goes great with many straps
  9. Tag Heuer Steve McQueen today have a good Tuesday people’s
  10. Yep I had the super ocean in yellow very much a nicer watch that the 44
  11. @Davey P congratulations on you purchase I’ve had s 924 and a 944 so the 911 in on my 50th birthday list a few years away yet , enjoy getting those golden locks blowing in the wind buddy
  12. Tag Heuer connected 46 for me today have a great Sunday everybody
  13. Happy Saturday everybody breitling emergency mission A73322 today
  14. On with the breitling emergency mission A73322 before I spend the afternoon tinkering with my old school 1980s bmx’s
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