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  1. I have two ice that one and blue boy she’s camera shy that’s why she is not impressed This is the other non shy one lol
  2. The only watch I own now as I’m a one man watch
  3. The sentimental Monaco for me today have a good Saturday everybody
  4. Iceblue

    Wild rangeman flamingos

    Flamingos with the g shock rangeman
  5. Wet today even one off the hounds is sitting thinking sod that I’m not going out in that On with the chunky master of g shock rangeman with negative display and bull bars
  6. Loving the gulf Monaco so on with the Steve McQueen Monaco happy Friday everbody
  7. A bit off a rare one this Seiko skx339 on a orange rubber
  8. This is a few mine I have a fundraiser ihread on twf selling them and some off the money go to charity and the upkeep of the forum I also just started to restore and due up old school 1980,s bmx bike one complete and one still doing up
  9. Looking good buddy impressed
  10. What ever you buy get the bracelet version , only because it’s easier to add a leather if you went down that avenue than to add a stainless steel
  11. I would say probably £400 may get a great selection g shock £50-£100 seiko 007 £100-£200 Tissot v8 chrono £100-£150 to name a few
  12. Glad you still have the obris Morgan and great to see the citizen that I auctioned off on the forum for charity ended up with you it’s a rare beautiful piece let me no if you ever part with it
  13. Seiko chocolate mini tuna today on a leather destressed Zulu
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