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  1. G shock SATURDAY lol for me snap lol
  2. Citizen for me today have a great day everybody
  3. Seiko 7002 dated October 1982 for me today have a great Saturday everybody
  4. G shock giez today for daddy day care duty’s
  5. You can’t go wrong with the Monaco and this (biased as I also have a McQueen lol ) but totally agree in the 1970s feel and look amazing , I would probably go as far to say my favourite Tudor by far
  6. I’ve sold on eBay and bought on eBay and the same on the forum (serial flipper lol ) I’ve only had a few problems on eBay but that’s what PayPal protection is their for as a last resort if it goes pear shaped etc also traded with many members on the forum but only that have plenty off feedback and dealt with before but to be fair the forums a great place for buyIng and selling not as busy as the good old days but still worth browsing or selling
  7. Yep both were good buys mate nice seiko
  8. Good morning all on with the new beater g shock giez have a great day everbody
  9. Getting weemans breakfast done before pre nursery so on with the Braun digital
  10. On with the breitling emergency mission today
  11. Sod the watches love looking at the doggies lol lovely pair mine say hi
  12. Still got this on the wrist Braun BN10 digital watch - German Made This Braun Prestige digital watch measures 41.8mm x 36.7mm with a 10.1mm thick steel case.This state of the art Braun digital watch with patented EasySkroll v2.0 operating system is 3 bar (30m) water resistant. The lens is scratch resistant K1 hardened glass. This watch won both the iF award and the Red dot award for product design 2012.
  13. That the second thing my dad does with it lol
  14. Still on with the digital Braun build quality is great and very light in the Wrist
  15. My dad has a butain blower on a long alloy stem and walked along the path setting fire to the weeds in the cracks
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