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Iceblue's Feedback

  1. Pete wilding left Positive feedback   

    Lovely watch strap turned up today courtesy of ice blue,beautifully packaged , a pleasure to do business with. Top man is Andy

    Iceblue was The Seller

  2. Tazmo61 left Positive feedback   

    Fast payment and a very smooth deal . Thank you , Andy, always a great pleasure

    Iceblue was The Seller

  3. Roy left Positive feedback   

    Always a pleasure.

    Iceblue was The Buyer

  4. Roy left Positive feedback   

    Always a pleasure.

    Iceblue was The Buyer

  5. jsud2002 left Positive feedback   

    Top bloke to deal with cheers matey

    Iceblue was The Buyer

  6. Andy Jackson left Positive feedback   

    Perfect transaction, it was a pleasure to do the deal Many thanks Andy

    Iceblue was The Seller

  7. mitadoc left Positive feedback   

    A very very very kind and nice person to deal with. Thank you again.

    Iceblue was The Seller

  8. Ging left Positive feedback   

    nice watch nice bloke to deal with

    Iceblue was The Seller

  9. Deano3 left Positive feedback   

    easy communication answered all my questions quickly and truthfully, great to deal with. thanks mate

    Iceblue was The Seller

  10. taffyman left Positive feedback   

    Once again another smooth transaction with Andy Griffiths thank you boyo

    Iceblue was The Seller

  11. Ging left Positive feedback   

    nice to deal with super quick delivery watch is perfect

    Iceblue was The Seller

  12. ry ry left Positive feedback   

    A good bloke, honest to a tee and a pleasure to deal with. Thoroughly recommended seller.

    Iceblue was The Seller

  13. marley left Positive feedback   

    As ever, a perfect deal with Andy! Many thanks.

    Iceblue was The Buyer

  14. Deco left Positive feedback   

    Watch exactly as described and Andy made the deal really easy. Thanks Andy!

    Iceblue was The Seller

  15. futuristfan left Positive feedback   

    Great transaction with Andy (Iceblue). Thank you for a pleasant no nonsense deal.

    Iceblue was The Buyer

  16. Allthingsmustpass left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Reserve prices.
    Andy is a great guy to deal with, very happy.

    Iceblue was The Buyer

  17. chocko left Positive feedback   

    First time with this seller .Item well wrapped and as described Would recommend.

    Iceblue was The Seller

  18. YouCantHaveTooManyWatches left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Fs Cartier pen boxed
    Very nice item delivered in timely fashion and as described. Couldn’t be happier.

    Iceblue was The Seller

  19. martinzx left Positive feedback   

    A couple of hiccups, but got there in the end. I would buy again from Andy. Many thanks!

    Iceblue was The Seller

  20. mcb2007 left Positive feedback   

    Pleasure to deal with you again Andy. Cheers Rob

    Iceblue was The Buyer

  21. hotmog left Positive feedback   

    The straps are great. Many thanks Andy for a flawless transaction.

    Iceblue was The Seller

  22. Mr Levity left Positive feedback   

    Great stuff ! cheers Andy.

    Iceblue was The Seller

  23. Lancman left Positive feedback   

    Smooth transaction and good communication. Thanks.

    Iceblue was The Seller

  24. scottswatches left Positive feedback   

    had 7 watches off Andy recently and they are all perfectly described. Happy to recommend

    Iceblue was The Seller

  25. NickD left Positive feedback   

    Andy's a top bloke to deal with; a straightforward and upstanding guy, deal with confidence.

    Iceblue was The Buyer

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