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  1. Day out with the wife and boy and son with the seiko blumo have a great day everbody
  2. Very interested had a few vintage valjoux 7733 and loved them just preferred the 1970s stuff and was a lot cheaper to buy second hand
  3. I think I can only base it on watches I have owned Quartz £1200 manual £300 automatic £3250
  4. If I’m honest it feels abit v shaped and because of that I do t like it and I’m a divers watch lover
  5. Easy @mach 0.0013137 target got a lovely seiko monster modded to add salt into the wound that Mach will love and will 100% ban me from the forum for this lol
  6. Seiko blumo today have a great one everybody
  7. I’m doing like your doing cost me about £40 to find my feet and about £50 down at the moment but with a few little pots with £8 and £9 pounds that add up to a few coins they can sit and may be one day I will retire lol
  8. Thank you for the info it’s baffled me for ages
  9. Oh ok that’s pretty much what I’m doing with the odd bits and pieces that I leave in certain currency’s
  10. Being a little new to this what does that mean
  11. So I took this of a car about 20yrs ago and it was mounted on the bonnet grill , it wasn’t the brand of the car hence why I removed it now the question is does anyone know the brand I originally thought it was Chrysler but now I’m not sure , anyone have any idea
  12. Late to the show today my seiko snow monster mod that I got from @jsud2002
  13. Glad you didn’t buy into them mate I use Binance as it seems to be a good platform for the crypto market
  14. I’ve just dipped my toe in also with the big crash but to be fair I’ve just found my feet and starting to learn a lot more What platform you using I’m on Binance Not really but from a quick google search it came up with this
  15. Breitling emergency mission in a blue zulu today
  16. Mate I’m sure if you message them they would do it
  17. A company on line fines these https://www.dasslerscraft.co.uk/shop/Luton-Town-Custom-Handball-Spezial-Navy-p291605299
  18. Love my home town trainers Adidas Luton town
  19. Seiko blumo for this sunny day today
  20. I’m with you always wondered if they had anything todo with tissot
  21. Breitling emergency mission today for me
  22. Happy Tuesday everybody seiko sumo blumo today
  23. Happy Sunday everybody on with the seiko blumo first generation today
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