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  1. @Karruselits great to see some old watches and the omega and Hamilton is lovely
  2. Definitely rlt frank muller lovely time piece roger @Davey Pnice collection of square ones buddy
  3. I seem to be driven to square cases lately , I do own another 5 round case watches but square cases definitely seem to be igniting my hunt again , currently I have the following g shock gx56 tag heuer Monaco emg horizon fitbit blaze ciga design so let’s se your square case watches
  4. So the crypto market took a massive dip as expected for September so took the time to buy some audius as they had a 5 million dollar investment from Katie Perry , chain smokers plus others artists and they also have jumped into bed with tick tok, so for me seems a good business to invest in any of else agree or disagree or invested in something else other than the normal crypto
  5. On with the ciga design titanium again today
  6. The collection of square case watches continues with the ciga designs
  7. I bought this so I could wear it instead of my Monaco as a casual wearing watch Obviously inspired by the vintage motor racing era
  8. Tag heuer Monaco aka Steve McQueen today for me have a amazing Friday everbody
  9. I spent £375 on this lot the sports Fitbit blaze my favourite from the range the dress EMG watches was the most expensive out of this lot the beater watch g shock gx56 the divers seiko snow monster
  10. On with the barbos oceanmaster divers today have a great Thursday
  11. Steeldive bronze sumo for me today have a great day everbody ,
  12. Another one landed the barbos divers oceanmaster
  13. Same brand as above the steeldive for me too
  14. Doge went up and down on the back of what ever Elon musk said but know he seems to be talking a lot about Bitcoin so don't see doge coin getting the hype it did
  15. Any one had a watch that they sold and purchased it back , I have twice and these are the two , the Seiko monster got sold to a forum member and then went to another member forum before it was offered back time and the other I sold and noticed it was up for sale from the guy I sold it to so I purchased it back as I missed it lol anyone else done this
  16. Sold this one and missed it and bought it back the pound for pound great value for money steeldive bronze sumo
  17. @mcb2007 answered the wanted call for a g shock gx56 black out combo many thanks buddy so it’s been on the wrist since it arrived , a quick pic with one of the watch dogs then of to drop little man at first day at full time nursery bless him
  18. My boy has decided to put about £4 in coins into the hoover so it’s take apart time with the seiko blumo
  19. I managed to swap all my bits over to Crypto.com hopefully that’s a better home
  20. So the market seems to have spiked nicely over the past weeks , will it last or will it dip time will tell
  21. Great watches steeldive £ for £ worth every penny and great seeing a forum watch stay on the forum
  22. these are my two that have the panda look
  23. I would say homage lol And feels good on the wrist
  24. I’m going through a square case stage the Monaco seems go on the wrist now and then but the EMG is a good pick up and go being quartz
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