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  1. Mmmm shiney! I prefere their brass models, because they do these very well but you've picked a good 'un there. Great snaps too.
  2. Sums it up really, not the prettiest and just somehow comes across as a cheap copy of something nicer, sorry!! Just my opinion 'n all that.
  3. Ah bugger, spelling mistake, meant Whisky, but please enlighten me, whats the difference you speak of...? TIA.
  4. Family have finally realised that im fond of whiskey so I ended up with a few nice bottles for Christmas...
  5. Three watches, to cover all bases, in one hit! You dont see that very often..
  6. I was doing the same and came across this 47mm beast... Can't believe how much my collection has evolved with changes in taste...
  7. Before Christmas I was fortunate enough to fire some WWII stuff, an Enfield .303 British rifle and a Mosin Nagant as used by Vassili Zaitsev - really nice trigger system but you had to be a bully with the bolt! Love the rifles and guns from this era.
  8. +1 one for the Visodate, I have had many big name brands but cant stop looking at the Visodate white dial version...
  9. Chalk and cheese within the same brand, very nice pair...
  10. How about that info then Will Fly? I cant PM you for some reason, cos im a new member? Osh.
  11. Thanks Trim! I have never seen the original hands so I had no idea how they should look, I imagined a 'Breguet' shape so I wasn't far off.
  12. Yes please Will, that would be ideal thanks. Looks like a new set of hands (obviously!) and god knows what inside, the crown ratchets back, but not forward to wind, there is instant resistance. Cosmetics isnt an issue I can sort that, and probably replace the bracelet with a nice strip of leather! Many thanks.
  13. Hello chaps, chatting to the father-in-law last night in the pub and the topic of watches came up, he mentioned his fathers watch that he has in a drawer, a non-running approx 1950s swiss made Roamer manual wind and wants to fix it up, I have done a bit of digging but cant find anything about the watch at all. Perhaps someone here can help? with info on the watch and where best to get it fixed up? I know its not worth much but its sentimental. Greatly appreciated.
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