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  1. Not watches but I seem to recall Sansui making hi-fi bits a couple of decades ago ?
  2. If you fancy it, get it. That one in the image looks just right (so ling as it's not 46mm or more)
  3. If you want to sell then sell. Why do you think members here can make that call for you ?
  4. Somewhere on t'internet last week or so I cam across this quartz piece and dived in at a mere 25 squids which I thought was an extremely good bargain. What can you show that is as good or better for such little money ?
  5. I know it's basically the faceted crystal on these but I'd consider these 'quirky' and definitely Japanese anyway SARB001 (moved on) Seiko Chronometer Hi-Beat Executive Line 5626-5020 (still owned)
  6. In all honesty, I find it more than a bit busy. I can't recall the last time it was on my wrist. It's only saving grace is that I've never seen another like it !!
  7. Yeah, I'm in for a bit of yellow...
  8. It's 40mm dia richy with a thickness of 14mm. A hefty piece but with a bit of bracelet manoeuvring it sits quite comfy.
  9. And I'm quite pleased about it....
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