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  1. I believe that your DEA watch is probably a product of "Nouvelle Fabrique de Tavannes SE, Switzerland". However, the DEA brand name was also used for pocket watches by Thomas-Ernst Haller AG, a firm based at Schwenningen, Germany. If you can identify the movement then it should be easier to identify the maker for sure, so I would suggest that you post some pictures of the watch including a good shot of the movement.
  2. May I suggest that you only have to go on Google and find the Wikipedia article on the "Langendorf Watch Company SA" to find a good introduction to this firm, from which your Lancet watch originates.
  3. I presume that the origin of that big crown is the wearing of gloves by pilots in the days when aircraft cockpits were chilly to say the least. I think a crown like that should be on a suitably large aviator watch designed to be worn over the cuff. I have just noticed that this lumed quartz Limit Pilot watch is just £20 on Amazon UK - I couldn't resist showing it here. OK, water resistance is probably more like 30 metres than 300, but Limit has a genuine heritage going back to 1912 and is still an English company. (Pics from limitwatches.co.uk)
  4. When I saw the title of the thread, Nigel, I thought it was about a problem I suffer with when it comes to wearing smaller watches, especially those with leather buckle straps. I find that the watch creeps round my wrist and ends up at an angle in the worst possible place. Strangely, although I have very slim wrists, I find that larger watches sit better and stay on the upper side of my wrist.
  5. Don't feel guilty about asking that question, dear @aesmithYour query concerned more than just a battery change and you need someone properly qualified to deal with the seal and checking that the watch is up to scratch water resistance-wise.
  6. For those who would like to know more about Jenny - and in particular the Jenny dive watches - may I suggest that you take a look at the article entitled, "Jenny Watches may be a Brand you've Never Heard of, but its left a Significant Mark on Dive Watch History" by Eric Slaven, which can be found online at: monochrome-watches.com/jenny-watches-may-be-a-brand-youve-never-heard-of-but-theyve-left-a-significant-mark-on-dive-watch-history/
  7. I don't really understand the link being made between a regulator timepiece and race driving whereas the chronograph suits the subject matter of the styling rather well. I also agree also with Scott concerning the use of a central full-length sweep hand for the seconds and would have preferred the minutes to be central with seconds in a register. Having made those two somewhat negative points, I don't want to be too negative about this project because I do feel it has something going for it and I wish it well for the future, beyond the R1 regulator watch which needs some "adjustment
  8. Dear Hotbulb, welcome to the Forum - from a fellow Sussex member.
  9. Dear @hartley353, you might like to know that I posted a topic on Avia watches back in 2015 on the Forum entitled, "Avia: Forgotten but not gone" - still available via the Forum search feature. I also rather like mechanical Avia watches and some of the better quartz examples like the Polar Star. Nice to know that you resurrected those two Avia watches; I always like to hear it when members keep watches alive to fight another day.
  10. Thanks for those responses/reactions. By the way, @John_D, I am so glad you didn't break up that lovely Limit watch you show above. I am always looking for Limit mechanicals and that one deserves to survive.
  11. Some of you will perhaps remember my fondness for Limit watches; my watch collecting began with this brand, and periodically, I like to refresh my acquaintance with Limit to see what goodies they are currently offering. Limit is a company with a long history and it still trundles along in its own idiosyncratic way, under the umbrella of the Time Products group, producing watches that are inexpensive yet pretty decent by and large. When I say inexpensive, I mean that the RRP of the watches rarely exceeds £30. A few days ago, I picked up a useful never-been-worn Limit "beater" in the form of a b
  12. Thanks for that positive response everyone. I do love this Forum...
  13. I am rather pleased with myself today. From a local charity shop that is usually too expensive for me when it comes to watches, I snapped up a boxed and unused Police Serenity automatic for £30. I always assumed that Police concentrated almost solely on quartz watches but it seems that there are/have been quite a few different mechanical Police models. I nearly didn't bother to have the shop cabinet opened for me to have a close look as I thought that the watch would be over the odds in price, and I certainly didn't expect it to be an automatic. The watch has a 45 mm X 14 mm brushed stainless
  14. Christopher Ward watches seem to ably fulfil the wishes of today's watch collectors and buyers who want quality, variety that keeps within the idiom of the company, and decent prices that don't head off into the stratosphere. Indeed, for the most part, CW gets it about right, new logo or old.
  15. My dear Norman @spinynorman, you have gone beyond duty in producing this most interesting piece of information. Thanks.
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