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  1. Thanks for the interesting feedback on this topic; I wasn't sure how people would react to the watch.
  2. The original Eone Bradley wrist timepiece - note the snap-off caseback here, which has been changed on the near-identical version of the Bradley available now to a screwed down hatch cover shown below on the Bradley Classic (pic from hodinkee.imgix.net): The Eone Bradley wrist timepiece represents one of the most interesting and novel watch designs to emerge in recent years. I say, “timepiece” above and in the title of this topic in deference to the founder of US-based Eone, Hyungsoo Kim, who prefers not to call the Bradley a “watch” because that term impl
  3. Interesting, dear Caller. I wonder though, is the Rado watch in solid ceramic or just coated?
  4. I must admit that I too have wondered about the long-term effects of wear on the ceramic coating. I presume that, unlike fired enamel, the ceramic coating will not be easily chipped or cracked. I myself have no problem with the scuffs and scratches accrued to a metal-cased watch after a long period of normal wear and tear, but I am not sure I would appreciate chunks out of a ceramic-coated watch. It will be interesting to see how successful the Olmsted Matte proves to be in the marketplace.
  5. Oak & Oscar is a Chicago-based watch company founded in 2015 by Chase Fancher. The company has produced a few models to date, with the last two - the Humboldt and the Olmsted 38 - avoiding a somewhat irritating habit of micro brands whereby each model is only available in a restrictive limited edition before being sold out. Oak & Oscar have built a solid foundation within a short time, and the watches are well worth a look. This topic takes a look at the latest offering from Oak & Oscar - a more rugged-looking and “stealthy” reinterpretation of the Olmsted 38 field watch, called th
  6. Dear @Gazsparrow, I do apologise if I sounded dismissive of your request for information; that was not my intention. I see that very knowledgeable Forum members have come to your aid and have moved your enquiry forward. I myself did come across a site that offered a download of Thomas Russell serial numbers but wasn't aware of the dangers inherent in clicking on the download. I also believe that dating Thomas Russell watches by their serial numbers is not a simple matter of the numbers steadily increasing with the date of the watch. I do hope you manage to find out everything you are
  7. Now that is my kind of watch! Gorgeous.
  8. There is a considerable amount of information readily available online about Thomas Russell watches, including information about serial numbers. I am not too well today, so I will forego the pleasure of looking your watch up myself, but if no member comes up with the information you require then at least you can quite easily do the necessary research yourself using Google.
  9. I have recently posted a review here on the Forum of the new Rotary Super 7 Scuba automatic dive watch and in terms of specs, value and price, it is worth just comparing it with the Seiko 5 Sports. The new Rotary has garnered some acclaim from reviewers and will probably be a popular choice of budget dive watch.
  10. What a nice watch; I only ask that you pleeeeze keep it on the leather strap.
  11. I also like it, but when watches approach the £1,000 barrier I begin to ask more searching questions and feel that in this case the watch is just too expensive.
  12. My dear @Roger the Dodger, I do apologize for not posting a thank-you message on the Forum in addition to the PM I sent you. As you know, I really like the item and have it on display. Just to show what the tensegrity looks like, I here reproduce one of your pictures of it, Rog, that you put on your very interesting Forum thread about your tensegrity project, Rog - presumably the finished item but without the final varnish.
  13. There are some true craftspeople on the Watch Forum - I love seeing their productions!
  14. Thanks for that nice introduction. It would be great if more new members would introduce themselves properly; all part of a courtesy that should be a feature of forums generally.
  15. Dear Sonia, we really need pictures of the watch. Avia used the term "Olympic" to designate a number of mechanical watches in the early 1960s and the 1970s, but I haven't come across a quartz "Olympic" Avia watch.
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