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  1. I just wondered (looking at that rather nice watch shown here above by @PaulBoy ) what the rules are about using a British country of origin designation on a watch. If these Timefactors watches are made in Hong Kong, are they permitted to have "Great Britain" on the dial - perhaps we are less rigorous in the UK when it comes to country of origin labelling.
  2. What an interesting purchase, Paulus, and rather nice. I had not heard of Molnija watch movements prior to your thread-head and have now done a little bit of reading online about them.
  3. Thanks for all the pics and progress reports, dear @Biker. I know what you mean about extension leads - we suffer from that disease in our rather primitive house thanks to a paucity of sockets, especially sockets in the right places. It must be nice to be able to choose just how many sockets to have and where to have them...
  4. Welcome to the Forum. You will certainly find skilled Forum members who engage in all sorts of amazing DIY, horological and craft projects and enliven us with their trials, tribulations and triumphs. I look forward to your own future posts.
  5. What a marvellous resource we have in our Forum members. Thanks for illuminating this thread with your submarine knowledge, dear @Biker.
  6. Problem solved I think, dear @Dreddy85. I thought that there would be incoming information, useful to me as well.
  7. As members of the Forum familiar with my topics will know, I am always up for buying and researching cheap but interesting “vintage” electronic items. Today’s item for review came via a charity shop sale where it had been reduced from the heady sum of £3.95 to a mere 50P. It seems to be working fine, and it fortunately came complete with the instruction manual. The item in question is an electronic route planner dubbed the “Traveller” Model SK 6801, and it was produced by Intervision Electronics Ltd. who were then based at “Unit 1, Stroud wood Business Centre, Frogmore, St. Albans, Herts
  8. That Lemania chrono is rather nice. I would have thought that given the "broad arrow" mark on the back and those numbers, the military origins of the watch should be traceable. I'm sure that a Forum member more expert on military watches than myself should be able to give you an answer.
  9. Welcome to the Forum. Looks like you have "wandered" into the right place.
  10. “It is also interesting to look at one design that never got into the air; the Supermarine bomber. In designing the Spitfire Mitchell had pioneered a unique method of wing construction, the single spar with a thick metal leading edge. If this leading edge section could be filled with fuel it promised an aircraft with a very thin wing and slim aerodynamic fuselage while still having large fuel capacity. The Supermarine bomber (project B12/36) would have carried a bomb-load almost as great as a Lancaster at greater heights and at a speed close to the Spitfire! In short, the B12/36 could have giv
  11. I found the "dark side" strange on the eyes and brain at first, being so used to using dark text on a white background. However, I think I will sometimes use the night-time version of the screen as a refreshing alternative. I am not sure yet about printing out material from the dark display - will my printer ink bill shoot up, I wonder?
  12. Many thanks for those wonderful responses and comments - they have cheered me up no-end! This Forum is one special place...
  13. Thanks guys! Just a quick PS: The battery seems to have died on me in my Superdry watch. Oh well, c'est la vie and all that.
  14. That's an interesting contrast between those two deep blue watches, @JayDeep. On balance, I think I prefer the Seastar because of the less-busy dial and solid rather than perforated hands. Both are beautifully blue, and there isn't much to choose between the brands. Then, @trameline interjected with his picture of the Seastar chronograph which to my mind has been able to combine the best of both of the watches you show into a single wristwatch. Mind you, I wouldn't mind having any of the three watches...
  15. For those of you who are interested in West End watches may I also suggest my own article entitled, "West End Watch Company: A Short History", posted here on the Watch Forum on 9 March 2017. This topic can be accessed using the Forum search feature.
  16. Having had and survived my first chemotherapy session at our Brighton oncology unit on Friday, I thought I would spend Saturday having a browse around my local charity shops and collectibles markets, perhaps to buy an inexpensive watch as I have bought nary a watch for over a year. In one particular market, the proprietor - who I have known for many years on a friendly basis - mentioned that he had put a few new watches out in one of his glass cabinets, and he opened the cabinet up and let me have a look through the watches. It was at this point that things started to go pear-shaped. Havi
  17. I'm frustrated that I can't contribute to this, dear @42mk, because your picture links don't seem to be working. Perhaps the "hotlink police" cut off access to the pictures after some time had elapsed, allowing the first few contributors to this thread to see the watch.
  18. Wow, a real stunner is that Vostok - I'd like one of each dial colour please.
  19. STOP RIGHT THERE! Now that you have shown the dreaded can of WD-40 there is nothing to do but return the watch as soon as possible and get your money back.
  20. I also feel that Seiko have "tidied up" the design to death and I much prefer your example, dear Caller. OK, it has a busy dial and inner bezel, but that design expresses the glamour of adventure far more than the somewhat insipid design of the new "land tortoise".
  21. I have now examined pictures of Omega Cosmics alongside the pictures of the watch you are considering, @MD770, and I feel that the doubt raised by @SolaVeritate is worth taking seriously. My own doubts concern the printing of the term "Seamaster" because it doesn't seem to be straight and true in its position over the word "COSMIC". I just wonder if the dial on the watch has been restored or refurbished at some time.
  22. In my experience of looking at both new and pre-owned Diesel watches, I would say that they are generally well-made and can be a bit "adventurous" in style. If you can get a decent discount on the RRP then a new Diesel watch can be reasonable value for money. I myself have a couple of Diesels in my collection, bought pre-owned.
  23. I had a smaller version of a similar clock in my collection but gave it to charity before ever constructing it. I have to say that yours is more magnificent than the one I had, which was relatively small.
  24. Dear @Calumets , @spinynorman, and @Karrusel, The mark for John Marsh is illustrated online at silvermakersmarks.co.uk/Makers/London-IM-IR.html#IM According to that site, this sponsor's mark appears on a watch case from 1816, which is very close to the later date (1819) proposed for the watch case shown here. My feeling is that Alan (Karrusel) is probably correct in his suggestion that the watch case was replaced at a later date, perhaps as a means of raising cash from a precious-metal original case.
  25. Interesting little topic, this. It seems that Camy used the Soviet name "Sputnik" for some time, with various watch models marked on the dial with this name, beneath the "CAMY" branding. Here is just one example (pics from i.ebayimg.com):
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