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  1. I am always intrigued by the general trends in watch case sizes over the years. I am still finding very nice ladies' watches to add to my collection, some of them quite recent and with relatively small case sizes. As members will know, there has been a recent change in direction whereby gents watches have been getting smaller again after a period where the fashion was for wide cases, and I am wondering if watches for women are also starting to follow the downsizing trend. I am not sure how many female Forum members there are, but I would love to know their take on this question. I do know that my wife, Kristina, would not countenance a small or impractical watch, however pretty it might be, because she needs to be able to read it at a glance.
  2. My dear Barnezy, welcome to the Forum. Don't feel that you should necessarily get rid of your fashion watches. Pretty much all watches are actually "fashion" items to a greater or lesser extent, and (apart from pure investment purposes) the criteria for a watch to be kept is surely that one really likes it.
  3. My last word on this subject: Finally tried pure turpentine on the varnish with absolutely no effect. It seems that this picture will unfortunately have to be resold - a bit of a shame but we just can't live with the brown discolouration. Thanks folks for your help on this problem.
  4. Not a brand I am familiar with but one I think I like the look of. I shall have to do a bit of digging.
  5. Welcome to the Forum... That's quite a collection you have there.
  6. Dear @Farhan, I have searched the internet for an Arabic-Indic dial pocket watch for sale and the only one I can find is here: https://enstock2k.top/ProductDetail.aspx?iid=180457891&pr=82.99. Please be aware that I know nothing about this shopping site. In terms of customizing a pocket watch by giving it an Arabic-Indic dial, I feel sure that someone out there could do this. However, I have not yet come across a suitable company that offers this form of customisation.
  7. Dear @Dilly, Tic Watches have an excellent rating on Trustpilot and REVIEWS.io, and a similarly excellent rating on Google. Also Scam Advisor rates this company as being high on trust, and indicates no problems with it. The raid on Tic Watches, sparked by a tip-off, was part of a multi-agency investigation in the area, and led to the seizure of "a significant quantity of suspected counterfeit watches and other material" from Tic Trading Limited/Tic Watches, according to the Northern Echo of 6 May. The Northern Echo piece can be found at https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/19284286.suspected-counterfeit-watches-seized-tic-watches-darlington/. Unfortunately, I can find no follow-up information as to whether the company was found to be innocent or guilty, or even charged with any offence. Tic Trading Limited, founded in 2007, is still an active company and its Tic Watches arm is still in business apparently with no issues or concerns to worry about. The leading officer in the company - with it since the beginning - is director Daniel Thomas Richmond.
  8. I have just spotted this fascinating thread and shall endeavor to watch your progress, dear @Monaque. I must congratulate you on going for an unusual and modern design rather than playing it safe with a traditional aesthetic such as the classic diver style.
  9. Thanks for that @Roger the Dodger. We tried acetone - including the pure stuff - to no effect. The only likely candidate we haven't yet tried is pure turpentine, which might do the trick if the varnish is based on natural resin. If turps doesn't work (and both white spirit and isopropyl alcohol also fail to shift it) then it is likely that the varnish is of a type that requires chemical paint stripper to remove it. In that latter eventuality, the picture will have to remain as it is and any future it might have gracing a wall in our house seems doubtful.
  10. When I saw this my first reaction was positive - a rather nice looking watch with a rather nice bracelet. My later feelings are less flattering, due partly to the movement chosen to power it and partly because it doesn't have a running seconds hand. I have mixed feelings about homage watches, especially when they run very close to the real thing. However, I do forgive some close imitations, and this Forstner is at least going for a watch that is no longer made in its original form.
  11. Many thanks everyone. Caution is a sensible watchword for attempting any restoration of a painting and will guide our actions. I think you may be right, dear @eezy, about the nature of the varnish. Kristina did wonder if the artist had used floor varnish for some reason, and that is a nightmare to remove.
  12. May I appeal to the expertise of the art and crafters on this Forum? Some time ago I purchased a large painting of The Old Granary at Barking, painted in the mid-1980s in what appears to be oils but could be acrylic. When Kristina - who herself has some skills in the basic restoration and framing of pictures - examined the picture she noted that it has what seems to be a layer of varnish over the paint which is (now) quite brown in tone. She has tried all the usual solvents in an attempt to clean the varnish from the painting but nothing touches the varnish, and we are at a loss as to how to remove this horrible layer. Frustratingly, at the edges of the picture where the varnish has not been applied, we can see the brightness and nice colours of the original picture, and we would love to restore it. My question is really a puzzle as to what this varnish might be, and what solvents we should try now? We are wondering if the brown tone was applied at the time to give an aged effect or has it discoloured over the years since its application, and the varnish has not crazed. Any information or suggestions would be most welcome.
  13. Many thanks @Roy. In fact, I am a bit ahead of you on this one - with no disrespect to the members who recommended GIMP. I downloaded GIMP and had a good go at working it out, soon realising that it was just too complicated and for my purposes and lacked the necessary intuitive feel for a simple user like myself; GIMP seems to be aimed at the more serious photographer. I have now decided to download Paint.NET after looking again at details of the various free photo editing suites, and hopefully I will get on with that editor rather more easily, saving GIMP for a time when I have more experience with digital photography.
  14. Dear @Bluebottle, before you go ahead with your watch, you might like to read a most informative article about plating a watch which I have just discovered online. The article is headed Watch Plating 101 Primer and is on a site called The Time Preserve. The link to this article is https://www.watchplating.com/primer and the company is a specialist watch restorer/plater/finisher, founded in 1995. The firm offers precious metal replating of watches but to my surprise does not offer chrome plating; apparently due to the porous nature of chrome plating and the poor durability on watches, as well as the toxic nature of the chrome plating process. Instead of chrome, the firm uses rhodium.
  15. If you enjoy informative videos then you might look up the Omega Constellation on YouTube. You will find at least two histories of the Constellation on YouTube, and the one I watched myself, posted on 11 January 2019 by Teddy Baldassarre, is straightforward and useful. Nice watch, by the way...
  16. I feel that this might be a relatively expensive job if done properly, with the correct thickness of the plate to ensure a decent life on the wrist without the base metal showing through. I don't know how much sentimental value the watch holds for you but generally, I tend to opt for minimal restoration, respecting the wear and tear of a long working life on the wrist.
  17. Very nice watch and always a bonus to experience a pleasant purchase from a Forum member.
  18. What a strange bit of damage that is. Although the fourth corner marker appears to be undamaged, there is a smudge mark beside it as with the other damaged corner markers. It almost looks as if the dial was held in a clamp of some sort by means of its four corners. I do hope you manage to have the damage rectified as it is a rather beautiful watch.
  19. And there I was, thinking that Franklin Mint had provided Bruce Lee with a watch, to go with his Franklin Mint Bruce Lee pocket knife.
  20. Fascinating stuff, @spinynorman; it's amazing where reading an odd forum thread can take one, with further, and rigorous, research. Thanks for going the extra mile with the Olma story.
  21. Right, GIMP it is then... Many thanks to all of you for your advice.
  22. What a great thread and I hope it stays open permanently - perhaps it could be a sub-section of the Forum. I have read many absolute "howlers" but cannot recall what brands or watches they were describing. It would be great to have a place to post such items on the Forum when one comes across them.
  23. I have just rediscovered photography after many years absence from the activity. I took the chance to acquire a couple of pre-owned Panasonic Lumix-Leica compact cameras at a bargain price recently and am starting to use them here and there. I now want to download a photo editing suite to my laptop so that I can do some creative editing work where necessary, but I don't yet want to fork out on precious money if my photography comes to nothing. I know that there are a number of free photo-editing apps and I have looked at lists of these, to try and find which one would be best for me. I really want an easy to use editor that still has enough options and features to make it interesting creatively, and I need it to do a good job... If some of you budding photographers can give me a bit of advice on which editor to use, I would be most grateful. I should just explain that my laptop is running the latest version of Windows 10, and isn't so burdened with apps etc. such that there wouldn't be enough memory to incorporate a photo editing suite.
  24. Dear @spinynorman and @scottswatches, there is an interesting thread on Watchuseek concerning the more recent history of Olma. The thread is headed "OLMA Watch - real or fake?" and it was started by Border-Reiver on 30 September 2015. On the thread is the claim that "In 2009, ShangHaiXin Yu Watch Clock Group, China, went into 'cooperation' with Olma Switzerland and the remaining company is just managing the rights concerning the brand name. The China made watches should not be called 'Swiss-made', because there is nothing made in Switzerland, at least what concerns Olma. There is much discussion on the thread surrounding this claim and Olma branded watches coming from China.
  25. I have only recently started to form a group of modern Russian watches in my collection and I have greatly enjoyed my purchases from the Forum classifieds. I could easily become addicted to these watches because they are charmingly idiosyncratic yet workmanlike and generally inexpensive.
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