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  1. Thanks @jmm1 for providing that interesting video. I enjoyed it very much, in a "gruesome" sort of way. Actually, I was relieved to see that at least he didn't go too far in renewing/restoring the watch dial and avoided cleaning the numeral markers; I did wonder where he disposed of the old lume from the hands. One other thing that struck me was his wearing of gloves throughout the restoration work. I find that gloves get in the way of fine manipulation of things but then I am not very good at fine craft work at the best of times.
  2. My feeling is that the watch dates to about 1955-60. Other than that, I can only agree with everything that AVO has said here above.
  3. When you gave the date of your watch, my internal design library buzzed an alarm in my head and suggested that your watch is later than 1955. I checked on a few similar watches online and reckon that the mid 1960s is nearer the mark. Nothing wrong with that, I hasten to add, just a small correction of position on the timeline.
  4. Interesting Casio that and the Hotbiz name was used for a number of Casio models such as the example I show here below. It would be interesting to know exactly when the Hotbiz series of watches began and ended. (Pic from i.pinimg.com/originals) As far as the original strap for your watch is concerned, Danny, the original would have been as in the picture I show here below and given the small lug size (presumably on the underside where the strap is fixed to the watch) it might be difficult to source. Have you contacted Casio themselves... You never know your luck.
  5. Check this out! Kristina came upon the following calendar conundrum the other day, and I thought it would interest Forum members: If you add your age to the year of your birth, the result will be the current year, 2020. This should hold for anyone and everyone, and the event only occurs one year in every millennium. I thought about this mathematically and can see some logic behind it; for a full explanation, I await a mathematical Forum member to explain. Also, any other interesting calendar conundrums or coincidences would be gratefully received to expand this thread.
  6. Dear @Gaucho, I have moved this thread from the vintage watches section to "Watchmaking & Repairs", which I feel is a more appropriate part of the Forum and more likely to provide you with the information you are looking for.
  7. Many thanks for the help and the positive reactions. It warms the cockles of my heart.
  8. I have just splashed out £30 in a local charity shop on a rather beautiful pre-owned Skagen Viggo in titanium with a steel mesh bracelet (Model number 234XXLT). I believe that this particular model is just about no longer current but I did manage find it still advertized on the Skagen website for £84.99, down from RRP of £135. I fell in love with the watch as soon as I picked it up; the quality of the watch itself seems to be impeccable and in addition to the fine aesthetics, the watch feels gorgeous in the hand with the case moving smoothly into the slinky mesh bracelet. The watch has a 42mm
  9. I have looked at Panerai over the years and have loved them from a distance - they are a bit of a Marmite brand or an acquired taste but the Panerai name is in the pantheon of the classics. There have been some very helpful remarks made on this thread and WRENCH, JoT , and scottswatches have, in their combined posts, basically said what I myself would have said about buying a Panerai. Good luck with your search, and always tread with caution on this one, @Andrew456.
  10. Dear @DurhamG, I don't know if you have had a look at the history of Stockwell & Co. and their relationship with watches but if you haven't then you might like to read the considerable amount of material provided at the following web address: vintagewatchstraps.com/blogstockwell.php
  11. Dear @Sridharvc, and @johnbaz, you might be interested to read a useful article about the Cyma Navystar wristwatch; in particular a 1950s example with a caliber R.459 caliber movement with Cymaflex shock resistance marked, "TAVANNES". The web address for this is as follows: thewatchbloke.co.uk/2015/04/15/cyma-navystar/
  12. Dear Sulie, I can't make up my mind as to whether I like the large 6 and 12 numerals impinging on the upper and lower chronograph registers. It is a bit confusing visually but is quite a striking aesthetic.
  13. Last time I looked, you had added some ropework in the form of a skirting at the base of pillars; I really like that touch. At this rate, you will soon be getting commissions from Forum members to put in decking on their properties. Good luck with the next phase...
  14. I have (foolishly) taken on the task of researching and writing a horological article that requires me to do a considerable amount of translation work from French, and some German, into English. I have been forced to slow down my output of articles generally, and I shall take this particular topic slowly. Hopefully, it will eventually appear here on the Forum ... By that time, I hope it will be ME that is renovated.
  15. For a right-handed person wearing their watch on the left wrist, there is some logic in having the crown on the right hand side of the watch because it gives easier access to the crown for the right hand hand. My personal feeling is that with automatic and quartz watches, the logic is not so strong because one is not regularly winding the watch manually, and would tend to use the crown mainly for setting the watch. I myself usually take off a quartz or automatic watch to set or correct the time/date, and actually prefer to wind up hand-wind watches off the wrist. In conclusion then, for me i
  16. Blimey, when I read your query, jizzle, I thought you were referring to guns. Too much time spent thinking about Donald Trump and recent events in the States. I have pared down to almost noting when I do my daily walk, combining exercise with a bit of bird spotting, and my essential carry on these walks comprises glasses, binoculars, mask, bus card for the return journey home, GPS tracker in case I wander off piste, so to speak, and front door key.
  17. Dear Bond, I notice that the edit function has been altered by Roy and you now access it by clocking on the three horizontal dots in the upper right-hand corner of your post. I hope this answers your query.
  18. The essential design that we associate with Franck Muller (similar to the backwards watch shown above but, thank goodness, the right way round) goes back a long way and is far earlier than the Franck Muller company. This means that one can buy and wear some nice versions of this watch style by other reputable companies for much less money without feeling that one is just copying Frank Muller on the cheap.
  19. Great minds think alike, Steve. My first thought on this query was, "Why not a G-Shock?" Roxyben seems to agree as well.
  20. Welcome to the Forum... Like Roger here above, I use a radio controlled timepiece (in my case, an alarm clock) to set clocks and watches by. Lazy old me though because, when downstairs where there are no such timepieces, I tend to use the digital clock on the BBC News Channel to set my watch.
  21. I too like the desert sand colourway. Strangely perhaps, whilst the hands don't look too good on the blue colourway, they are very nice when coupled with the desert sand dial. I also like the case shape and the crown but am not too keen on the name, Mitch Mason - the name gives me the feeling that it was thought up BEFORE the story about the meaning of the two words in the name was concocted. In conclusion, I wish Benedict Ong well with this and future projects. There is enough here to be optimistic.
  22. Just a thought. When the clock mechanism is arriving at the strike point, could it be that it then encounters sufficient resistance to just slow it down for a few seconds until the strike has finished the chime? At that point, the clock would then resume its normal rate of being slightly fast.
  23. I agree with the above... A stunner of a watch; just beautiful. I don't know if there are any pics of the watch that one can download to this thread; presumably not.
  24. NO! And certainly not in the way you describe, with every other number dulled down and coloured as the dulled hands. Yuk!
  25. Great thread and I reckon that green can be a very good colour for watches. I was aware myself that green as a watch colour has been given some publicity over the last couple of years or so, but I doubt it will ever be THE colour of majority choice. I notice that all the watches shown so far on this thread have pretty sober shades of green, but even quite vibrant greens can really make a watch "sing".
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