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  1. Honour - I know a professional editor and author here in Ryde. I have slipped a couple of short stories under her nose for appraisal (she did recover), and she deals with publications etc. If you are interested, I can put you two in touch electronically to see if a process can be set up - or not. Please don't feel any pressure to agree, but I think your writings fill two important gaps - reference and informative reads?


    Mike of Ryde

    1. Always"watching"


      I feel a loyalty here to Roy, Mike, and I think I shall discuss the question of publishing my topics with him first. It is very good of you to follow up on this rather attractive idea of producing a book and I believe that the idea has legs.

      Given my own situation, which is often quite strtessful, I have tended to shy away from commitments in my writing that involve commercial publication. During my years of professional writing, I was promised on two or three occasions by publishers that they were going to publish a book by me. In two of those cases, I wrote the text and even started preparing the illustrations, only to have my hopes dashed. These days, where internet publishing is dominant and competition intense, I take a philosophical approach and fit my writing in as non-paid excercise for organisations I like and respect.

      Given the above, you will appreciate that I shall be taking any steps towards publication of my watch topics slowly and carefully.

      Youfrs with my regards, Honour


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