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  1. Always"watching"'s post in Tic Watches Darlington? was marked as the answer   
    Dear @Dilly, Tic Watches have an excellent rating on Trustpilot and REVIEWS.io, and a similarly excellent rating on Google. Also Scam Advisor rates this company as being high on trust, and indicates no problems with it.
    The raid on Tic Watches, sparked by a tip-off, was part of a multi-agency investigation in the area, and led to the seizure of "a significant quantity of suspected counterfeit watches and other material" from Tic Trading Limited/Tic Watches, according to the Northern Echo of 6 May. The Northern Echo piece can be found at  https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/19284286.suspected-counterfeit-watches-seized-tic-watches-darlington/. Unfortunately, I can find no follow-up information as to whether the company was found to be innocent or guilty, or even charged with any offence. Tic Trading Limited, founded in 2007, is still an active company and its Tic Watches arm is still in business apparently with no issues or concerns to worry about. The leading officer in the company - with it since the beginning - is director Daniel Thomas Richmond.
  2. Always"watching"'s post in Atima watch information was marked as the answer   
    Sorry, @minispdrcr, but I can't really tell you much about the model. I know you wondered if it might be military issue but if it has no official markings on it then the likelihood is that it was a civilian watch in the military style of the period.
  3. Always"watching"'s post in TONEX was marked as the answer   
    I have not (yet) managed to trace the Tonex watch brand. Tonex was certainly a brand name associated with personal consumer electronics in the 1960s, mainly in connection with portable radios, small reel-to-reel tape recorders, walkie-talkies, and stereo equipment. Tonex were apparently based in Hong Kong and Tonex items  were manufactured in Hong Kong and other Far Eastern locations; they were imported into the USA by Caltrade Mfg. & Trading Co., based in San Francisco, CA. It would be a very long shot to discover that your watch is related to the Tonex electronics brand, but your query does remind me of a similar conundrum whereby the Binatone brand name is found on both vintage Binatone consumer electronics and some (generally inexpensive) vintage mechanical watches.
    I am hopeful that one of our members with access to more documentary source material will come up with a full answer to your query.
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