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  1. Hi I have had the following winder that lasted me 2-3 years. https://www.watch-winder.co.uk/Silver-Aluminium-Single-Watch-Winder-1102.html It was not as quite as I would have liked and I was hoping it would last longer. If I were to invest some more money in a barrington or a wolf would it last longer? Are they quieter? Anybody got experience with either as I do not want to spend more money on something that will not last.
  2. Late entry. Just washed and changed ready for nephews 30th birthday meal. Pulled this beauty out.
  3. Yes I. Happy. Just got it today. Think it was £21 to go with a tweed suit
  4. Hi all I've never owned a pocket watch and have just brought this new manual wind unit. It's not expensive so even though the dial has a section for seconds and date there are no hands for this. FYI the numbers are blue. I do have a couple of questions. How many winds does it take. Can it be over wound. Does it do any damage winding the wrong way. One last question. The cover on face and reverse pop. However the case looks the same both sides. So law dictates I always open wrong side. Should I scratch/mark it. Or perhaps sand one side the opposite direction? What do you think. Thanks all
  5. They are what I was looking at but could not decide on colour or watch
  6. Anyone got one on there watch. I fancy one but I do t know what style head I can get away with it on. Any one got any good pics.
  7. Hi all. The battery has gone on my colt 44. Do I get it sent to bristling or just go to any old shop that has the facility to replace and give a full pressure test? It's only a few years old so don't really want to be told it needs a maintenance or full service. Should it need it? It's quartz! Any suggestions on where to take it. I live in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Is there anywhere that can do this whilst I wait like in time in reading?
  8. Owe I feel the hairs on my wrist already being pinched
  9. 2 watch boxes. 1 on the side and 1 in the wardrobe. Some in my bedside draw. 1 on a winder in the other room. I have thought about using the breitling bakerlight box as it looks awesome but just too big.
  10. What?? Could someone please explain the purpose. A lovely looking watch just came up on my Instagram feed. It had the above movement. I don't quite get it. It is a nice looking watch though. It's by a brand I've never heard of - Undone. Ps sorry for not being on here lately.
  11. Not been on here for a while but thought I'd show you I'm still wearing a watch.
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