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  1. +1 for bulbs. Cars... I m not even talking about 20-30 years difference i.e. mb 126 sec vs modern one. I left 2007 camry at dealer for some repairs and got new hybrid auris. How miserable car it is! Beside fancy lcd it has been built with use of plastic bags and cans. It do not drive, its rather rolling irrelevant of amount power u think u use. If its a future of cars... I choose bike
  2. wow, how old is this watch? And what is its history? miner? archeologoist? gardner?
  3. nice :))) but those withe/black heros are so boooring. Why don't they follow 'Watchmen" way and add some shadows and greyness
  4. Really nice combo, both watch and strap. Reminds me orient excursioninst a bit.
  5. Chronograph.com got plenty stuff athough at rather high prices. Try checking part sales on watch forums.
  6. E30 is great car. Rear wheels driven, decent power, more electric than electronic :). U re sure anything else give u more fun?
  7. bofff

    Ebay Protocol

    Come on! U guys watch to much movies. Coffeshop or bank or even postoffice sounds reasonable.
  8. lot of stuff on dial... but nice. Seagull's movements re reliable imo. If works will work for longtime. I hv st25 with hack and handwind, abt +2 sec per 24h.
  9. +1 its gonna be hard to get decent used 'quality' at abt 250 GPBP Used SUMO/Steinhart/some microbrands (Hexa, Boschett ect) shd be good choice
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