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  1. Well on the list at 3 places for a Submariner No date, told them all will have money in June when I retire. Guess what, all 3 have phoned this week offering me the watch! Bet when I get the cash there are none. Truth to Jonny's story ?
  2. Omega, only decision as said is colour!
  3. He should get the Omega SMP the same as ours Jonny. Still have change!
  4. As others have said mid size too small imho.. I have the Omega smp you are looking at and it’s a great watch, you will not be disappointed.
  5. Sorry Rich it is hidden by the minute hand. Had not even noticed, wrong time to take the photo me thinks. What your looking at is the end of the timer hand.
  6. Its a split second timer, there is another hand behind the white timer hand. There are a few vids on YouTube showing it working. I will never use it, just like the look of the watch.
  7. Fancied getting on the Speedmaster bandwagon for a while, a reduced is too small for me so fancied something different. Tried the MK2 and also this, and liked them both. So when this one popped up at right price, right time it was a no brainer. Need to get a couple of extra links, but its a lovely watch.
  8. I actually don't mind the white and blue. But is it just me? I like the brushed steel watches from Breitling, but the highly polished are just too blingy!
  9. I've went for the Swiss movement and preferring the white dial, as I don't currently have one. Think the ratcheting clasp is a must though!
  10. Typical, I completely missed this thread till now. I was looking for a titanium watch and love the design of this. It was now £249 plus the extra for the swiss movement, but fair price and no import tax etc. SO...…...I'm in !
  11. Not a bad looking watch, but not a lover of the high shine on bracelets. However more seem to be appearing. A brush look would be nicer IMHO.
  12. Richy

    Song Titles Game

    Bananarama - Venus
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