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  1. I wanted to be a cop and completed my time, retiring last year. Whilst I have many fond memories, it is like all the other jobs with ups and downs. At the end it had changed that much it hardly resembled the job I started. I’m sure the young un’s will be happy with one less dinosaur (even though I was only 48) in the job. Do gooders gone mad a tell ya, a society of children who want for nowt and have too much to say!
  2. Arriving tomorrow, but working backshift. Hopefully get a wrist shot over the weekend before it gets put away.....
  3. Whilst I was liking the silver Breitling 41 colt, on a recent visit to Edinburgh I was unable to try on a bracelet version. I am not one to take a risk so looked at a few options from both the new/used market , trying on various things. A rather mediocre service at Laings , made sure I would not buy nowt from them. ( However they did call a few days later , to say that model of Breitling is now discontinued?) I was back to the drawing board, when I saw a used model of a watch I have liked for a while. (Golf Green edition) The 39mm’s, I had tried in the past always looked too s
  4. “You can eat the peanuts out my ****” John Wayne accent......Full Metal Jacket
  5. As someone with bigger wrists etc... the 39 OP was fine but could not go any smaller. I’m perfectly happy with my 40mm no date sub, so whilst I do like A few of them there will be no purchase on the horizon.
  6. https://www.rolex.com/watches/new-watches.html Some nice new colour combos, and sub now 41mm. Do like the new Kermit and 41mm OP blue. Richy
  7. Yep that’s the model. It would either be that grey or the silver. The only other consideration was the new Longines Spirit in silver 40mm but I feel this is better for the money. no-one dealt with Chronext?
  8. As my 50th approaches I have been pulled towards a Breitling Colt Auto 41 and favouring the silver/white dial over the grey tempest. Due to covid, opportunity to see in the flesh is very limited so as a non Breitling owner wondered if anyone had this watch and could provide some wisdom and review? Also listed at a good price from Chronext, but again little knowledge. Anyone dealt with them? thanks in advance, Richy
  9. Have to say that my Sub and SMP are keepers, so won’t be flipped. Have flipped a few other Omegas’ though.
  10. Mind no meeting in the pub......
  11. Both decent kit, my preference is Oakley as they fit my baw heid better.
  12. If you got the cash you can get the grey Longines Hydroconquest for £984. Go onto AMJ and use the code “AMJ2020” at checkout for the 20% off. hope this helps.
  13. here’s a picture of it.
  14. mmm...….let me ponder...….It is clearly the Omega, but let's be honest you ain't going to pick that.
  15. Look what arrived today...…. Really like it but there is a little play on the bezel, what was your's like Lampoc ? Richy
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