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  1. Hi, Have surfed the net, but not much even on ebay. Is there any sites where I would be able to buy a 26mm F1 ladies black bezel and replacement glass? Thanks in advance, Richy
  2. Don’t know if it’s just me, but as I have got older my preference has changed. I now only wear watches on a bracelet, don’t like leather, rubber etc... weird?
  3. So do I ! When I first joined, liked quite a lot of the Russian watches and had a few. (do miss Lampoc's updates etc) All have been moved on, but not this as I really like it. This was one that was NOS from Ebay Italy. I think a few of us managed to get one. It was the watch only with no strap and was around £13, if memory serves me well. Hand wound watch but love it and will never shift it, a keeper ! Put it on a Vostok mesh which I think suits it well. Richy
  4. Having spent a small fortune over the last year, it is definitely time to put the brakes on. This is my current collection for the foreseeable future, with only the Hamtun Kraken H2 in white due in.
  5. I am lucky enough to have a Tudor, Rolex and an Omega. All are good watches in their own rights. Have noticed someone above mentioned a Tudor Black Bay. I only recently got one and can say that I am very impressed and wear the watch daily. There are several different variations and are certainly in your price range. Having previously ignored/discounted them myself, I am now eating humble pie!
  6. Update. My friend picked up the watch today and has sent me a picture which shows the service card. So seemingly you have to ask for it?
  7. Yes they removed all the stickers.
  8. Yes, got it from Goldsmiths in the metro centre, Newcastle. They told me Rolex will release the card in about 12 months time and they will call to inform me when I can get it. What was nice was that I got the Rolex 5 year warranty, but also a further 5 year warranty card from them which commences when the Rolex one expires. not sure if any other AD’s do this as it is my first( and probably last) Rolex. Richy
  9. Well after a long wait it finally arrived and was picked up today. Like it, wears well and won’t be going anywhere.
  10. Update from me mate, CH have told him that Omega are going to print him a card. They state that Omega only give them out if requested? i will update the thread with the outcome. Richy
  11. After conversing with a few people it appears the white service card is no more. Sad really as it fitted in the holder with the other cards and was very professional. I can only assume it is a money saving exercise which is sad considering the cost imho.
  12. My mate took his Aqua Terra to Chisholm Hunter in Edinburgh and requested that his watch be sent to Omega for a service. The price from the omega webpage was quoted as a marker and he was quite happy. On getting it back there was no service card and it transpired that it had been serviced by an independent. Needless to say my mate was not happy and explained that he asked for an Omega service to obtain the warranty card. So the watch was then sent to Omega. However on going to pick it up on Sunday there again was no card. As you can imagine he had a few choice words with them. They however have stated that Omega only supply a warranty card if requested and they will get one sorted for him. It was my understanding that the card was always supplied for a service or have things changed? Richy
  13. There is nothing wrong with the in house version, had this been the newer version I would still have bought it. The minor changes to the dial and the bracelet are only slight, but like everything we all like different things. Does look good on leather, but I’m a bracelet guy (again something I prefer) so will stay as is. But agree it does look good on various combos! A versatile watch.
  14. As pointed out the smiley writing, but also the eta has the rose on the dial. New one has the shield. Also prefer the bracelet on this one rather than the new one with the rivets, but that is just personal choice. But loving the watch. Richy
  15. Well with the AD's not ringing me bell, I felt the urge to get something else in the mean time. Had been looking at this for a while and finally decided to pull the trigger. It arrived today from Roy, and it is indeed a lovely item. Having worn it all day since, I am delighted how it wears, and to be honest should really have tried one before. Very chuffed with this one, thanks again to Roy. Richy
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