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  1. Look what arrived today...…. Really like it but there is a little play on the bezel, what was your's like Lampoc ? Richy
  2. Very nice Jamie. I am still waiting for the white sellita with the black bezel ( however I did order the Ti one as an extra), but sadly no post today.... Richy
  3. I have been watching this piece, but needs the mesh on it for me to commit. As an added extra pushes it a bit too high.
  4. My knowledge has improved since being on the forum (more so in the earlier days), but I am no expert. I may now have a little bit of knowledge about the movements inside watches, but I could not spot one that was a franken or not original (haha avoided using the fake word). As my taste has steered towards more expensive watches I am always worried that when I buy second hand I may get stung. I fully appreciate that the forum does not allow discussion, thats why when looking for a Sturmanskie (still looking), I PM'd Lampoc for advice and if I had an Omega question I would normally ask Padders. Rules are rules, but can I point out at least it was about a watch which is more than can be said for most of the pointless posts these days.
  5. My mate has just sent me a link to this show, tickets just over £30. What are the thoughts on here, worth a weekend in the big smoke or .........
  6. It’s £7390 for it on the mesh. More expensive as it’s titanium and a Bond watch. But it is not limited so a bit pricey. I do like it on the mesh.
  7. No, since enjoying watches I have always tried to gradually (IMO) improve my collection. I have Omegas' and think that they produce quality watches and movements, with my daily wearer being a SMP. I have however always fancied a Rolex Submariner (no date) and tried out a mate's (ceramic bezel) one. Sat nice, and knew right away the watch was to my taste. Personally there are several brands, AP and Hublot to name a couple that do nothing for me, so it is merely down to taste and picking a watch that I like. In the future will be inherited by my son. To be honest my Omega Speedmaster Mk2 Rio attracts more attention than my Rolex, and re your question I have no real interest in what others think. So a question for you, have you ever felt like buying a cheaper watch so that you can tell other people that their paying to much for their watches? Did you know that Rolex just put their prices up so hopefully my watch has went up a little...…..
  8. Audi Q3 2.0 TDI Sline (2015), does what I need it too and I like it!
  9. Good reviews, sadly I am waiting on the Hamtun Kraken 2 but he was one of the guys you never got too. Anyone else attend who may have seen the watches in the flesh? Richy
  10. Did you manage to get one ordered?
  11. LOL, I decided not to get one. Know it will be too small. Hopefully Wrench got one.
  12. Wrench I had a look, 38mm and was in stock just now as I put it in the bag? Too wee for me....or is it?
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