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  1. Audi Q3 2.0 TDI Sline (2015), does what I need it too and I like it!
  2. Good reviews, sadly I am waiting on the Hamtun Kraken 2 but he was one of the guys you never got too. Anyone else attend who may have seen the watches in the flesh? Richy
  3. Did you manage to get one ordered?
  4. LOL, I decided not to get one. Know it will be too small. Hopefully Wrench got one.
  5. Wrench I had a look, 38mm and was in stock just now as I put it in the bag? Too wee for me....or is it?
  6. Def not a 41mm, so as Nigel says it will probably be a mid-size or a smaller 28mm. When you zoom in on the watch it also shows a different number, so warranty card not for the watch as already said. Mid-size price ok, but if its a ladies/boys size, you've paid too much. Sorry. Richy
  7. This place was listed on another forum. Great price for a new Speedy moon watch. https://www.hackettwatches.com/hw/items/brand?open&brand=omega&model=Speedmaster
  8. Love the Aston Martin, just a shame it never came on a bracelet. Richy
  9. Although should have set the time and date first, DOH!
  10. Well I did...... I got a Tudor Black Bay (ETA) and to be honest it was a great watch. Wore lovely and quality was excellent. But to be honest I bought this thinking I would wait for ever for my Sub ND. I didn't and ended up with both along with a SMP and Speedmaster Rattrapante. IMHO: Rolex Sub is a lovely classic watch and is one I will never part with. But with the BB I felt I had two similar watches, not in looks as they are totally different, but the style, so the Tudor has now been traded. Time keeping wise both were excellent and to me the price difference makes Tudor a no brainer if you are looking to spend less. However I think some of the Tudors are fugly, and the classic looks of the Rolex wins on most models. Quality however you will struggle to beat them at that price. Omega on the other hand, IMO make some lovely watches. So the Tudor was traded for an Omega Speedmaster Mk2 Rio Ltd Ed. This has filled my Chrono slot and the Rattrapante has been sold. NEXT WEEK IT COULD CHANGE AGAIN !
  11. Twiglets ? Sorry Wrench just trying to show the new member that we are all actually funny as f*** and humorous to the bone. Back on topic, I actually like the hulk but think like others would not pay over the RRP.
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