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  1. Just arrived and is a mechanical hand wound. Very nice and excellent quality. Will try and get a picture once I locate a mesh in my strap box. Richy
  2. Thinking about putting it on a mesh, we'll see.
  3. I have just ordered this, 1 left at the moment. Considering this was £850 from Jura watches has to be a bargain. Richy. PS Fingers crossed I dont get a quartz tomorrow.
  4. Was not wearing a Sinn 103 st I had got, so decided to try and get another sword hand Omega. My previous electric blue was given to my son for his 21st and to be honest, missed it as a daily wearer. So after a deal, this arrived this morning Really like it and before anyone says, I have now set the time, date and GMT hand. This I feel will be a keeper. Richy.
  5. Would also be Omega for me as currently have 4 , all different. However don’t think I could give up me sub!
  6. My guess is an Omega Aqua terra with diamonds form this photo ? (it is a wee bit clearer online but is a guess)
  7. Is the watch show , which is on in September in London worth the entry fee or am I better just going around the shops? Anyone any experience or knowledge?
  8. This was my first big purchase watch (mine came in the big wooden box) and its still my go to watch. Very comfortable bracelet and you can have it on your wrist no matter what you have on, dressy to casual. Excellent watch and most defo a keeper, enjoy and wear in good health!
  9. I love this watch , nearly pulled the trigger a few years back but took too long and it was gone. Cracking colour combination IMHO.
  10. I have this one, I think it looks nice, not too Olympic and is excellent quality. Richy
  11. I think this is a very underrated watch and personally like the colour scheme. Have tried it on a few times and think it’s lovely, I’m sure it will win you over.
  12. My next day delivery one arrived yesterday. I have to agree with all the comments on here. Lovely green dial and good quality bracelet. Well worth the money IMHO and will make a very suitable work watch. Now to get my refund for the nicked one....
  13. My mate purchased one but had to ask a member of staff about the watch. She advised us that they have stopped making them, and were not displaying them after being challenged by Hamilton watches. As I say that is what she told us but I am unable to confirm this via any other source. On a plus note they were discounted.
  14. Sorry Wrench and Scottswatches, I'm just not a strap guy.
  15. Seen this in the sale and really liked it. Silver sunburst dial with rose gold, with a Sellita movement. Decent strap but will be looking for a fine mesh to replace it. really pleased with it. Richy
  16. I’ve just done this again but it’s a lower value watch. Had been looking for a dressy watch away from my normal divers. Saw that Mappin & Webb had reduced the price of their own Clarendon silver dial , gold batons on a brown strap. At the price it ain’t much of a gamble, so awaiting its arrival.
  17. That was the model I got for my retirement last year. Love it, so know you’ll enjoy it too. Wear in good health!
  18. My stuff arrived and it is nice quality. I would not have paid full price either to be honest, but happy with the price I paid. as the man says, “No likey “ “No buy’ey”
  19. This was on the dark side. It is only the items on the linked page. Put in basket and use code “EARLYBIRD”. 70% off ! Some nice deals still left. https://www.wolf1834.com/offers/black-friday?p=4
  20. Arriving tomorrow, but working backshift. Hopefully get a wrist shot over the weekend before it gets put away.....
  21. Whilst I was liking the silver Breitling 41 colt, on a recent visit to Edinburgh I was unable to try on a bracelet version. I am not one to take a risk so looked at a few options from both the new/used market , trying on various things. A rather mediocre service at Laings , made sure I would not buy nowt from them. ( However they did call a few days later , to say that model of Breitling is now discontinued?) I was back to the drawing board, when I saw a used model of a watch I have liked for a while. (Golf Green edition) The 39mm’s, I had tried in the past always looked too small on my wrist, where the 41.5 mm was perfect. Trigger pulled and sticking to my favoured brand........ Now just the wait for it to arrive, then for my birthday to get it! Richy
  22. As someone with bigger wrists etc... the 39 OP was fine but could not go any smaller. I’m perfectly happy with my 40mm no date sub, so whilst I do like A few of them there will be no purchase on the horizon.
  23. https://www.rolex.com/watches/new-watches.html Some nice new colour combos, and sub now 41mm. Do like the new Kermit and 41mm OP blue. Richy
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