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  1. Amazing project, may I ask what printer you are using?
  2. Ha ha.. On a side note, a friend of mine when I was at uni wrote something in her dissertation about how people don't wear watches as much nowadays ( excluding the likes of us obviously) because they use their phone as a time keeper instead. I wonder if this will go the other way and people will start wearing their phone on their wrist!
  3. Ahh just missed out on a lovely Citizen Flyback Chronograph on t'bay! Keep the pics coming chaps! Lovely watches one and all
  4. My other half has a Casio AQ-310g ( Digital and Analogue display) that she is rather attached to as it belonged to her grand dad. I recently put a new battery in and it seemed to be working fine, the digital display keeps time as you would expect but the analogue hands lose time. i was under the impression this didnt happen with quartz watches? Could it just be a case of a dodgy battery or something else that can be sorted out? Thanks for any help.
  5. On the subject of Sonic's, do you guys use any additives in the sonic or is it just water with maybe a bit of Fairy liquid?
  6. That does work very well! Similar strap with white stripes would also look good I imagine!
  7. That dlc one is lovely. Congrats on a cracking collection!
  8. From the ebay help section: Requirements for selling internationally To sell globally, you'll need to accept PayPal as a method of payment. In most countries, sellers should be PayPal Verified. Ensure that you comply with the international trading laws of the countries you are selling in, and export controls on goods to certain countries. Specify your postage 'Worldwide', or to the specific countries or regions you're willing to sell to. We may also ask you to sign an International Selling Agreement, acknowledging that items sold to buyers on other eBay sites are subject
  9. Great pics, especially like the top one, very sci fi!
  10. I love these watches. Have been looking at a couple on fleabay recently prices range from £700 to £1200 depending on the movement and condition. Mainly the PVD ones though.
  11. Thanks Scott I was looking for a pre owned speedmaster. Better see what I can find down the back of the sofa :D
  12. I think usually for a seller's item to appear in international sites they have to list paying by paypal as an option.
  13. Oh right! Interesting, thanks!
  14. I was considering keeping it but it wasn't particularly cheap and I know that every time I looked at it I would imagine that little wire in there. That and the two small hands had been painted white for some reason making it not in original condition. Just putting it down to a learning experience!
  15. Oh I don't think it will be one watch for life, I'm sure there will be others, I will just definitely be keeping this one! 😊
  16. Very interesting read, thanks. Great pictures too. For some reason I really like the pic of the blank, looks like a piece of graphic art!
  17. What lens are you using on your 350d?
  18. Went down to Austin Kaye on the weekend and tried on a Speedy Pro. What a beauty. I have set my heart on one now. At the moment I can just about afford to add a little extra to the birthday fund and if this is going to be something I am going to (hopefully) keep forever and pass on to a son or nephew then why not get the best I can (just about) afford. Think I am trying to justify it further by writing this here!
  19. I was told always to give the eye's a 'break' by focusing on something further away every now and then. Although this was just when focusing on something close up without a loupe. When ever I use my 10x loupe I can feel my eye struggling to re focus when I take the loupe away. Very strange! no pain though.
  20. Looks much better with the silver dial. I have a soft spot for those Citizen Chrono's especially the bullheads. What's going on with the day indicator?
  21. I like that one in the middle there... That is quite a collection sir!
  22. I have sent it back to the vendor for a full refund. Would much prefer to have a complete movement!
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