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  1. Roman numerals is a big no no for me ! has to be Arabic numerals
  2. Bloody awesome always liked those watches , I think its that bezel !!!!!
  3. Yes totally agree , I do try and attend viewing days but work commitments usually dictate that I can only attend on the day but when we do attend viewing days my wife and I usually have a few hours browsing and catching up with friends and acquaintances then have a light pub lunch which in my opinion makes a very pleasant morning !
  4. I have bought and sold on Ebay and it pretty much is what it is , however buying from auction can be a great experience , specialist auctions be it watches or architectural salvage are getting pretty expensive not including postage / courier costs if the Auction house is miles away . General sales at Auction can turn up some real gems if you are prepared to do your homework and think on your feet a little , but it is easy to get your fingers burnt sometimes as well !! . Its just my opinion that Auctions are not doom and gloom and can be an interesting and profitable place . Just my opinion
  5. Hi Andy , always thought modern gents Cartier were a bit porn star but thats really nice hope things are good with you mate .
  6. I still have my first watch ( a Timex very similar to the one in question ) and can confirm its hand wound and not auto .
  7. I bought one very similar from a antiques emporium in Herne bay a couple of years ago
  8. That Eden camp is very interesting if your into that sort of thing , been a couple of time over the years oh and if you do go to Bridlington The Ship inn at Sewerby is pretty good for a meal .
  9. Yes been to the Birmingham one and also the one at Brunel University , both very good in my opinion , people are nice and the prices seem realistic .
  10. Lovely Whitstable ...............
  11. Your obviously not too fussed with dive watches then !!!
  12. Hi and welcome to the forum nice part of the country Kent , i have spent some time in the Whitstable , Herne bay area over the years , is this your part of Kent ? Into most clock / watch related items mainly 1950s through to modern stuff , have a soft spot for old industrial clocks / time recorders etc , but i guess everyone has a weakness eh
  13. I have been to this event in several times in different guises and think it is probably a good taster for the famous Le mans 24 hour . It does probably lack some atmosphere and in my opinion was better when it was held in September , but thats just my opinion . I have also been to Le mans several time starting in the early 1990s and apart from the cars it is obviously chalk and cheese . Perhaps its me getting a little older but motorsport in general seems to have got a bit sterile , so perhaps this applies to the Silverstone 6hrs . Going off on a slight tangent the Silverstone classic is
  14. A bit off the cuff but have you considered a Rado ? something 1960s or 1970s it ticks the box being Swiss and the quality in my opinion is on par with Omega . I had a Rado New Green Horse some time ago and regret selling it . Just a thought
  15. Very enjoyable viewing !!! we have a similar windmill very close by at Pitsone in Bedfordshire ,sadly it is not working but is a reminder of a bygone age .
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