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  1. This watch came to me salt water damaged. Only stubbornness made me have a go at restoring it. The bezel and case back where frozen to the case, and took a couple of hours to free off.. The movement refused to work with a new battery luckily I had a spare Myota OS60 in my parts box. Removing the blistering removed most of the coating from the brass case, but it came out of my silver plating tank looking not perfect but acceptable. During the restoration the rubber cap on the crown fell to pieces, I replaced it with two 4 mm O rings super glued on, then capped it with a rhinestone, Finally a new watch strap from the Watchgecko sale.. Quite a cheap job less than £20, but the watch is now fully functional and looks presentable.
  2. They were advertised as being releases July this year here. but not cheap.
  3. Reading this post put me on the hunt. I now have two, and keeping my open for one of the prestige ones.
  4. I have two in my collection. both snips, just requiring elbow grease.
  5. Well over twenty years ago I bought this watch when I had a sailboat. She has had a battering from seawater, and a few knocks some of which chipped the bezel. Today I fitted new batteries then set her up and away she went. I thought about fitting a new bezel, but my web searches have only revealed parts for more modern ones.
  6. I won this on ebay for a bargain price.. The crystal was totaly destroyed by welding or grinding spatter. You could just make out the yellow hand., Hours of work have gone into removing the deep pits with progressive use of wet and dry paper starting with coarse and working down to super fine. Then a final polish with stainless steel polish, followed by jewellers rouge. I amazed myself by the end results, and treated it to a new aviation strap
  7. Second Camel trophy watch, non of the packaging with this one, but everything in good condition, including the stamping on the leather strap.
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