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  1. Pair of Dalvey Chronos. Both bought from ebay very cheaply, Both requiring extensive re fettling, only new part the rally strap that cost more than the two watches together
  2. Bought this in a poor state but running. Fully stripped crystal out, then washed and polished before reassembly , and treated to a new strap.
  3. Finished this one many months ago. Today I had it out for a check over and found the nail setting not working, Easy repair, so gave it a polish and took its picture.
  4. I had a couple of early Avias in my collection, then I spotted a couple on eBay looking very sorry for themselves and my bids won. I stripped them both during the week and started the restoration of cases and bracelets. I had to send for a new crystal for this one, I was unable to polish the damage out, It came today and the watch was reassembled on the coffee table while watching telly.
  5. The only good thing about wet days is you can tinker. I dug this one out of retirement, and treated it to a good polish new glass, and a lube. surprising how they recover with a little effort.
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