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  1. This was definitely a living organism, I have seen it in zoom lenses.
  2. Always something new. Since the day I bought it this watch has always looked a little grey round the perimeter of the crystal. Last night I was looking at it under a 25 times magnification Loupe what I found was ivy like patterns radiating in from the perimeter and looking like stems and leaves, this was around 360 degrees and looked symmetrical. Today I have removed the movement, and pressed out the crystal, after washing with a mild bleach solution I replaced the crystal with a new gasket.. All the hazing has now gone and it looks like new. Any one else come across this. Th
  3. Finally added a boss watch to my collection. I must have bid on dozens, and every time someone was prepared to pay more . Just needed the case re-polishing. I looked at fitting a genuine boss strap, but the price to quality did not make sense. In the end I chose a Italian padded strap, to which I added the Boss buckle. Very pleased with the result, not bad for £22.71. all in.
  4. Others have asked that question, I have yet to take a before picture. From the moment I find them I have a mental picture of how they could look, and that is what I work towards, they were both well battered with damaged glass, and many dings, the Pulsar was minus a strap,, and the Timex had a broken shaft on the alarm setting button, both were up for sale with the caveat. Will need a new battery.
  5. They have to catch my eye and be reasonably cheap. I bought ten watch display boxes cheapest I could find to store them. I bought one decent display case for my Seiko collection which sits on my bedside table..
  6. For a quality brand, it falls short of the mark. It would not get my wallet out.
  7. Fresh off the bench, A Pulsar 7T62, and a Timex Expedition chrono Alarm, Keeps me out of the pub.
  8. Every so often i get them out and give them a light shine.
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