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  1. This was definitely a living organism, I have seen it in zoom lenses.
  2. Always something new. Since the day I bought it this watch has always looked a little grey round the perimeter of the crystal. Last night I was looking at it under a 25 times magnification Loupe what I found was ivy like patterns radiating in from the perimeter and looking like stems and leaves, this was around 360 degrees and looked symmetrical. Today I have removed the movement, and pressed out the crystal, after washing with a mild bleach solution I replaced the crystal with a new gasket.. All the hazing has now gone and it looks like new. Any one else come across this. The images are both from before I cleaned it.
  3. Finally added a boss watch to my collection. I must have bid on dozens, and every time someone was prepared to pay more . Just needed the case re-polishing. I looked at fitting a genuine boss strap, but the price to quality did not make sense. In the end I chose a Italian padded strap, to which I added the Boss buckle. Very pleased with the result, not bad for £22.71. all in.
  4. Others have asked that question, I have yet to take a before picture. From the moment I find them I have a mental picture of how they could look, and that is what I work towards, they were both well battered with damaged glass, and many dings, the Pulsar was minus a strap,, and the Timex had a broken shaft on the alarm setting button, both were up for sale with the caveat. Will need a new battery.
  5. They have to catch my eye and be reasonably cheap. I bought ten watch display boxes cheapest I could find to store them. I bought one decent display case for my Seiko collection which sits on my bedside table..
  6. For a quality brand, it falls short of the mark. It would not get my wallet out.
  7. Fresh off the bench, A Pulsar 7T62, and a Timex Expedition chrono Alarm, Keeps me out of the pub.
  8. Every so often i get them out and give them a light shine.
  9. Once a respected name in watch making, they lost there way in the quartz period unable to compete on price. This watch was affected by gravel rash to the glass and surrounding bezel. Less than £4 for the new glass, but unfortunately the bezel lost its gold finish in removing the damage. Had the watch held any value I could have had it gold plated, but for now it will have to go bald faced.. Still quite an attractive watch.
  10. That makes a lot of sense with a 16 day cycle. I have just spun the hands round till I reached the day after a new moon. We will see how it keeps track now. Thankyou.
  11. Recent addition to my collection, Sector 1000 watch, The bottom sub dial remains a mystery It is divided into 16 sections and marked 4/4 and 1/2 with unmarked 1/4 s. Can anyone throw light on what it is for, and how it is used. Thanks for looking.
  12. Interesting ebay find.. This chronograph watch reached me just in time, when I finally managed to get the back off the battery was just beginning to leak, but no damage had been done. The bezel took a while to turn and click, but now works fine. After replacing the battery I found instructions for a 6850 G8 1155. and to my surprise I was able to carry out a reset, then set the time and Calendar.by using the bottom function dial. The calendar is interesting in that when you set the function pointer to cal, the small second hand indicates the month, and the large second hand indicates the the date on a scale outside the dial. I am quite pleased with this one. I have no idea of the age but it is in remarkable condition.
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