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  1. 6 hours ago, spinynorman said:

    Certainly has impressive looks. When you say reassembled, do you mean with a Y182 movement installed?

    No the original 7t32 movement that is faulty. I will just keep my eye out for a cheap donor watch. I bid on two on ebay but the same guy outbid me on both. Looks like I have competition. I am not paying £50 for a donor, like him. I noticed I put 7t32-6000, need to change my specs it is a 7T32-6C00


  2. Thank you for the push guys,. I will put it on the back burner, and keep my eye out for a cheap pulsar or lorus with a YI82 movement. It looks like a straight swop, then putting the Seiko cover  plate on it. It is only an addition to my collection, not a wearer.. There looks to be a lot of folks out there  selling faulty ones, and asking silly prices for them. This one stands me at a tenner, but you can't win them all.


  3. I have just picked up this Seiko watch with an alarm feature, it is worth restoring but the seiko 7T3B quartz movement is dead. Web search suggests that there are similar movements with seiko's other brands on them which are a direct swop. Can anyone suggest a direct swop please. The watch is presently stripped at the moment so no photos. It has a alarm dial at 6.. Seconds dial at 9, and a Minutes dial at 12.. The alarm dial is stem set.

  4. Presently sat with a Breil chronograph in pieces on the coffee table. Postie delivered it this morning. Just ordered a new crystal for it. So between now and the arrival of the crystal I can  remove the scratches and repolish the case and bracelet. First one I have added to my collection, I like the italian styling.

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  5. I read an article by a member on here about Camel Trophy watches, After reading I was determined to add one to my collection It has taken a while to get one at a affordable price, but this one is a beaut. Original tin and paperwork, plus the original till receipt from H Samuels in 1995 showing it cost £239.00.

    The brass or bronze bezel is a strange colour but, I wonder was it to match the sand glow colour of the competing vehicles.large.1909073645_CamelTrophy3..JPG.7d9bc93cb0a64341143af45e24347e6a.JPGlarge.2005653557_CamelTrophy2..JPG.9ba18e6b85104482bd0f2bbce9daa842.JPGlarge.426671261_CamelTrophy1..JPG.daa4d8b2cc3e9d338836880de2ef54d8.JPG

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  6. On 21/05/2019 at 14:47, vinn said:

          i have an old black seiko with a stainless braclet and case.  of course. most of the paint has worn off.  i don't think paint will stick to stainless.  vin

    I use a fine tip paint pen for the job. After removing the old flaking paint, I thoroughly degrease it then run the paint in and allow to dry. Dont worry about it spreading onto the bezel I just scrape it off with an expired credit card, then buff it up with my dremel using a felt mop. Never had a problem with it not sticking. the engraving is rough enough to give a good key.

  7. Just pinged two of my watch back screws while changing the battery on my Raymond Weil 9826-2 dress watch. The slotted screw heads are approx 1.5 mm dia. Far to tiny for me to attempt to measure with my vernier gauge. I have had the watch for nearly tthirty years, and changed the battery many times without mishap, I must be getting old.   Does any one know the correct size. Thankyou.large.120728533_Raymondweilgetsanewbattery..JPG.086463a8274b125188ecccd8e6cd9adc.JPG

  8. 2 hours ago, JoT said:

    Does pulling the crown out before trying to set the digital make any difference? I have had a couple of ana-digital watches where this is a requirement 

    Only a one position crown, but yes today i found with it pulled out I could set the time and day. but of course this stops the analogue watch so you have to use another watch to set the digital time. Very handy havng the snooker to watch while I twiddle. I am getting there.slowly., thank you for your help

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  9. 18 hours ago, The Mystery Bidder said:

    I think the best thing to do is to have patience and persevere.  It will be easy once you figure out which buttons carry out which action.  :thumbsup:

    Running out of combinations. I thought I had cracked it when I managed to set the time yesterday then at midnight it changed from 12 to 1AM..

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  10. large.729234520_SharpWatch..JPG.1abc019409fe6d60a5566a4e9c10f80d.JPG

    1 hour ago, PC-Magician said:

    What cal movement?

    Of Japanese manufacture for chinese watch, I have had the movement out and no identifying marks. Online searches reveal many others seeking information.  I will post a picture.

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  11. On 16/02/2019 at 23:33, harryblakes7 said:

    Nice job, especially on blackening the case, how did you do yours? Some so use iodine and polish it into the case............

    Only thing i can think of to get rid of the staining of the metal parts is either wire wool with some oil, or actually smooth the sides down with 1000 wet / dry with oil as an aid. Only on the top surface though, not on any mating or sliding sections.......as that would affect its interaction with other components


    I bought a three part blacking kit of the net. That was four years ago  I have done quite a few watch cases, some screws etc..and various parts.. Basically a caustic bath, then wash clean  The blacking tank  then wash clean, finally a dewatering oil which gives it the shine, then air dry. Temperatures need to be around 25C. I usually stand the tubs in hot water to do this.. The polishing of the bright steel is the hardest, if you don't do it properly yhe flaws will show in the end finish

  12. I won this on ebay in January, it was advertised as water damaged., dozens of folks bid on it, and in the end I ended up paying twice what I expected. I stripped it and managed to get rid of the rust, but there is still some residual staining of some parts.. The case I took back to bright steel, and then re-blacked it. The watch is now fully functional and looking good. I have no idea of the manufacturer.large.20844410_Chronographwatch.JPG.7ecd5e081b021265ed76f535a5faa2c5.JPGlarge.212262524_Chronograph2..JPG.7d391e312d05d52a3ec3cc33f635f4ee.JPGlarge.1904866697_Chronograph3..JPG.936ae21d9b50596815434b04c7a9a9d3.JPGlarge.808459447_Chronograph4..JPG.943a0b075e65ccbd0bb6ae88c4a8b8cb.JPG

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  13. I have a very large collection of watches, This was just a missing maker. Like other collectors, a lot of my stuff will remain in the boxes, it saves dusting.. Watches take up little space unlike my diecast collection. Not often I buy one like the Jaguar, I, enjoy repairing them so many come to me broken. and at a discounted price..

    On 12/02/2019 at 16:02, Always"watching" said:

    I also have come to the self-understanding that gold-tone/plated bracelets are just too blingy for me, although it may depend to some extent on the quality of the gold process used. Certainly gold over stainless steel is vastly preferable to gold on alloy when it comes to straps; how quickly and badly gold plated alloy bracelets seem to corrode. As for green dials, I am a cautious fan.

    I have a Raymond Weil watch that has had two new backs, the latest is now corroding due to the alloy it is made of with gold plating, Though it is now 25 years old, it has sentimental value as a gift from the late wife., so I may have it repaired.

  14. The brand has nothing to do with Jaguar cars  it was set up in the 1930s  by a private watch producer. then after his death bought up by the Festina group. The lady who sold it to me said it was bought in a spanish gift shop for around 450 euros.  The green Dial for the most looks black and only shows emerald green in very bright light..

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