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  1. Possibly both the lightest AND most inexpensive watch I own! (file photo so date's off):
  2. OK, so ... not a lot of information here. I suggest you determine which model Oceanus Atomic watch you have and then search for the manual on the internets. You know ... a rudimentary search string like "Oceanus <model number> manual" ... If you can't figure out what model you own, I input the following search string into my browser and got a number of good results ("oceanus atomic watch manual") Barring that, I believe you'll need to change the date manually via the crown (I say this hoping you'll be able to figure that out without a manual ...) If all that doesn't work, then I'd say "troll" ...
  3. Oh, wow ... maybe he's no longer offering this service. I know that it was pretty labor intensive, but he seemed to charge a price that was "fair", given that fact ...
  4. Here's one that I had Paul service and do his patented re-graining service upon (take a look at his site - his prices are there as is a pictorial look at the special dies he made to enable him to recreate the factory graining accurately.) Well worth the price, IMHO: And here's a better look at the results of the re-graining:
  5. Love Orients! Absolutely every bit as good as Seiko (who own them) and Citizen, in my opinion. Own several, but these are the ones I have photos of ... Orient (EX0E-01) M-Force 100M Compass Field Watch Orient SP Quartz 50M Field Watch (UNE800-A CA) Orient Star 'Revolver' 200m Air Diver
  6. Love Jules Racine (Gallet) watches ... I think every one that I own incorporates orange somewhere on the dial! (File photo, so the date's off ...)
  7. Have you tried following the directions offered above? Not sure what other 'information' you're seeking ....
  8. Back when standard plating densities were at least 20 microns and ranged as high as 80 microns for "Heavy Gold Plating" ... nice Hamilton!!
  9. Like some others mentioned, I end up being more concerned about PVD finishes wearing/scratching than with most other finishes ... that said, I do own a few black PVD finish watches:
  10. If I'm not mistaken, another one of those solar diver chronos popped up on the 'Bay last night ... bezel was a bit more faded than yours, but I think it was the same. If I can find the listing again, I'll drop in an item number ...
  11. There's also another guy who has been listing a lot of nice Seiko divers from that same era, stating he purchased a collection of 400+ divers from a collector ... boon time if you're in the market!
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