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  1. I did ask £1000 for all 3 and was told no way, they would just scrap them and throw the movements away, I thought this was totally daft but as I said that is only £333 per watch and wanted them all to go but as I have said I was offered £500 for all 3 and that I thought was too low, oh well looks like I have 3 solid gold watches I am stuck with so out with the camera and see if anyone wants them on the sales part, thanks guys for the answers.
  2. Thanks for the info, both the Rolex and the Omega have a back that comes off, the Omega is a 260 movement 15 jewel manual wind and dennison cased if that helps, the Rolex is also dennison cased made in England for Rolex, and both have A.L.D stamped on them as well, and yes all 3 of them keep great time and running well, and I was offered £500 for all 3 of them from 2 places and that I thought was way too cheap as the Accutron has boxes but I was told they are not wanted any more.
  3. Just to say the Omega does look much better in real life, and hope those pics do help.
  4. These are the main 3 I am talking about, a 1964 15 jewel Rolex ( I think is a re dial ) a 1949 Omega that is all original, the Accutron has not got a M or N number it has this number 3-754003 on the back and it is also has an inscription for 40 years service, all 3 are 9 ct solid gold the straps are not, I do have the original leather strap for the Accutron complete with buckle, and it does have inner and outer boxes, the Omega was serviced a few years ago but not really worn and comes in it's red oblong thing it came back in. Any questions please ask, and if anyone can give a rough idea
  5. The Rolex and the Omega are not boxed just the Accutron, all the Omega has is the red oblong thing it came back in after a service years ago, and I did say I do not do e-bay after some bad experiances on there I packed it in.
  6. What I was trying to get at was a shame we cannot have an auction style sales place on here, after being offered scrap gold value for my gold Rolex, Omega and my Accutron even though it has its boxes I was told no one wants them, and I have quite a few other watches of all sorts and again prices on e-bay vary so much, so that was my reason for posting in the first place, And I do remember Roy trying an auction thing out years ago that did not take off as it was not part of this watch site, and I think that was the problem, oh well I guess like all things in life tastes change and I have
  7. It is a pity we do not have a sales place on here for those of us that do not use e-bay ( long story ) and do not know what to ask price wise for their watches, and just put them up and take the highest bid you get, and yes I have looked at completed listings on said e-bay and still have no idea, I used to tinker with them but no longer can, I took my gold ones to 2 local jewellers and was offered scrap gold price only, Oh well sit back now and wait for any answer why this cannot be done.
  8. Thanks guys, I have 2 that I no longer wear and looking on e pray the prices vary so much it is hard to tell, one is a 1964 Rolex in great condition and the other is a 1949 Omega with a what they patenated dial, both are manual wind and going well, the Omega is my birth year watch and got it at the time to say I had one but as I say no longer wear either of them.
  9. Just a question for you all, are solid gold vintage watches in or out of fashion, or does it depend on the make if they are or not.
  10. This one today and many thanks to davey p for the bits so I can now wear it as it should be, looking good and nice and light to wear. Cheers, John
  11. I have the same light tent kev, I use the lights on either side and move them around to get the right light on the what you are taking a pic of, I do not use the so called camera stand I use a tripod with the tent on the edge of the table, much more stable results I have found, but not too close with the lights as they do get really hot, good luck with it.
  12. Fantastic bit of filming that Paul, and looked a good day out, loved all the scenery as you passed by.
  13. Thanks for the answers guys, I can see the 2 small spring type things all I have to do is pluck up courage to have a go. Cheers, John
  14. I am sure it is a (Timex Balance Wheel Quartz 63 module) and I have another case I want to put the movement in, but after looking I can not see how you remove the stem, so any help please. Cheers, John
  15. This for me today and new to me yesterday and a polish later, grotty weather so not the best photo as the dial is perfect, it is all reflection from the gattering snow clouds. Cheers, John
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