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  1. You have obviously got an eye for ‘haute couture’ teadazed. :D Have a look on the bay for Maratac rubber and you should find some from the states about £9-10 plus postage. I had the choice from the seller, in the states, of an orange and black NATO or the Maratac. I been wearing it all day and it’s a good one. It won’t be my last Maratac. :yes: You're a terrible influence. Ordered.
  2. I'm a big fan of orange on watches - have two orange watches myself and a variety of straps - that would go nicely with both.
  3. That's a good looking strap there - can I ask where you got it?
  4. Looks great on all of them. Mine is currently living on a blue two piece (ahem) nato. Furtive strap snap:
  5. I would say Damasko DA47 Longines Legend Diver Poljot Traveller Alarm Poljot Aviator 3133 Sinn 556 Sinn U1 Smiths PRS-68 Vostok Amphibia 1967 reissue
  6. It's from Strapcode. They have some great straps and seem to be able to ship quickly (packages actually come from the UK - they must ship in from HK in bulk then repack?). I wanted to try a contemporary version of the steel that they came on originally. This is as close as I can get. I like it. Although the case is polished, it has a brushed top face, so I think it works OK. I think I'll also try a mesh/milanaise - they came on a milanaise form new too (I have an NOS Poljot one but it's very thin, so I'll try a new thicker one). Anyway Mr Teadazed, it's largely your fault. I've been toying with the idea of an Okeah for years but your new one tipped me over the edge. :thumbsup: Ta. Might look to pick up a bracelet for mine. And you're welcome btw :thumbup:
  7. What bracelet is that? (Here's mine) HAGWE All
  8. It seems someone bought one at the buy it now price. Hope they don't see the TV ad.
  9. Well, technically I still have it... I decided that since the cost of someone looking at it was pretty much the same as the replacement value I'd attack it with a screwdriver and have a go myself. I now have a bag of bits. It was a fun hour though.
  10. Blue leather looks best to me. All look good though. My blue mako (well, ray really) lives on a brown leather strap at the moment
  11. Saw the ad for that on TV earlier. Magazine looks interesting but I'm not sure I want all the watches.
  12. There are a few used okeahs on the bay. I think ruscamera has a couple.
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