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  1. You have obviously got an eye for ‘haute couture’ teadazed. :D Have a look on the bay for Maratac rubber and you should find some from the states about £9-10 plus postage. I had the choice from the seller, in the states, of an orange and black NATO or the Maratac. I been wearing it all day and it’s a good one. It won’t be my last Maratac. :yes: You're a terrible influence. Ordered.
  2. I'm a big fan of orange on watches - have two orange watches myself and a variety of straps - that would go nicely with both.
  3. That's a good looking strap there - can I ask where you got it?
  4. Looks great on all of them. Mine is currently living on a blue two piece (ahem) nato. Furtive strap snap:
  5. I would say Damasko DA47 Longines Legend Diver Poljot Traveller Alarm Poljot Aviator 3133 Sinn 556 Sinn U1 Smiths PRS-68 Vostok Amphibia 1967 reissue
  6. It's from Strapcode. They have some great straps and seem to be able to ship quickly (packages actually come from the UK - they must ship in from HK in bulk then repack?). I wanted to try a contemporary version of the steel that they came on originally. This is as close as I can get. I like it. Although the case is polished, it has a brushed top face, so I think it works OK. I think I'll also try a mesh/milanaise - they came on a milanaise form new too (I have an NOS Poljot one but it's very thin, so I'll try a new thicker one). Anyway Mr Teadazed, it's largely your fault. I've been toying with the idea of an Okeah for years but your new one tipped me over the edge. :thumbsup: Ta. Might look to pick up a bracelet for mine. And you're welcome btw :thumbup:
  7. What bracelet is that? (Here's mine) HAGWE All
  8. It seems someone bought one at the buy it now price. Hope they don't see the TV ad.
  9. Well, technically I still have it... I decided that since the cost of someone looking at it was pretty much the same as the replacement value I'd attack it with a screwdriver and have a go myself. I now have a bag of bits. It was a fun hour though.
  10. Blue leather looks best to me. All look good though. My blue mako (well, ray really) lives on a brown leather strap at the moment
  11. Saw the ad for that on TV earlier. Magazine looks interesting but I'm not sure I want all the watches.
  12. There are a few used okeahs on the bay. I think ruscamera has a couple.
  13. So my ebay bargain arrived - another 3133, this one for the princely sum of £65.50 including postage. At the price, I was a bit nervous. I needn't have been. It runs and all functions seem to work. Hopefully the timekeeping will be good. Glass is a little scuffed but may well polish out. Strap was rubbish though, so swapped it. On to the pics...
  14. You also match as neither of your bezels are lined up...
  15. Congrats. I was keeping an eye on that one too. Not that I need a second one! But it was running at only £100 for a long time and I was tempted to grab it if it stayed there. If it turns out to be a good one though, the final price looks to be great value.
  16. Have to be up early in the morning so Poljot Alarm this evening HAGWE All
  17. Something a bit different... Swapped the iffy leather for blue canvas straight away.
  18. I would like to help but links are forbidden and you never know when grumpys watching. :stop: I know of a site where you can get a new one.
  19. It's 40mm with a Poljot 2614. Not sure on the plane, certainly after looking at some pictures of the various YAKs, it could be.
  20. Just managed to grab a 3133 for £65 inc. P&P from an ebay auction. Claims to be in good condition and keeping time. Fingers crossed...
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