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  1. I think this is a job for Bond. It's in his neck of the woods. Don't forget your camera!
  2. Ah, sorry for my mistake. Glad it's still alive and kicking and working well - and now you know the history of the now defunct brand as well! Relaxer obviously won the watch case that I raffled at the same time. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. I love boxes! The best box I have is for the dark side of the moon. The Aerowatch box was nice as well. The new Chris Ward box is very big and long and like one of those Russian dolls that need taking apart before you get to whatever. When you finally get to the watch its dwarfed by everything else. The epic CW watch box opening! Fini.
  4. That guide is absolutely brilliant! I can't understand how I missed this before, albeit on watchuseek or wherever. I spent so many hours trying to find out about the brand and the link to Victorianox and Wenger. I became smitten with a Swiss Army watch (not victorianox) somewhere or other in Asia, where they were then common on all the stands selling fake watches. I can't even recall what Country I was in when I first saw them. But I do remember when getting back to the UK, to seek them out and it wasn't difficult. I'd sold a flat in 1996 and as part of the profit from the sale, I we
  5. A watch box came with the RLT36 and although I am about it's 9th forum owner, thee box is still in great nick!
  6. They used to be available from a jewellars in Newbury, which I noticed when walking past their window one day. What I missed was their closing day sale and by the time I had noticed, most had gone. The jewellers parent company was a Rolex dealer in Swindon Old Town, can't recall their name but Swindon, when I was living in that neck of woods, was dire for watch shops, so I am sure there would still only be one Rolex dealer there. They may still stock Eddox as well?
  7. Thanks once again to Mike and thanks to Scott - yes, the watch has a concave back. The Omega book isn't mine, it's owned by the guy selling the watch and he stated he bought the guide at auction. It's pretty hefty. So the watch featured made over 16k - wow. For a watch first produced in 1971 and where it is believed only 150 were made, all for private consumption - I am actually struggling to believe that 4 years after the initial order and whilst they were preparing to produce an amended model for commercial sale, they made what must have made what amounted to an almost one-off, but wh
  8. Firstly, can someone explain what the term 'service parts' mean? Are they original parts, or more obviously, those added at an actual service and if the latter, how do they know? Lots of references throughout the chatter to this term. Thanks. Well, 3rd time lucky today as 'Pete' was there in person and as stated above, did speak very good English. He seem's a good guy. Been in the business for over 20 years, explained the foibles of Thai watch collectors (no heavy wear or damaged goods) and happy to discuss the watch. He explained he only deals in pre-owned Swiss watches, as well as bei
  9. Great stuff Honour. Graham actually make many fun watches and their website is a treat. They produce new models every month and it's worth a few minutes of all watch fans time, just to scroll through their website to see what they currently have on offer. https://graham1695.com/index.php/catalogshop?collection=&price=0-5000&size=
  10. Welcome Gen, from an exiled SW Londoner!
  11. Tell me about it! I decided to search the net for info on the company and found an entry in an expat forum from 2010. Different location and opened at two, a now defunct website, but good feedback from expats about the owner, who speaks excellent English, so if he is still the owner, it wasn't the guy I met on Sunday. Interestingly, they were a Zeno stockist in 2010. Two comments from last year on Google from I assume expats - the first complaining the shop wasn't open on a Sunday, the 2nd in reply, saying stick with him, he's a good guy and lastly, a Facebook page not updated since 2016.
  12. There are a few brands that pass me by - Lange, Moser, Rolex, Ball, Hamilton, Baume & Mercier, Tissot, Rado (bar Captain Cook), Nomos and various others (edit to include Tudor, reminded by above post). Until recently, I would have added Bell & Ross, but I am warming to them now, especially the newer round case models. On the other hand, Chronoswiss was a brand I loved the look of, but now I get to regularly see them over here, I've cooled on the brand. But being honest, with most brands including Seiko, Longines, Mido and others, it's only the sports and tool watches I have an in
  13. No update as for the last two days, the shop hasn't opened! I went yesterday morning and only then checked it opened at 13.30 (till 19.30). Went today at 14.30 and still shut. A neighbouring shop said best to come at weekends, as always open. It's a relatively small shopping complex, with various shops and restaurants, but there is always a (generally upscale) market of one sort of another at weekends, which is why we first went there - for a farmers market.
  14. Ah, thanks for that. Pam doesn't think he has any great knowledge anyway. It was a Sunday, so maybe he was just covering the shop? I did notice not much was coming back to my questions, not just about the Omega, but other watches as well. I assumed it was just stuff lost in translation. It was an interesting shop, apart from watches, there were old model cars, some prints and art, clocks and a little furniture. But the shop has been there for as long as we have been visiting this area, which is a few years now.
  15. Well, I am planning to return in the morning and although Pam has to be at work, she is just translating my / your queries! Any paperwork, service etc. What he knows of its history How long has he had it Is it an original or NOS If serviced, are original parts available Details of serial numbers and can he open the watch up
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