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  1. Thanks, but the info for Thailand is out of date. I guess they will always retrospectively catch up.
  2. The watch industry has basically shut down but no doubt, will restart when shops and malls open. But what's the deal in he UK with shipping? I don't know about the couriers here in Thailand, but the Thai Post Office issued an update on international post earlier - and for letters and parcels for everywhere bar China, no air mail was available until 30th April at the earliest. I checked amazon .co.uk and .com and neither are shipping here for now. Just giving some thought to how CW will be affected, if at all?
  3. I quite like it until you get to the bezel, which just looks a mess to me, unfinished even. Getting mixed reviews on the CW forum, at best.
  4. Three bottles of 70% alcohol sanitiser - rare as hens teeth here, just went to the store at the right time! My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw them! Now if I could only find some masks - they're hiding somewhere.
  5. 10 years isn't very long! 25 years is a bit different. I did the former at two employers and got nowt nor expected anything. I never made it with 25 years with anyone, yet alone an employer!
  6. Caller.


    Mine is a Tokay Gecko, inspired by having one near me when I once slept in an isolated NE Thai village. It was the sound, very loud and metallic and it was surreal. I thought it was part of a dream. I mentioned it in the morning and was shown the guilty animal in his daytime hidey-hole, tolerated as they're good housekeepers, dealing with the nasties. They are the 2nd largest gecko's in existence, have distinctive markings and can be vicious. I'd love to have one outside the house here, as we did in Korat.
  7. I don't usually wear a watch when I am in the house. So it's not until I go out that I don a watch and like many, even here, I am keeping myself to myself a lot more right now.
  8. It's the same here in Thailand. Very quiet where I am. Trying to stay out of the way as much as possible - at least you can trust the figures in the UK - so there are plants to pot, old mates to be chased up online, all sorts of paperwork to be dusted off and looked at, a DVD collection to be re-acquainted with, books to be read and empty beaches to be walked. I would normally swim more but recovering from a cataract op, so under orders not to.
  9. Montblanc took over and resurrected an established atelier and highly skilled workforce. They're not really new kids on the block. Although I recall a conversation in Hamilton and Inches a few years back, when I asked why they stocked Montblanc pens, but not watches, I got the reply, 'because they are a pen maker!' I felt duly chastised! As others have said, buy what you like best. I'm not a fan of the reverso and I can think of other Montblanc's I prefer, but you're the buyer. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  10. Hi Rafy, CW only has a showroom at their office in Maidenhead, not far at all from London or Heathrow. Otherwise it's all online. You can make an appt via their website and go and see all their offerings. I went back in 2014, It was a very good one to one experience, that I would recommend, even though I ended up with a watch I never really intended to buy and subsequently sold on! Chris Ward himself has actually now left the company (he was never a major shareholder) following some investment from a 3rd party. It appears he is in the process of starting up another company with his family based on documents registered at Companies House (that's where all limited companies are registered in the UK).This is being followed closely on the CW forum.
  11. Welcome to the forum Sam, be good to see some pics of your watches when you have the time!
  12. It will certainly be interesting to see how this project develops. There's a couple in your collection that I already like, but anything under 40mm doesn't really work for me. 40 with a bracelet and divers bezel is fine, otherwise, I am in the range of 41-43mm. So at the moment, I'm not part of your target list.
  13. Off to the garden centre shortly, so thought I would stick this on. I must get a new pic, the original leather strap has been replaced with a khaki green fabric over leather strap.
  14. Is it really too difficult to post some pics here, or a link? Have you checked the forums T&C's before posting, although they are pretty generous?
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