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  1. Nice review I picked up the blue dialled version when they were first released, which came with a mini-swiss knife and additional custom nato. The original colours were black, blue and green. After I bought mine where I then lived in Korat, I visited a huge launch of the watch in Bangkok, where they had a watch ticking away merrily in a huge block of ice. I won't be keeping mine as it's quartz and it's never used, if they had released the auto from the outset, that would be a different matter.
  2. I used to own the DA36, sold it to a fellow member here - right brand for me, wrong watch - definitely getting another. Probably next year on a trip to Singapore (Gnomon watches, although they also sell a few from an outlet in Bkk). The Damasko case, maybe not the one you are getting, is the most tactile of things. Absolutely bullet proof. Page and Cooper, when they sold them, had a video of them trying to scratch one with a nail.
  3. I think CW have a spy in the Bremont camp. Bremont produce a jag watch (or two), then CW produce one (Jag were suing, not sure what happened to that). Bremont have an official tie in with BA / Concord and produce the supersonic, CW then produce a concord watch. Bremont sign up to an official deal with the army and have just launched 3 armed forces watches and hey presto, CW produce 3 army watches - it's all very strange. I'm sure there are other copy cat examples. CW's legendry CS/QC is still ticking along nicely with a couple of horror stories, not aided by long term members stepping up and saying things like I had five new and 4 had to go back, that sort of thing. I do appreciate people here saying they have never had any problems (neither did I, apart from the legendry dent on a corner of the box and the watch arriving loose in the box delivered to Thailand), but at the moment, and for several months now, there have been a whole host of issues, not just reported on the forum, but also on their trust pilot page where similar issues were being reported and affected their score. Not good for an internet based company,
  4. Very interesting topic Honour and I was looking for (and may have missed) any reference to where the idea for using the word 'Rama' came from. It's actually the name of a Hindu God and with the Hindu religion being so closely related to Buddhism and with the Thai Kings being revered almost as Gods, it's also happens to be the name given to all 10 of the current dynasty of Thai Kings, with 10 being the current King - Rama X. The Kings also have roads everywhere named after them (as well as lots of other things) and when in Bangkok, my other half and I often head to the Rama IX road, to get ourselves home. In fact, where we live in Hua Hin, is technically on an unnamed road (according to the maps) but on the title deeds to the house, I was surprised to see there is actually an official name for the road, and it is yet another named after a Rama King, but I can't right now, recall which one!
  5. Scrap the gold and the coat of arms and I would be happy with it. By the way, is the minute hand okay in the OP's pic? Looks a bit odd to me.
  6. An 'on the spur of the moment' purchase for me, from a few months back. A brass Boldr Voyager, bought in my local favourite watch shop in Bangkok. It came on a nasty NATO, so I ordered this leather strap from the company, which took ages to arrive - no idea why, they're almost a near neighbour. It didn't take me long to crack the slightly domed acrylic, so a local guy here replaced it with a basic slightly domed glass cover (not shown on this pic) - as it's a basic no date, sandwich dial, 200m dive watch - but one I quite like, particularly the bezel.
  7. Fast tracked I read - I hope they look at the role of the auditors. I often feel the value of their contact overrides the importance of proper scrutiny. That's my experience in any case.
  8. Now I am no conspiracy theorist, but having just read the lowdown on how those in charge of this company screwed up, you wonder whether they were just complete numpty's or whether there is some madness behind this? In May last year, TC was valued at 2.2bn pounds! But any company that bought out rivals - and took on their debt - to have the largest high street presence just as everyone was buying on line, must have had bosses who weren't fit for purpose. Plus owning 186 hotels and resorts and a 100 plus fleet of aging planes. I can only think the Chinese invested as they were the new tourist God's but Trump and the Chinese overstretching things has put paid to that.
  9. Loved Monty Python. I tried to get my Dad into it but he was stony faced - until the Spanish Inquisition. These are all from the album Live at Drury Lane, but no video of the show was made, so these are the Hollywood Bowl versions, bar the Idiot Song.
  10. Yes, I was just showing what they state on their website. And the point of your dig is?
  11. Movement Modified calibre 13 1/4’’’ BE-51AE automatic, 27 jewels, Glucydur balance, Anachron balance spring, Nivaflex 1 mainspring, 28,800 bph (4Hz), 48-hour power reserve. Bremont moulded and decorated rotor. Ratings and Certification Chronometer rated to ISO 3159 standard.
  12. Bangkok's pretty good. Much of what is there is available between 3 sky train stops.You walk above the road and below the trains between one stop and through a couple of Malls to the other stop. There are smaller individual shops as well. Everything from the more obscure and rarer pieces to all the usual stuff. I like to drool over MB&F clocks and other things they make. G-shock is the biggest selling brand here and they have a few boutiques, but igerwis knows more about those. Some great legit pre-owned places as well.
  13. Welcome aboard. I lived just across the border from you in West Berks. On my drive to Hungerford I would nip in and out of Wilts, it was always very confusing to me where the border was. Very beautiful area though. Look forward to seeing your watches, I have a couple of Seiko's myself.
  14. Click 'share' then when the options appear, the 2nd option is direct link, click on the icon far right, then copied appears. Come back to your post and right click and paste and voila!
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