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  1. I have seen that definition of microbrands before, but I'm not sure that's how the majority of watch nuts see a microbrand. @JayDeep You might not see CW in a store as they only sell online, but the US is clearly a good market for the company. Same for Bremont, who have a boutique in New York. I quite like, such brands, but I think a better name is 'niche'. I have several such 'niche' watches.
  2. If that's the case, you've asked the wrong question, or perhaps you should have added your own definition. If those two companies are microbrands, so are the following: Bell & Ross Glashutte Original Ulysse Nardin Carl F Bucherer Zenith Piaget Blancpain Breguet Vacheron Constatin And they're just the Swiss (owned) brands!
  3. I'm of that pre-quartz generation that generally grew up with mechanical watches. I have one now and I would quite happily own another, but not solely because it was mechanical, but because the watch I liked happened to be mechanical.
  4. This for me as well. Does that make me an honorary Yorkshireman?. I did live there part time for about 2 years.
  5. @Karrusel Hi Alan, but was that development aided by CW? If so, there must have been some contractual collaboration between the two companies? Again, I stand to be corrected, but I am not aware CW have ever laid claim to that.
  6. I saw The Bangles live at the Hammersmith Palais eons ago - they were great - and Hoffs was to die for. I bought the album that had their hits on it, but no idea what happened to it. They were supported by a dire boy band act called 'Sailor' who I think had a couple of minor hits in the very distant past, and yes they did perform dressed as sailors!
  7. Have a look at the Orient range of ladies divers watches. My other half has had one for years (chose and bought it herself in a sale), although it's quartz. They might do an auto. Here's an example.
  8. Nice write up. I have seen Spinnakers I like, but not this one. I have always liked the design of Ventus watches and I like a bit of brass on a watch - I have two - so the Ventus is a clear winner for me. Not that I plan on buying one.
  9. @Karrusel Alan, I'm not convinced the SH21 can be classed as British. It was, as you know, conceived and built in it's entirety, in Switzerland, by Johannes Jahnke, using only Swiss made components, when he was working with Synergies Horlogeres (SH). It was introduced as CW's in-house movement when Christopher Ward Holdings was created in 2014, as in effect, the parent company of both CW and SH. The original owners of the holding company were Mike France, Peter Ellis and Jorge Bader (owner of SH), as well as Chris Ward and Johannes Jahnke with 5% each. Neither now have an interest in the
  10. Well just for info, in the last 30 minutes, when I tried to submit my post in the grail thread, it didn't work and I got the time out message and generally everything is very, very slow. Luckily, with the grail thread, one of the best features here came to my rescue. I had to log out and in, but my post was saved in full by the auto save function!
  11. I really like the Elite. Very interesting watch, although really just too small for me at 40mm. The others re smaller so not an option and I think it's seriously about time CW stopped ripping off other brands. They throw these in from time to time and I don't think it does them any credit. In the past they even put out an advert comparing their red bezeled Trident to the red Bezeled Tudor BB, for which they received much criticism and withdrew the ad.
  12. My first grail watch was a planned retirement present to myself. When I started looking, and this was before I crossed the line from watch liker to watch nut, I didn't really set out with any style or brand in mind. Then I saw the orange bezel PO and that was that and for all I know I might have first seen the earlier, smaller and lighter version, but this is what I got - and then I had to start all over again!. My list of grails now would require a top level lottery or premium bond win, or to sell my house in the UK, that might get me one of them.
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