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  1. Can't comment for the other brands, but the UN diver is very unrepresentative of their divers range. It's merely the newest linked to their 'x' range. https://www.ulysse-nardin.com/row_en/watches/diver-collection My favourite is this: But I voted Breitling merely because it seemed the least worst. I like some of the newer Doxa divers but find the model shown a bit confusing and the dial feels too small. The Ming is more of a fashion watch, the GS is pretty nondescript, the UN is daft and the last one confuses me, which isn't difficult.
  2. I don't really care for any of them either. Not really a fan of Parmigiani, but for me, it's the best of a poor bunch.
  3. I couldn't live with the Shinola as for me, the movement is too small, affecting the balance of the dial. So in that respect, I'd stick with the Citizen.
  4. The Armin Strom is actually their new entry level watch. My grail watch of theirs's is at the other end of the scale. When I first saw the watch face, I was puzzled about what was opposite the actual dial. I'd certainly like to see it in the flesh, as at the top is the mini rotor that powers the watch and I'm curious about how I would get on with that being on the watch face in reality. MB&F do lots of collaborations with other companies, but the one with Moser has to be one of the oddest. I'm not a fan of the latter - unlike most - so that put's me off a bit. I will go with Armi
  5. This has been in my 'watches I desire' folder for as long as I can remember. Definitely a masterclass of simplicity that works so well.
  6. Really? Congratulations!
  7. GP for me. But with a blue dial. Wonderful on the wrist and definitely desirable.
  8. Are you getting married???
  9. Not exactly my favourite MB&F and it looks stupidly clumsy on the wrist from the pics I have seen, but it would still be my choice. It would just be fun to leave it on the bedside table and gawp at it and admire the workmanship.
  10. Yes sad news. I always liked him as a boxer and in particular his fights with Finnegan. On a couple of occasions, after his career had ended, he used my local pub when he was having some nasal repair work done at the local hospital. It was a locals pub on a small council estate and at the the time he was a very well known personality, so it was quite a big deal really. He got a very cordial welcome and just sat quietly in the corner with his wife while they had a couple of drinks and thanked everyone (for basically being friendly and leaving him alone) when he left.
  11. I had a good look at the revived range on the Gnomon website yesterday and I thought they looked pretty good. I very nearly committed to an original at a watch fair some time ago. If I had been alone I probably would have walked away with one - lol! The feedback above is very helpful as they have been my preferred 24 hour watch for sometime.
  12. Yes, I searched for it and that's where it appeared. Have you not thought about getting it checked out officially? It's a nice piece, whatever.
  13. I recall buying green dialed field watches for hiking in the early 90's - usually Timex. They weren't much kop though.
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