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  1. Wearing this today, by coincidence.
  2. Magrette - superb watches from New Zealand, each model is effectively a limited edition. They have some superb Maori inspired engraved watch cases. Can be bought via an EU online dealer. https://www.magrette.com/ Dual time, sandwich dial, exceptional lume! I have so many watches with green dials!
  3. O is for Ochs Und Junior - one day, one day...…... https://www.ochsundjunior.swiss/
  4. Which is the LE? I was looking at these last week again, specifically the green dial / bezel model at 42mm. But I can't recall seeing an LE.
  5. At Paragon? I'll be there on Friday or Monday. I'll have a look. I was in KK the week before last!
  6. I think that is what they largely did. In fairness, that's pretty much the norm now. I think he was too busy making specialist watches and tourbillons for others. He seems quite the nomad. I think it really strange the company carried on with his name after he left.
  7. Bloody hell Irfan, I know you like a good G-Shock but I never knew by how much! Are they all here with you? I don't want to put temptation your way, but...…. https://www.paragondepartmentstore.com/store-promotion/ส่งท้ายปีในงาน-19th-bangkok-world-watch/
  8. About 3 years ago, I had the pleasure of seeing a good selection of Peter Speake-Marin's watches in the flesh and they were mightily impressive. I posted some pics here which were met with...........complete indifference - lol! There were a couple of models in particular that caught the eye and as I doubt at the level I was looking, that they would retain their value, I must check out pre owned prices. But since then, he left the company he founded with his wife, but which continues to use his name and is involved in various other projects, one of which I subscribe to. As a master watchmaker, I wonder if he still makes their tourbillons or whether he has made a complete break? I certainly don't care much for the latest models since his departure. As for the Bond thing, he's been representing them for a few years now.
  9. For a dive watch, I agree. I have the 8850 version of your watch with the same hands and I don't think photos do justice to how imposing and just right they are. They give out a feeling of real solidity. I think it's one of the reasons the PO remains such a popular watch..
  10. Geneva stripe - on a dial. GMT. Crown Guard.
  11. Back in stock - happy days - 2 packs purchased and just ate one (roll)!
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