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  1. Interesting post. And to top it all I learnt of a word I can't recall ever hearing before - always good to learn something new and a rather splendid word it is too!
  2. Two hose caddies and 3 packs of refuse bags, 1 to take to Bkk on Thursday. Exciting times!
  3. I used to want to do such a trip and probably still would. A couple of teachers who lived near Bangkok returned to the UK on one trip via rail, stopping off at many places and documented the whole thing, it seemed great, but mainly because they travelled through many different types of terrain and Countries. I did a couple of long train journeys in Oz and was bored out of my brains for much of them, simply because there was no such variety, luckily, both trains had bars and for one trip it was the only way to escape the floods I had been caught up in, in Alice Springs, believe it or not.
  4. The laptop nearly did! Just about stopped myself doing a Basil Fawlty on it!
  5. For me, even before 'WISdom' entered my life, I started to find traditional watch design's boring. The last one I had was a perfectly legible but deadly dull silver dialed 3 hander Pulsar in a ss case, that did what was required of it so well. I still have it and I'm sure if I stuck a new battery in it, it would start ticking away again, but at some stage I put it away and never looked at it again. As I started looking around and started noting various themes on watches that I had never taken any notice of before, I saw what I subsequently learnt were divers watches but had no idea what the wheel on the outside was for, but they looked interesting. And that is what first attracted me - being different, being interesting and not dull - well, to my eyes at least. And to be honest that feeling has never left me. I simply don't do 'standard industry' watches. The thought of wearing anything 'pretentious' to some dressed up do, would never occur to me and should I be told what the expectations were to attend such a do, then I would rebel in any case. That's always been there in me. I largely worked suited and booted and it never once occurred to me to have a watch that matched the expectations of what a suit was deemed to represent. So I never did - field watch, diver, military were all worn with a suit and I never gave it any thought at all. The nearest I have to a 'dress' watch is my Aerowatch, which is basically a small pocket watch attached to a strap. However, on saying all of that, I regard this as a great 'crossover' watch that I believe could fit any casual or dressed up occasion and I want one, I have wanted one ever since it was introduced and I will probably still want it when it's a distant memory. No other similar watch appeals to me, but this one 'gets' me.
  6. My cooking habits have changed since living here. In the UK I would often cook stir fries, but no point doing that here. Now I either tend to cook stews or meat and two veg type dishes!
  7. Interesting that Japan features highly on here. I went a few years back, just for a week in Tokyo and it was surreal. I loved it, apart from at that time, everyone smoked and so many areas stank of smoke, including restaurants. I used to travel alone and it was the only place I visited where I took an organised trip, as nothing was as simple as other places, mainly as there were no concessions made to the English language, which was fair enough. I always find the best way to see foreign cities is on foot, as much as you can and walking around the backstreets is where you see and meet the locals doing their things. But the big highlight was a trip to Fuji - simply awe inspiring. Went halfway up as well, basically to the snowline. Returned to Tokyo on the bullet train as well, which was awesome. Always intended to return and see more of the place, but never have. But not too late and easier to get to from here. I'm keen to explore 'off the beaten' track Laos. The capital is easy, it's about 3 hours from where Pam lives, but beyond that is where I want to go. Someone I know recently took his family on a trip there and it looked stunning. He's an old Thailand hand, even though only in his 40's and what you will find is a Country way behind others in the region, but the Chinese are there, so it could change very quickly.
  8. My father is a distant memory for me now as he died when I was 21. A very bright man, frustrated and badly affected by the war where he fought the latter stages as he became old enough, mainly on board mine sweepers in The Bay of Naples. He ended up shifting coal at Fulham Gas Works and sadly, wasn't a very happy man, although that was mainly hidden from us. My mother passed in 1994. My sister, who has lived in Oz for years, and I, talked of what our parents would be thinking, knowing neither of us currently live in the UK and have basically been able to lead far better lives than either of them were ever given the opportunity to. They made us what we were and worked so hard to do the best for us, so I think they would be immensely proud. We are both immensely proud of them.
  9. I forgot, you have some roots there! I'll be there in a few months. The other half's niece is preggers, she and her husband (Thai) studied at Southampton uni, there will be some event lined up for the new arrival
  10. Duck noodles - one dish for me - two for Pam, hers is the noodle soup and the one with rice, no real idea what that was. Mine was very nice. We were eating at a Thai Market about 30 minutes east of Bangkok. That's a canal! And one of the flip sides of Thailand - there are others.
  11. Not to mention the artificially high level of the baht, making all the rich Thais even richer while they invest abroad - companies and individuals. America are mooting sanctions, we can but hope. Where are you heading over here?
  12. I quite like some of this guy's music. I need to investigate more. I thought he did a good job re-mastering some ELP albums a while back, so thought worth checking out.
  13. Lovely watch, great pics, thanks again for posting!
  14. Depends on what I am doing. I wouldn't change for the fun of if, but in response to whatever I am doing. 3 different watches would be the very maximum on a day where I swim in the morning, then change to a watch for daytime wear, before a final change if going out somewhere in the evening and I fancy changing watches. More normal would be wearing two watches, the change usually being in response to a morning swim or bike ride. For example, today I wore two Seiko's. One for daytime wear and then when I went for a bike ride late afternoon, I changed to my quartz chrono with a stopwatch, so I could time how long I cycled for. So I could easily say that two watches is the norm for me.
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