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  1. I think they are deleting these teasers quite quickly after posting. Here's another they have just added: https://www.facebook.com/20219314949/posts/10151467055949950/
  2. I am always surprised that people mainly consider the cost of the movement, when assessing the cost / value of a watch. Whether it be Bremont, Schofield or whoever. What about the rest of it? If a watch consisted of a generic bought in case, hands and all the rest of it, so be it. But when there are unique design features involved throughout, such as a bespoke case, shock proof systems and so on, artistic unique case backs, then the cost will increase. And that's what you get with both Bremont and Schofield. The value / cost of the watch is the totality of what you are buying, not just the movement.
  3. It's as durable as anything out there. It's just that if you want to retain a nice shiny new bronze bracelet, you will have to regularly polish it. It's not hard, as I have found out, but as said above, there are hard to get to places on a bracelet, so maybe an 'ultra sonic' cleaner is the answer.
  4. @Monaque Last October was the last mentioned date, but that was before The Wing and everything got put back by Covid. Judging by recent comments from the brothers, I would be surprised if this is it, but we will find out soon enough. Being honest, if it was a new movement, I would have expected a grander presentation.
  5. Launch of a new LE on 20th October, with the tagline, 'watchmaking is coming home'. They do like a good tease. https://www.facebook.com/20219314949/posts/10151466548964950/
  6. Welcome back! Very nice collection.
  7. If that's not regularly polished, you will have a sludgy brown bracelet on your hands. There's a reason most bronze watches come on straps. I like the dial and bezel colour though.
  8. I would leave that one to the constitutional experts, many of whom condemned the ruling. Especially Finnis. The-unconstitutionality-of-the-Supreme-Courts-prorogation-judgment.pdf (policyexchange.org.uk)
  9. I have a confession. I quite like the last run of Brew's square dialed watches. The whole concept of the company is tosh, but that last run with the square dials worked for me. They were discussed here previously. All sold out now.
  10. Not really for me, but if I was tempted, it would be the white dial / blue bezel model.
  11. Sometimes they only say Seiko, even when it's a Credor, as here:
  12. I like the red date window on the chrono.
  13. Book your next holiday to Bangkok, they're all over the place.
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