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  1. It's great! I haven't watched the vid - I am watching Chelsea - but they also have a newer range of, ahem, 'less' costly pieces, I have had one or two on the wrist and haven't wanted to remove them. UN is a brand I really enjoy.
  2. I really enjoyed this post, I was really expecting Alan who has a 'bumper' and other classic enthusiasts here to contribute further. Maybe they just haven't picked it up yet. There's a fair amount on here about Harwood now.
  3. That's a really great looking Mille Miglia, I like it a lot and it's good to see another on here (I have the 2015 LE). But this is a new model to me and I'm wondering when it dates from?
  4. Exactly, of the three logos, the 2nd is my favourite and adorns my CW. But when I first had an interest in the brand, that was the logo in use and it was clear that original forum members preferred the first logo! I think they're in a bit of a catch 22 with the logo. To a degree, logo 2 and 3 are the proverbial marmite examples. The question for CW's self admitted move for a younger purchasing audience, of which the move to a more 'on trend' logo was a part of, is that it is of a time and place and what happens if the younger buyers move on to the next big thing? Mike France has said in interview that at some stage he would like to hand over to new hands to run the company, to take more of a back seat role, to people they have groomed, but they only have a small workforce and it's hard to see who in-house there is to step up and this was before the 2 new directors came on board as a result of the funding they secured. And I have no idea how that effects things. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if they (Mike France and Peter Ellis) at some stage (not yet), sell the business on as they did with the Early Learning Centre.
  5. Was it for a sale on a black PVD bracelet - hardly likely I would have thought?
  6. Ah, you went then? What did they say? The info I have mentioned is from the CW forum. Also reporting on what was said at a GTG. I don't know which one. To me, good luck to them if they have. They were clearly trying to attract younger buyers and if that has worked, then good. But it's self evident that in the process they have lost many repeat customers - such are the business decisions companies have to make.
  7. Welcome Don, I hope the forum gives you lots of ideas!
  8. Yes, but have they? For about the last 3 or so years the consensus was that they were selling circa 18000 watches annually, then 20,000 cropped up (corrected by Kip) and I have even heard talk of 30,000. Until CW himself, at one of the recent GTG's, mentioned they were now selling 18,000 watches pa (including sales), which raised a few eye brows in view of previous data that was believed to have come from the company. Still a great figure though (if true!). Obviously, it's the companies right to withhold such data.
  9. I'm not sure I agree with the pretty watches thing about CW. Their most popular seller is the Trident, by a big way. I have one of those. Or it was the biggest seller until the C65 came along, which I really like, especially the green / khaki C65 as mentioned above, which works great with the tan strap, I think it's a winner, bar the now not so new bloody logo! They change that logo and I'm sure the sales will go up. I love the WT that Alan has as well, I think it's their best ever watch and a Johannes Janke special.
  10. Fantastic skill. Done any watch cases?
  11. The design leaves me a bit cold to be honest (I'll get my coat).
  12. It's scary how near it can appear on zoom. I recall taking some pics of the 'super moon' a couple of years back, when from Hua Hin, it appeared creamy, rather than white.
  13. I'm not sure I get the criticism of the various LE's as there's usually a market for them and they get sold. Meanwhile, the more 'traditional' speedy variants remain on sale for those not after an LE. It seems to me they are appealing to all sides of the market and making loads of money in the process!
  14. Why don't you put it under the hammer to find out???
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