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  1. It's not a paid article. It's produced by Bremont for their website. Are you saying you don't believe this building is being built? Think of the investment that involved. They already manufacture many parts of the watch themselves, cases for example, are all made in-house and I like many others are looking forward to them introducing their own movement. The new HQ was planned to have been opened in October but got delayed by the pandemic. Here's the architects comments. Interesting to know the new building will include a 'museum of British Watchmaking'. Bremont - Spratley & Par
  2. Blimey, where have you been hiding? With 2 boutiques in London, and abroad in New York, Hong Kong and Melbourne and having waited 5 years to produce the brands first watch and now well established in the luxury watch market with their soon to be fully open 'Bremont Manufacturing & Technology Centre, they have never been in the microbrand niche! THE BREMONT MANUFACTURING & TECHNOLOGY CENTRE: BRINGING BACK BRITISH W
  3. I can't really get excited about it, but the one in the post by Igerswis above is simply stunning. I think I have had that one on my wrist?
  4. @antjrice Firstly, great write-up. It's nice when the effort is put in to showcase the watch with a written intro and good quality pics and it's very much appreciated! Secondly, the two pandas side by sider are simply stunning. Both great watches in their own right, but great to have the pair. Great post!
  5. I think the U22 is great! Why not have a different date window to the norm? The price is great as well and I would jump on this if I was in the UK. I have the U2 Blue, which has a day date window and it's one of my absolute favourites. Great watches.
  6. I don't know, I doubt he does either, But I will ask him. But Rado have been producing ceramic watches for many, many years. Maybe someone else will know?
  7. Hmmm, a quick look at the website and I'm none the wiser who they are, where they are, who owns the company or anything else. And they have only 6 products. And I have no idea who makes them, where they are made et al. I would never use such a company.
  8. It will probably continue to look as it does upon purchase, like the vast majority of ceramic watches. My neighbour over here has kept his late wifes ceramic Rado as a keepsake,, which he bought for her years ago and which she regularly wore. It looks as good as new, ceramic bracelet as well.
  9. I was wondering if that's what it is and what size and colour! I keep looking at the damn things. Beat me to it! Is that right, not less than 0c?
  10. That never entered my head - lol!
  11. What's a dove watch? Do you have a pic of the watch? So may Seiko 5's out there.
  12. Great introduction and welcome aboard. Look forward to seeing your pics!
  13. @dapper I haven't seen this for a long time! One of my absolute favourites. How is the engraving holding up?
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