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  1. It's amazing how often this brand are re-discovered. The owner and watchmaker is pretty significant in the recent history of Ulysee Nardin and I for one am a big fan. Up until recently they made bespoke watches onnly and in very small numbers, now they have a range of models they call 'line' that are not bespoke and cannot be personalised. Great idea from one of the watch worlds great innovators. And then I come here to see them compared to the price of an ETA! I still want one. The trouble is they keep coming up with great new watches. I really like the Settimana range as well as the ones highlighted by the OP!
  2. No idea, I just don't have sufficient interest in Rolex to go in and ask. It was actually the 2nd Rolex boutique I had walked past that day. There was also the black dial / green bezel sub, I guess the latest version of the model @BondandBigMowns (and that I nearly bought from Gowlings in Oxford back in 2014 for 5700 pounds). The one that made me stop was the white dialed Explorer II, that was impressive. There were 5 or 6 watches in all in window displays. I took this pic of the sub, dated and timed at 14.41 Thai time (+7 hours right now), on 26.1.22. Funnily enough, the watch I visited this particular mall to see was actually the Bremont ionBird, but I guess it must have been sold!
  3. Two great purchases there - well done! I love the Autavia on the brown leather, but you're spoilt for choice.
  4. Caught me by surprise as well, but there it was. Seen a few Aquanauts though. Saw a Rolex sub plus other sports models in the window of a Rolex boutique yesterday. Now that was a shock.
  5. I really like it. Especially with the blue dial. Integrated bracelets seem the, erm, new big thing, with lots of brands jumping on the bandwagon all of a sudden. By coincidence, I am in Bangkok and had a another day of watch browsing. That included a stop at Chopard to look at their version, the Alpine Eagle. The dial is amazing, I just felt it was all a bit too shiny for me. I didn't try it on though. I was also surprised to see a Nautilus in Patek and that underwhelmed as well! So jury is out for me. To a degree, I am finding thar seeing them in the pics is proving more enjoyable than in the flesh so far. I have also seen Tissot's which is a bit nondescript. However, the AP RO, VC overseas and GP version all do it for me when on the wrist. Maybe I just have unaffordable taste?
  6. I've seen a few in the flesh - and knew about the brand before I did. It was actually a bit of a thrill to see them, but my gut reaction was it was dull. Got some bad pics somewhere. Can't dispute the technology behind it, but nothing much will happen in the few minutes you are viewing it, and it was, erm, a bit dull. However, I learnt from a member here that they now have more colourful versions available. I haven't seen them in the flesh yet, but they looked nice from the pics that were shown.
  7. Speedy Sunday in Bangkok. Pity the concentric rings in the sub-dials dont show, as they are the perfect finishing touch to the watch. A 50th anniversary broad arrow limited release, not edition, initially available in 2007 and last produced, I believe, in 2013, in a silver or black dial, with a prominent 1957 in red - that you can just about see!
  8. Welcome back - again! Congtaulations on your retirement.
  9. I wonder if Mr Wilday ever imagined that far, far into the future, his work would still be around and being discussed by enthusiasts of his trade? It's quite special really, isn't it.
  10. 8850 PO today. Dont you just hate it when you have downloaded the phone pic and it can be viewed at full size, that only then, do you notice the smears on the crystal! Grrrrr.
  11. Very sad. Condolences to all family and friends. RIP
  12. Just remember guy's, things aren't the same everywhere. In Thailand, Omega only sell via three boutiques in Bangkok that they own and manage. The maximum discount is 5%. That is not negotiable. On saying that, a change of strategy might be underway, as they now have a 'boutique' in an AD called Cortina watches. To me it is small and irrelevant with a very limited choice. Especially as you can come out of the Mall that it is in, turn left and in 5 minutes be in another Mall where they have a much larger boutique with a much larger stock. I don't know whether Cortina are just renting space to Omega, or whether they manage the boutique for Omega. Rolex, by comparison are available everywhere and until about 3 years back were still offering discounts for sports models. I was offered 10% off of a Deepsea D-Blue. Walking past a Patek boutique (managed by PMT The Hour Glass), when last in Bangkok over Christmas, I was surprised to see a green dialled Aquanaut in the window, which was a rather lovely thing.
  13. Great Bremonts above, but what happened to the original Bremont owners club?
  14. At the top end of their range, mainly Chopard L.UC, Chopard sit in the level just below Patek, AP and their ilk. As stated, theose that buy aren't in the need to move on. The exception being their motor sports range, which are great. This is a new model introduced last year and is stunning in the flesh. The dial is based on an eagles eye. Like so many other watches at this level, I would love to own one. I had it on wrist at their boutique in Bangkok and didn't want to remove it, despite the date size and location. Great video in the link. ALPINE EAGLE LARGE 41 MM, AUTOMATIC, CHOPARD LUCENT STEEL A223 298600-3001 - Chopard Swiss Luxury Watches and Jewelry Manufacturer
  15. This since I got back from Bkk on Thursday. I've had it on a bracelet, the original black rubber strap (as shown) and now it's on a newly bought silicon strap - no pics yet - and I have still to try it on an original orange rubber strap that the watch came with. Getting huge enjoyment from wearing this. By the by, I chose the serial number. HNY to everyone!
  16. Damasko culled many of their models and some of the newer ones just ain't as interesting as what thhey once produced - and their website is crap. I am still a fan, but they really have nothing of note right now.
  17. Welcome! Pics are always welcome!
  18. This today and tomorrow. About as 'Christmassy' as I can get with a watch - well it's red!
  19. I wouldnt be upset if I was lucky enough to get this:
  20. Try the Wise Hitman. Daft name, I know. Wise is the brand, Hitman the model. Great value watches with a big spec, 316L ss, ceramic bezel, seiko movement, discount off first orders and a huge selection of dial colours, contrasting bezels, or not, etc. The whole site is worth a look really. They're a Thai brand. (1) HITMAN – WISE (wisetimepiece.com)
  21. No, I never ordered one. I only fairly recently recently took delivery of an orange dial LE from Wise. I had been waiting for the 'right' orange dial for some time, same as I have been with a yellow dial, and both came along in the last few months!
  22. Did you get your order in? 2 days ago, they sent me a message saying they were down to their final 10. Just noticed the message.
  23. And I have just noticed you do have markers! So yes, the hands need to get nearer to them.
  24. Very interesting concept. And much relief it's not just another variation on a theme of a dive watch! The designs aren't for me, but if it takes off, I am sure more will follow. Sometimes 'less is more' is a good rule of thumb. They are all too busy for me. And the hands look too short. With no markers, I think hands need to be longer, but that's just my personal view. Good luck with your project
  25. Nice one, I am sure it will be. A great price as well.
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