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  1. You're not alone - I'm a fan as well! I'm with the OP. I love UN. I get more of a buzz looking at their offerings than probably any other brand and luckily they have an outlet in Bkk. I also enjoy the more avant-garde - and expensive brands. I really enjoy MB&F, clocks included - wonderful in the flesh. I love alternative movements, which is often a big factor for me, hence another reason to enjoy UN. My out of reach forever grail is the Armin Strom mirrored force resonance. Sorry I can't link to a pic right now.
  2. I only looked at the video. Can't they afford lights? Annoyed the hell out of me!
  3. To be honest, the old Omega bog standard packaging wasn't that robust and if not looked after could get pretty beat up. If I had auch a box and saw what I believed a genuine one for sale at the right price, I would jump at it.
  4. Belated congratulations to Leeds. They have to be welcomed back to the fold after so long away. Chelsea and Leeds fans have a certain history, but also have in common too many years of struggle when there were even doubts that both clubs would survive, so as a Chelsea fan I can empathise with what you went through and understand your euphoria at being back. Let battle commence - lol!
  5. Very similar to when I bought my Chopard in Bangkok. Except they put the watch in its pouch in my shoulder bag. No need for coats here!
  6. Numbers crunched in half on chronos or other dial designs - usually at 12 and 6. Roman numerals squashed onto small dials where they can't be spaced out properly.
  7. Congratulations. I like the look of these and the blue seems particularly smart!
  8. I have seen these on display and was really impressed. Some great pics here but these need to be seen in the flesh to be really appreciated. Great purchase - congratulations.
  9. Hello everyone, thanks for the kind (and humerous) comments and thanks to Irfan for posting this and for coming to visit me in hospital. I had a pretty nasty case of cellulitis with a huge ulcer, which was already being treated in hospital, thankfully, when it almost in a nano-second, became a lot more serious as the right leg, including the ankle to almost the knee, just changed to a black bluey colour and within hours, I was having surgery where they cut away the dead and infected body matter. The operation was a success and I remember coming around and checking I still had tootsies on the end of a foot! That was on the 15th July and I am still in hospital. Luckily, they quickly identified the bacteria responsible and attacked it with the right antibiotic via hour upon hour of me being on a drip as well as directly via injections. then just by antibiotic drip which only stopped 2 days ago. My blood infection level was at one stage well over 300 but that soon came down to 76 and eventually both the wound and I became an infection free zone. Tomorrow when they de-vacuum the wound and clean it, a plastic surgeon will be present to check if it is now ready for a skin graft. I hope so as that is the beginning of the end. Pam and her family have been unbelievably brilliant throughout and I can't thank them enough. Anyway, I look forward to catching up on all the forums news over the next few days and contributing as well. I have missed coming here but have to limit my time on-line - to rest apparently. All I do is eat, sleep and you know what! Thanks again for all the best wishes.
  10. Have you tried the ones in Reading? There used to be a decent selection in the Oracle and around the High St. I think it's gone but WOS actually had a discount store there (that was badly managed). But to be honest, for the brands you have mentioned just do the Harrods - Bond Streets - Regent St - Selfridges circuit. That will cover all bases and a good walk from Paddington through Hyde Park to Harrods to start your day. That's what I used to do anyway when I lived near Hungerford, where I caught the train from..
  11. Afternoon gents. This has been on the wrist for a good few days now. I've decided to look for another strap, still linked to motoring / rallying, but with smaller and more holes.
  12. I used to go to the Hammersmith Palais - and sometimes worked at the almost next door old dole office. I remember going to see The Bangles there, supported by some boy pop band called 'Sailor'.
  13. I'd take two. The Bremonts Terra Nova and Endurance. Both have been there and done it with polar explorer Ben Saunders and he had an input into their design. There you go. You can close this thread now!
  14. Welcome back, although for me, you never went away - lol! The MS is great. Very distinctive and distinguished. I have always been a fan of MS and you made the right choice IMHO. So much peer pressure with a Rollie.
  15. That's great! I really like cacti and have some that have succeeded and some that just died on me. I bought a couple more the other day when I was in Bkk. But when they flower, it is special. This little feller, which is really prickly, is about an inch and a half tall and all of a sudden, this time last year, almost to the day, it suddenly flowered and the flower lasted for ages. I must check if there is any sign of the same happening now?
  16. Caller.

    Chinese v Swiss

    Nothing wrong with noodles! But I agree with your sentiment. My neighbours wife is Chinese. She's working there now. She is no longer a Chinese citizen but has academic skills they need. She has worked in universities all over the World. She has no intention of ever living in China, as none of her family do. Someone else I know lived and worked for so long in China on big engineering projects, that he met and married his wife there, who is now a Brit. He has no illusions about the Chinese state, follows events there closely and views it as the evil empire. I think we can all agree on that.
  17. I think it's very nice, I really like it. I would like it even more if they had resurrected the original 'round' hour hand, rather than sticking with the snowflake. And it's too small at 39mm.
  18. Yes, they are Anglo-Swiss. Hence the two flags motif. A brand I don't get is Nomos. And no, I can't explain it. There are a few newer very high end brands whose designs generally leave me cold as well.
  19. When you find another you like, just ask on here. There's a better than even chance that someone has had / has one. If you're considering that price point, have a look at Magrette from New Zealand. You can buy from a partner company in the UK, thus avoiding extra tax.
  20. I would have never known that was her brand. I remember when she was with Malcolm Mclaren and all the faux punk stuff. She has stores in the higher end Malls in Bkk - you'd be pleased about that!
  21. When I saw those Benzinger watches, I thought of Breguet and Chronoswiss. The latter make mechanical regulators and fortunately, they have an outlet in Bangkok. I have always liked their pics, but in the flesh, they were something else. Their classic, pilots and Heritage range might be worth a look. This one, at 37 or 41mm, sells for 4,800 Euro's. One of my favourites comes in at over 17k! https://chronoswiss.com/en/EU/product/regulatohttps://chronoswiss.com/en/EU/product/regulator-classic-ch-8773-blr-classic-ch-8773-bl
  22. Are you wearing those as a joke? That's an actual brand and not something you have made up??? I have obviously been out of the UK for too long, as I have no idea what they are!! With skechers, I recall when they were a bit of a trendy brand just selling normal footwear, rather than the bouncy stuff they sell now (which is great for my sports injury decimated right knee). When did that change happen?
  23. As an aside I was a ball boy at Wimbledon in 1970, 71 and 73. The year he won, in 72, I wasn't allowed to be a ball boy because of mock exams!
  24. I had a pair of those when Smith was still playing tennis (and wore them when I did)! Pam's niece has a pair, she's 23. She was here last week. Of course, she has no idea who Stan Smith was. She was incredulous when I told her that I used to wear them.
  25. That's exactly the same as me. Always Adidas, now only skecher
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